Chapter 11:

When Kakashi appeared at the Namikaze estate, it was nearly midnight and Kushina-sama was running up to him eyes comically desperate with horror and anguish.

"It is the end of the world, Kakashi!" she declared loudly, one hand covering her face and the other gesturing madly at him to enter and be comfortable, "I'm doomed! The curse of my forefathers will visit me in my sleep! I am done for!"

Hatake Kakashi lowered his book and gave her a bored look, "Oh?"

"Oh yes," Kushina assured him, "the parasitical Uchiha clan is reduced to its last descendant and yet they chase the innocent Uzumaki for their demonic rituals and I can't do anything-" here she paused abruptly and frowned at a disinterested white lump and snapped, "Minato! Are you even listening to me?"

The Fourth sat on the ground in the middle of the large room, surrounded by scrolls and files, all of which had 'Top-secret' or 'Classified' blaring in red ink.

Still, the Fourth nodded and waved a languid hand at his wife to continue, "Of course, my dear. The Uchiha. His leechlike arrogance. His impure intentions. You will kill him. You must kill him. You will cut him into a thousand pieces and laugh in fiendish delight," he removed a pencil from the back of his ear and made a note, "I have memorised your speech."

Kushina demanded, "Then why are we still not killing Uchiha Sasuke?"

The Fourth sighed and looked up, "Kushina. We are currently under heavy suspicion. We have no choice but to restrict our movements. Otherwise Naruto might get into trouble...just imagine how the village will react if they know Naruto had managed to bring back his dead parents...imagine the chaos and resentment. Imagine shinobi lining up to demand he bring back their loved ones too."

"And then imagine what'll happen when he can't." Kakashi added.

Kushina glowered at the pair of them, "excuse me," she said icily," I need to go break something right now," and stormed out of the room.

The Fourth watched her go and murmured, "Forgive her antics, Kakashi-kun. It is difficult to remain calm when so much is at stake."

Kakashi sighed and pointed at the files, "How did you get those, sensei? If the ANBU even sniffed them with you..."

"I think I can handle a couple of ANBU, Kakashi-kun."The Fourth waved his hand irritably, "I tweaked the report Shizune-kun submitted on us. I knew it would go straight to the Hokage's vault. It's very easy to rig my own security seals, don't you think?"

The Fourth stood casually and sealed away the files in a scroll.

Then in an abrupt shift his blue gaze hardened, putting Kakashi immediately on the edge, "Tell me, Kakashi-kun. Why are there no files on Team-Minato or Team-Kakashi anywhere in Konoha?"

"That's because one half of my team is ANBU and the other half consists of a Hokage, a council member and the Godaime's apprentice."

"Is that the only reason?" the Fourth asked coolly, surveying Kakashi was a very familiar look that told him plainly to confess now, while there is still time to confess, because the Yondaime will find out what you did and why, and then you'll be hung by your legs to the Hokage's mountain, stripped to your underwear before you can even blink.

The legendary shinobi who copied a thousand jutsus, carefully resisted the urge to squirm and murmured, "Yes sir."

The Fourth nodded in understanding and stepped away to sit on the chair. Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and muttered, "Naruto is currently reviewing mission logs...Tsunade-sama insisted that he personally recheck them all."

"And the Uchiha is with him?"

Kakashi barely resisted a wince, "Hai."

Minato leaned back thoughtfully, "Uchiha Sasuke...he has an unusual amount of influence over my son. And from what little I could gather...he was an internationally wanted criminal until recently."

"It's not how you think it is sensei, "Kakashi said at once," my team...ah, we are good."

Minato raised an eyebrow, "Sasuke-kun has tried to kill all members of your team at least once." The Fourth's eyes were razor-sharp, "in fact, expect for my son, all members of your team have tried to kill each other at one point or the other."

This time, Kakashi definitely squirmed, "It's just how we bond, sensei."

The Fourth gave Kakashi a long stare, evaluating him closely. At last he relaxed and asked, "Did Tsunade-sama send you here, then?"

Kakashi nodded, "Kushina-sama's fight is scheduled the day after morning at the Chou stadium and in the mean-time Tsunade-sama has granted permission for you to go about the village. I will escort you around. Sensei, the village is abuzz with rumours that the Lady Uzumaki is Lady Mito herself and she's come to wreck her vengeance."

"Ah." Minato closed his eyes and grinned, "It's show time then? I better look good for that."

Kakashi raised his eyebrow.

The Fourth seemed cheered considerably and glided over to Naruto's room.

