Chapter 1:

The information in these scrolls was incredible. And incredibly dangerous.

Everything about and in the ninja-world was in these scrolls. Every technique and jutsu. Every law. Every flow of energy. Every historical record. Hell, even the Uchiha's betrayal and the subsequent massacre ordered by the council were filed here, neatly written in Koharu-sama's brittle writing. The forbidden library of scrolls truly lives up to its name.

And now, he as future Hokage was given permission to enter. Its first visitor in nearly a decade.

Do not change, destroy or remove anything. Only learn.

That was the only rule. The only caution. Naruto bit his lips and looked around, thinking that it was sorely lacking in security. Wooden filing shelves stood tall, all along the vast room. They were divided into sections and categories. These were further divided to individuals, who invented a new jutsu, or new seal or technique or to simply record a historical fact.

Naruto smiled as he noticed that the Yondaime had an entire wall to himself. Some of the jutsu here were designed to eliminate an entire village in just a single flare of chakra.

If this falls in the wrong hands… he gulped. Maybe there should be more guards outside this place and a bigger vault. Hounds and ANBU. Maybe he should device a seal with the toads and hide this place forever in the future.

The war was on the verge of breaking out. Uchiha Madara could arrive knocking on their doorstep any minute. This was the reason he had been pushed here by the Godaime, who had been hinting insistently that it's time for him to take up the Hokage mantle. Particularly since Sasuke was back.

But…he felt he was just not ready.

What the village needed was a leader. A source of courage and hope. One who could carefully plan all moves with minimum casualties…one who could anticipate the enemy. Who could think and make sure that the enemy is defeated.

Like the Yondaime…my Tousan.

Naruto was powerful, yes…but that's not enough right? Especially with a war starting any moment and so many lives at stake. He needed to be on the field, fighting alongside his friends, protecting them; not sitting in an office sending out each shinobi to what may become their last fight.

Tsunade had yelled herself hoarse when he had ventured his misgivings. She then threw a chair out of the window, proceeded to dismantle her table and was even about to fly Ton-ton across the village before he stopped her in exasperation.

"I will make a mistake Baa-chan and you know it! Everyone will die because I fucked it up. Do you want that to happen? Huh? Do you?" he had yelled back trying to dodge a flying desk.

She had actually called him a coward and then promptly sent him packing here. He was to learn about the previous Hokages and their lives. Their power and their love for Konoha. Their courage and governing.

More importantly, he was to learn about their mistakes and blunders.

Naruto sighed as he took a break. Baa-chan was right. For every single error the first three Hokages made, Naruto could come up with ten alternatives, so simple and effective that it even amazed him. After this had happened a few more times, Naruto suspected if the forbidden library was making him a bit arrogant and delusional. The scrolls here vibrated with power to corrupt anyone.

Maybe he shouldn't even be here.

"Nonsense," Tsunade had declared, "the room would never permit entry if it senses any malevolence in you. It didn't even permit me. Minato was made to seal it that way, after the Orochimaru incident."

"Naruto-sama," Kakashi said, eye creasing (he had added the sama, ever since the news of Naruto's impending leadership was confirmed) "enough with the boring history…you should be learning more of the fourth's techniques while you are there."

The Yondaime's scrolls.


Naruto was finding it oddly difficult to even venture near them. He had never known his parents in his childhood, being an orphan everyone hated and all. But when his Tousan had appeared briefly, in the battle with pein…and when his Kaa-san had helped him to control the kyubi…

Somehow they were not quite real, but real enough to almost lose himself in a mad longing to see them again.

But when Kakashi made the suggestion he had smiled a little and nodded obediently. He was after all the Yondaime's only son and heir. It was his duty if nothing else, to master his Tousan's techniques, make sure his name lives on and try to complete any unfinished endeavors.

Moreover, as future Hokage, he would be starting his own scroll collection, and who better to give him guidance than his Tousan?

Hence the next day, with that thought held firmly in his heart, Naruto walked briskly towards his father's life work. It was clear to Naruto within an hour of reading, that Minato Namikaze was an enigmatic and commanding leader. A genius. His every move was careful, yet spontaneous. His own original jutsus were numerous, but clearly the Yondaime's favorites were his seals.

