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Olivia squinted against the sunlight streaming through the blinds in her bedroom. Groaning as she turned over, she glanced at the glowing digital numbers on her bedside table.

6:53 am.

What the fuck happened last night? Her head pounded and her mouth felt like it was filled with cotton balls. Realizing she was still in her clothes from the previous night, Olivia wracked her brain trying to remember what exactly had happened.

Slowly pushing herself out of bed, Olivia shuffled sleepily into her living room. When she caught sight of the half melted candles and unopened wine bottle, everything clicked into place.

Elliot. Fuck.

The previous night came flooding back. She had drunkenly thrown herself at Elliot. He had been trying to tell her something, that much she could remember, but more specifically what she recalled was how she had made a fool of herself.


A harsh thud against her apartment door startled Olivia from her thoughts.

"Fuck!" The voice was muffled through the wood, but obviously Elliot's.

As Olivia opened the door, Elliot slumped onto his side and onto her hardwood floor. Rubbing his temple, he stared up at her, disoriented.

"The hell are you doing, Elliot?"

"Musta fell asleep," Elliot yawned, still stretched out on her floor. "You alright?"

Olivia blinked. "Elliot, are you gonna tell me what you were doing sleeping outside of my apartment?"

Elliot had to stifle the urge to laugh. Olivia's hair was in disarray, her make up smudged, and her clothing rumpled; yet there she was, trying her damndest to look threatening with her hands on her hips and chin tilted up.

Slowly, Elliot pushed himself up into a seated position and then finally managed to lift himself onto his feet. "Relax, Liv. I just wanted to make sure you were okay and I knew you wouldn't appreciate me crashing on your couch while you were in your room cursing my existence."

Visibly deflating, Olivia suddenly became aware of her appearance and Elliot's perusal of the length of her body.

Pulling her sweater tight and crossing her arms under her breasts, Olivia released a sigh of resigned frustration.

"I'm really sorry, El…for everything that happened last night. I never should have- I mean, what I said and what I did…Oh, God I'm an idiot!" Olivia rubbed her eye with the heel of her hand as she repeated the sentiment. "I'm an idiot."

Elliot huffed out a breath in relief. She wasn't angry, she was sorry. Sorry for everything that happened between them or sorry for getting drunk, he wasn't sure yet. One thing Elliot was sure of was that he was done with the two of them running and pushing each other way. They needed to sit down once and for all and figure things out. It wasn't going to be easy, but it needed to be done if they had any chance in hell of making a relationship happen.

Olivia couldn't maintain eye contact with Elliot. He had been silent for the past couple of minutes and all she could think about was how pathetic he must think she was.

The floorboards creaked beneath him as Elliot walked over to Olivia and reached out to brush the tousled hair from her face.

She looked up at him, an expression of surprise coloring her face. "El…" she started.

Elliot silenced her with his soft lips brushing gently against her own. After a moment, he pulled back and reached for her hand, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles.

"Can we start over, Liv? Can we just pick up where we left off before you went to meet Kathleen for lunch?

"There's a lot we need to talk about, El. A lot to work out, but…yeah, we can start over." She smiled brightly as she leaned in to wrap her arms around Elliot's neck, pulling him close against her body. Elliot ran his hand up and down her back, soothing her. Soothing them. They stood like that for a few long moments.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, and then we can talk, okay?" Olivia's words were mumbled into his neck, her lips skimming against the skin there.

Elliot shivered. "You sure you don't want some company in there?" He teased.

Olivia released a shaky breath. "El," she warned with a lopsided grin. "We really should talk before- before, we go any further, you know?"

Elliot peeled himself off of her body and nodded, acknowledging that she was right. "I know, I know…you're right," he said with reluctance.

Olivia's eyes widened. "I'm what?" She questioned mischievously.

He rolled his eyes. "I said you're right, okay Liv. You're right, we should talk before I throw you down on your bed and do dirty, dirty things to that crazy body of yours," he groaned.

She laughed as she sauntered into the bathroom, tantalizingly peeling her clothes off along the way.

"Christ-"Elliot whispered.

Olivia looked at him over her shoulder and smirked before closing the bathroom door behind her.


The woman was going to kill him one way or another.

As Elliot sunk back into the couch cushions, he wondered how the hell they got here. It absolutely terrified him that he was falling so hard so fast and so soon after his separation. Even though the divorce papers were moving swiftly through the courts, he was nowhere near being a completely free man. He loved his almost ex-wife, he did. She would always be part of his family and she was good woman.