He proceeded to happily go through Naruto's closet. After half an hour, he dressed in a new set of orange pants and a matching shirt, and looked excited like his birthday had come early.

"My son's got style!" Minato cheerfully declared, trying out various garments. He had already done a stint in Naruto's orange Hokage robes, flickering around the house, grinning manically.

He turned with deliberate flounce and glided forwards. He posed spectacularly in front of the table, where Kakashi sat.

"How do I look?" the Fourth demanded.

Kakashi stared for a second longer before opening his book and disappearing behind it.

"I'll throw you out of the window, brat," Minato growled.

Before the Fourth could follow-up on his threat, the kitchen door banged open and Kushina-sama stalked inside, looking ready to kill.

"I can't take it no more!" she declared, her eyes wide with silent fury and hair aquiver with chakra.

The Fourth took one look at his wife and melted into his seat with a practised innocent expression that only a man who has lived with a hormonal pregnant woman can produce.

"Kushina." The Fourth asked warily, "what is the matter."

In response, Kushina hissed like an angry cat, "I'll tell you what the matter is!" she paced angrily in front of them, "So not happy taking the Uzumaki dignity! So not happy taking the Uzumaki brains! The Uchiha clan is now trying to take our sons too!"

Minato smirked, "Uzumakis have dignity?"

Kakashi grinned, "Uzumakis have brains?"

Kushina turned and glared at them dramatically, "will you two idiots concentrate? This is serious!"

The Fourth drummed his fingers and said thoughtfully, "surely, it's not as bad as you think."

"You're right. It's much worse!"

"What makes you say that?" Kakashi asked carefully.

"Have you not seen the way he controls Naruto-chan?"

Kakashi shook his head, "I'm pretty sure it's the other way around," and when Kushina glared threateningly he hastily added, "But you could be right too."

Kushina resumed pacing, "Imagine! Just imagine. Our only son, the light of our eyes, being held against his will and lorded over by a lunatic Uchiha, who will one day lose it and murder him and eat him. Just imagine it, Minato...your son getting eaten by a Uchiha! Imagine it!"

The Fourth stilled and went all wide-eyed, so Kakashi presumed he was imagining it.

This had to stop now, before the hidden village of the leaf burned to dust.

The copy-ninja sighed, "Nara-san has called an emergency meeting, and I have to go. But.."

He slouched forwards an opened a scroll and after a brief hesitation made a seal. Two thick files blaring the names 'Uchiha Sasuke' and 'Uzumaki Naruto' appeared, landing on the table with a thud, " should read these."

The Yondaime raised an eye-brow, "you stole their files?"

Kakashi shrugged, unabashed. He pushed Sasuke's carefully edited file forwards with a pale finger, "Start with this, sensei."

The Fourth wrinkled his nose, but picked it up and settled down to read.



Hyuuga Hinata increased her speed as she followed her cousin Hyuuga Neji through the eastern forests.

Something was very different in these parts today. A faint wisp of residue chakra...and not the good kind either. A tingle passed over her, familiar but very out of place. Instinctively, she gave the signal to halt.

Her guards gathered around, "Hinata-sama?"

"Everyone, turn back to the village right away," Hinata ordered gently, "I will continue alone from here."

Soft protests filled the air, but Hinata silenced them with a raised hand, "Neji-niisan will accompany me. Go on now."

The guards hesitated only for an instant before turning around.

Neji waited until they disappeared and then demanded quietly, "You felt it too?"

"Hai. It's the kyubi's residue chakra...and it is steadily increasing in this direction," Hinata gestured with her hand gracefully.

Neji narrowed his eyes, "Hinata-sama...this area was sealed...even ANBU were denied clearance to enter it."

Hinata jerked her head towards the area in surprise, "the barrier preventing entrance is not in place. It looks like it's been shattered by the kyubi's chakra."

They made their way in cautiously and it was evident within a few short minutes that a battle had taken place.

Naruto's special marked kunai were thrown haphazardly everywhere, mangled beyond repair. A small pile of newly burned wood was nearby. Patches of recently dried blood, unmistakably from fresh wounds were present at regular intervals.

But the most disturbing puzzle of all was the presence of Naruto's orange jacket, wet and covered in blood and still tingling his chakra residue.

"Neji-niisan," Hinata called softly, and pointed at a long white coat, decorated with flame designs at the bottom. Like Naruto's jacket, it had burnt marks and fresh blood covering most of it, and it thumped with a heavy mix of kyubi's and strong unfamiliar chakras.