The Time-space barrier, the Demonic soul seal, Hiraishin no Jutsu, his special kunai with which enable him to demolish an entire army in an instant…all these were byproducts of his work with the seals. Seals which were taught to him by his Kaa-san.

Naruto felt excitement rise in him, as he read through the seals hungrily. Since he himself had been working with seals for quite a few years now, it was not difficult to understand the diagrams and the reports. His Tousan's writing was neat and detailed whereas Kaa-san could only scrawl untidily! Occasionally, the unmistakable script of Jiraiya leapt at him. It almost felt like they were there, beside him. Close by.

By the end of the day, Naruto was completely overwhelmed. He couldn't eat and woke up several times, dreaming of his father calling out for help. He went back the next day and made straight for the seals without hesitation.

The last work of his Tousan had been time-jump seals.

Unlike everything else, the Yondaime had worked on these alone. They were incomplete, only because of his untimely death. Deeply fascinated, Naruto spread them out and studied the theory for two days. The formula of the seal was designed particularly to take a person or a thing, back in time.

Back in time? …SUGOIIIIIIIIII.

After analyzing it all, Naruto couldn't help but feel an acute sense of reverence for his father. Maybe someday, he would be able to complete this master piece, though he felt it highly doubtful. He carefully repacked everything and placed it back in the shelf. He then turned around and began walking out.

A sudden low burst sounded, making Naruto jump back and remove a kunai. A scroll appeared out of nowhere and landed gently at his feet. It was addressed to Uzumaki Naruto. For a few moments Naruto simply looked at it.

Uzumaki Naruto? …Fuck! That's me!

A frantic feeling took over him, as he picked it up. His tense muscles relaxed, as he recognized the writing. It was old man Sandaime. He hurried over to the only desk and chair available in the room and settled down. A quick flare of chakra later, the scroll opened, revealing a letter and a genjutsu scroll.

Naruto frowned, as he opened the letter, truly curious now


If you are reading this, then I am probably dead and you have just become Hokage.

Congratulations on achiving your dream. I cannot tell you how pleased I am. This letter was timed to appear after you have touched your Tousan's time-space jutsus and seals. Yes, the Yondaime is your Tousan, as he must have told you by now. I know this because; I was there when he sealed the kyubi in you.

Forgive me if what I am about to say is going to hurt, but I must say it, Naruto-chan. The night you were born is also the night your parents died. It was an epic battle between a powerful man, a kind woman and a demon, and it deserves to be seen by you, as the host of kyubi and also as Minato's son.

There were four witnesses to your parents' death. Me, a Hyuuga, a medic who is dead, and the last one was you Naruto-chan, your one day old self. I have sealed away the collective memory in the genjutsu scroll for you to see.

Naruto-chan, when you watch the memory, you can clearly observe Minato-kun throwing his special kunai just before calling out the soul seal jutsu. After the battle I had examined the seal, without touching the kunai of course, and concluded that I have never ever seen him use this type of formula before.

Imagine my surprise when I investigated in this library and found them to be the seals from the Yondaime's time/space jump jutsus. I was unable to read the theory however, as Minato's barrier prevents it. But I'm sure as his son; you will have no such obstacle.

I had the site of the kyubi sealing ritual banned from visiting using a barrier…but the kunai remain where they are thrown. I do not know why he flung them in the middle of a battle. Perhaps, he meant for the village to know he'd been working on time controlling. Perhaps he didn't want to damage something he created.

Or perhaps, he wanted someone to go back in time, to his final battle.

Whatever the motive, the fact remains that Minato threw the kunai, and he wanted them to be found. Naruto-chan, I am convinced your Tousan did it for a reason, as he never does anything without one. It is time you discover what it is.

It may possibly be your only chance of saving Minato's precious life. If it can be done, you will do it. I have faith in you, Naruto-chan.

You are after all, your father's son.

Your humble Hokage,

Sarutobi Ojiisan.


By the time he finished reading the letter Uzumaki Naruto was shaking like a wet puppy.


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