But Olivia…

Olivia, on the other hand, was a completely different kind of woman. She was passionate and strong and knew what she wanted. At least most of the time. Being with her would be difficult and most likely a struggle more often than not; but it was a chance Elliot was more than willing to take. Olivia was the only person that could infuriate him and make him weak with desire in the same moment. She brought out a possessive, animalistic side to his personality and that scared the shit out of him. But fuck if it wasn't exhilarating.

He could do this. He wanted to do this. He'd never felt this way about anybody, including his ex, as guilty as that made him feel.


Olivia toweled off after her hot shower and grabbed her vanilla coconut body lotion. As she smoothed the cool cream over her warm body, she remembered something from the previous night and began to panic.

She had been so drunk and focused on seducing him, that she forgot the reason behind her actions. She told him she loved him and he walked away.

Fuck, how could she forget that?

He came back though. She had to remember he came back and tried to make things right. Olivia told him way too soon. The man had only moved out of his home a couple weeks prior. What did she really expect?

She could handle this. She just had to breathe and hear Elliot out.

Olivia slipped on her gray fitted sweatpants and navy blue V-neck T-shirt, then headed out into the living room.

Elliot was sprawled out on her couch watching Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan bickering on the television. He had a faraway look on his face as he watched.

Olivia leaned against the bedroom doorframe and smiled. "Ever see this one before?"

Elliot looked over at her and lowered the volume on the TV. "Yeah, When Harry Met Sally." Kinda reminds me of us in a weird way now that I think of it, ya know?"

Olivia smiled wider as she walked over and sunk into the couch, curling into Elliot. "I guess I can see it. They were friends for over ten years before they realized there was more…"

"Yeah, they argued, they laughed, and they went through a lot of ups and downs separately and together, but they came out strong in the end." Elliot leaned his temple against hers.

"Listen to you, Stabler…you getting soft on me?" Olivia teased.

"Definitely not soft, Benson. Want me to show you?" He began to unbutton his fly.

"Elliot!" She batted his hand away from his pants. "Now that's the Stabler I'm used to," she rolled her eyes and smirked.

"What'd I say?" He asked, feigning innocence.

Olivia chuckled as she straddled him on the couch, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her fingers ran through the closely cropped hair at his nape as she whispered seductively. "I thought we were gonna talk."

"Talking's over- rated," he breathed hotly against her lips. Elliot grabbed her hips and pulled her down harder onto his erection. Olivia moaned softly. "Do you have any idea what you do to me, Liv?"

Olivia rolled her hips against him and pressed her full breasts against his hard, muscled chest. "I think I have an idea…" She softly pressed her full lips against his cheek, dragging them across to the corner of his mouth.

Elliot cupped her face and opened his mouth to deepen this kiss, massaging his tongue against hers relentlessly.

Finally, Olivia pulled back slightly and with her eyes still closed, said breathlessly, "El, we- we really do need to talk before we- before we…oh, God."

Elliot had slipped his fingers beneath the front band of her sweatpants and was teasingly making his way toward her wetness. "Shit, Liv. You're not wearing any panties? If you wanted to talk, then why…"

Olivia silenced him with her mouth as he slid his index finger down against her most sensitive spot. She released a shuddering moan into him before pulling his hand out of her pants.

"Please," she panted against his ear. "We have to figure out what's happening between us, El."

Elliot inhaled deeply and let his head fall back against the cushion. "Okay, okay…I know we agreed to talk but it's really hard, pun intended, with you straddling me like this."

Olivia laughed as she pulled back to look at his face, still straddling his lap, "Fair enough."

Elliot gave her a half smile and ran his hands through her silky hair, still damp from her shower. He kissed her gently and then his features became serious. "Listen, Liv, I know you are freaking out about what you said last night when I- you know, when I walked away after the fucking Porter incident and I'm sorry. Honestly though, I just didn't know what to say. I just got out of my marriage and the feelings I have for you are so new- crazy intense- but new. I didn't know you had those feelings for me…"

"Stop, El-I" Olivia began to lift herself off of Elliot, but his strong arms held her down so she couldn't move.

"No, just listen for once, would you?" he growled. Elliot kissed the soft patch of flesh just under her earlobe before he continued. "You- Olivia, you are everything I never knew I wanted. I just wish I figured it out sooner."

Olivia's eyes welled up with unshed tears as she pressed her forehead against Elliot's. "I always knew I wanted you, El. It's about time you caught up," she breathed.

Elliot smiled against her lips. "I know it's not gonna be easy but we gotta try and we gotta promise that we won't let the other run for too long when shit gets hard. All we do is push and pull and avoid and it gets us fucking nowhere."

"You've been hanging around Huang too much," she joked. "But you're right…"

With a wide grin, Elliot pulled her tightly against his body and spoke only a few words before closing his mouth on hers in a hot kiss.

"I'm sorry…I'm what?"