"There is something written at the back," Hinata said and carefully spread out the cloak on the ground, "I can't read it."

"It says 4." Neji frowned in concentration, "Yondai.." he widened his eyes in alarm, "It says Yondaime Hokage!"



Namikaze Minato sneezed.

In was an unusual feeling, being shunned like this.

The Fourth walked in an unfamiliar Konoha, among unfamiliar crowds, drawing distrustful glances with every step he took. He met each gaze with haughty indifference, playing the part of a noble clan lord perfectly.

Kakashi and Kushina walked quietly beside him, but they couldn't converse because of the escorting guide ( a well dressed soft-spoken man, who had all the signs of internal security about him).

Although, he maintained a cool demeanour, Minato's mind was reeling from all the changes he perceived.

The dark yet homely traditional world, that he was living in, and fighting for, just until last week was burnt away. In its place stood a new Konoha, a massive Konoha which was at least three times bigger and for which only the sky seemed to be the limit.

The customary walls separating the districts had disappeared, for now both shinobi and civilians lived in the same lanes which were colourful and dazzling with strange oriental loveliness.

The houses were built in bizarre fashion, with soft tinted edges and heavily carpeted floors. Eerie music played out from various elegant establishments and amber lights, graceful art and an inexpiable sense of luxury oozed out from everywhere.

People spoke differently too. Normal vocabulary was replaced by street slang and strange formulae like 'Sup Brotha!' 'Yo Phat!' and 'Peace!' were randomly shouted at him.

Several times, Minato had to blink and politely ask the guide to explain the phrase.

And the women!

Gone were the demure kimono clad beauties, delicate and lush and who redden at slight attention.

The Fourth watched, blushing in disbelief as several jounin level kunoichi, dressed in what appeared to be bits of clothing passed them, oozing an intense sexuality and confidence, and eyeing Kakashi in a distinct predatory fashion.

Gender tyranny was dead, for kunoichi now stood tall and proud, shoulder-to-shoulder with men twice their size and breezed through the katos with ease.

Everything was constantly in motion, so much so it made his head spin. The drone of noise was at every turn, as if the village had never known silence.

Many young kids walked about, dressed colorfully and shaking their heads in steady tempo, to the blasting music emitting from the small devices that were directly plugged to their ears!

The changes were so incomprehensible that the Fourth began to feel apprehensive about the effects on his wife.

He needn't have worried.

For as soon as Kushina had gotten a good hard glance at the sexy modern kuniochi, she waltzed into one of the many clothing shops and emerged minutes later in a black silk kimono, which was tight and form-fitting and which was slit way up her knees at both sides of her legs.

Afterwards, she got herself one of the ear-splitting noise making music devices and jammed the ear-plugs with enthusiasm, nodding in steady rhythm and almost losing her seal-tags in the process. Then she proceeded to waltz around the village, making a lot of noise herself, looking gloriously excited and awed at the strangely erotic and yet adventurous Konoha.

Even the older Shinobi appeared to be more relaxed and spontaneous, more at home, and always moving in loud happy groups.

Children screamed and ran wherever they wanted, many dressed in bright orange coats and goggles and apparently imitating their beloved Rokudaime's preferred fashion.

The most astonishing part of the whole deal was the striking absence of degradation and slums that would pop all around during war times, where the poor and the immigrants huddled dozens to a room. The guide assured him that this was due to the Rokudaime's efforts.

"The Sixth is a great man," the guide's was dripping with awe, "I believe he can do anything."

Kakashi frowned at this and muttered, "Have you seen his bunshin?"

The guide flushed and looked like he wanted to argue, but thought better of it.

Kakashi lowered his book and drawled unequivocally that when Naruto had worked with the city architectures closely for three weeks, the village had just been burned to the ground so it was easy for him to doll out impenetrable designs for the districts by using his seal designs.

He pushed the village walls and dramatically increased the agriculture grounds and artisan establishments.

The result was this magnificent layered village.

"But that was just the beginning," the guide jumped in, smiling in real happiness.

Apparently from the time of his appointment the Rokudaime's financial and economic management, mission and security policies were taking the village by storm.

Being an orphan who had to handle his own funds from childhood, Naruto had developed an inane talent on how to make money and make it last (A talent, Kakashi assured them, his council had spent hours helping Naruto to nurture and master)

So when Naruto and Ino had gone on an undercover incapacitate mission to the Hidden Grass, no one was surprised when the country had proceeded to go bankrupt exactly four days after their operation.

