Title: Inevitable, not invincible

Author: Jenn11

Rating: K (a swear word is used)

A/N: How I wish episode 4-6 Easy J had ended…

Blair's mind screamed at her to walk away from the door. Her heart told her to open it. Her body seemed to agree with her heart, because her hand reached out and opened the door. Just as she'd felt he would be, Chuck was only a few feet away.

Hearing the door open, Chuck looked up and his dark eyes met Blair's chocolate ones.

"You warned me," Blair began. "A long time ago you warned me. You said if we got together too soon it would be the end of something, not the beginning. You were right."

She saw the devastation in his eyes, and knew it was in her own. She had to give them both some hope. "But… we aren't those people anymore. If we start again… This time it might be the beginning of something."

Chuck gave a slow nod. That conversation seemed a lifetime ago. Blair was right, they were different people now.

Blair was surprised to see his nod of agreement. "But you said it wasn't meant to be… We weren't meant to be," Blair said, pain in her voice. It had heard so much to hear him say that.

"I still believe that we are inevitable. We… just had bad timing. We weren't ready. I meant it wasn't meant to be then… Not that we're never meant to be," he explained. "That self righteous little bitch said we were invincible. That's what I'd thought. When I made that deal with Jack… I thought we were invincible. That even what I did couldn't destroy us. I'd never have made that deal if I'd known it would cost me you…"

He paused and took a deep breath before continuing, "But I was wrong, and so was Jenny. We aren't invincible – at least not from the inside. No one else can destroy us, but we can destroy each other. Maybe if we remember that…"

Chuck fell silent as the elevator dinged and Serena stepped into the hall. "Chuck? Blair?" she said in surprise.

"We're fine, S. I'll… see you later, Chuck."

"Night, Blair. S," Chuck said as he turned and left.

That night Blair slept peacefully, with no nightmares, and Chuck slept alone.