Nimbly, the Sixth (after a rather terrifying shouting match with the Fifth) issued advance payment on the next dozen missions to various shinobi and urged them to buy solid low-yield bonds and several shares in the Grass's prominent corporations.

Overnight, Grass's economy magically picked up, with half the country's riches now owned by unsuspecting Konoha shinobi.

"It is surprising how effective he can be when he's not acting like an imbecile," Kakashi muttered.

Once that was done, Naruto concentrated on the people, putting beggars in rehabilitation centres and made to learn basic skills for survival, putting the war cripples in Care centres, where they were fed on meat and sake, and left in peace to exchange stories of their legends loudly.

And the orphan children (good god! So many of them!) were stationed at the special Being-Naruto home, where each child was unofficially adopted by the Rokudaime.

The guideexplained in fascination that Naruto trained with the children personally and knew all their names. He praised their small achievements and remembered to rub slave on their injuries.

He supervised the centre solely without any interference or help from the government. If a child did not have a surname or was unable to procure one (which was common), the Rokudaime issued new birth certificates where the child was given Naruto as the family name.

The Fourth was stunned when Kakashi stopped on the street and introduced a few Narutos to him.

Hi, Ojisan! I am Naruto Ryu! Welcome to Konoha.

Yo! I'm Naruto Tengi. You better not step in that dog-shit.

Hey, watch it mister! Make way for the great Naruto Isamu!

At this point, the Fourth was so distracted he almost walked into a lamp-post.

Kushina eyed him warily, "I think that's enough for today."

Kakashi nodded and softly dismissed the guide with a gesture. The next instant, they disappeared into the Namikaze's kitchen.

The Fourth sat down, looking dazed as if he had just survived a war, "This is not what I expected."

"Perhaps you wish to have a cup of tea?" Kushina murmured soothingly.

Kakashi settled into the chair and observed a stunned Fourth with a lazy eye, "It's nearly two decades since your…death. Of course Konoha was bound to change."

Minato nodded, looking forlorn. After a minute he said, "Looks like my son doesn't need me. Looks like Konoha doesn't too."

Kushina cocked her lips and exchanged an amused look with Kakashi, "are you having an identity crisis? Perhaps, you need my medicine more than me?"

Before the Fourth could answer, a blur of gold burst into the room, making everybody jump. It was the village Hero himself, in all his glory and dazzling energy, his windswept blond hair flying in all directions and blue eyes glittering like still pools. The boy was an onslaught of colour.

"MA!" Naruto shouted, "Kaa-chan!" he flew towards Kushina and gathered her up in his arms sweeping her off the ground and twirling her around happily.

Kushina laughed and grabbed the boy's arms tightly. It was like being swept away by a tornado.

At last Naruto set her down and stood before her, grinning widely, "You were so COOL, Kaachan! I never saw Tsunade-baachan so confused in my life! You had the entire room spell-bound!" he blinked and looked her up and down, "you look good too!"

Kushina pruned at the compliments.

"Oi oi," the Fourth interrupted them, sulking slightly, "I am cool too, you know."

"Tousan!" Naruto exclaimed at him and ran his hand through his hair with a sheepish expression.

The Fourth relented a little and glided nearer to them, "I hope you've come to stay. We have much to discuss."

Naruto sobered and said quietly, urgently, "Tsunade-baachan is intent on keeping me away from you guys. I have to leave right away to patrol the civilian camps."

Kushina was aghast, "Naruto-chan!"

The Yondaime frowned too, "it is troublesome, but it is to be expected I suppose."

Naruto nodded, "my council...they are not too happy with me right now. Also, they are digging up all the information they can on the whirlpool," he tilted his head and gave Kushina a confused look, "is it true that our Uzumaki ancestors were cannibals?"

"No!" Kushina said in outrage, "Uchiha Fugaku submitted that stupid report after a stupid misunderstanding between the Daimyo and me. They are lies! All lies! Uchiha clan is full of liars!" here she paused and grabbed hold of Naruto's sleeve, "Naruto-chan, now that I think of it...the Uchiha clan used to bully me!"

Kakashi snorted and the Fourth raised his eyes to the heavens, "Kushina. If the Uchiha were bullying you, I remember clearly that you were enjoying bullying them right back."

Kushina glared in reproach.

"Yondaime," Naruto murmured apprehensively, "the whole ANBU department is suspicious of you...I don't want to order them off because then it'll only cement their doubts-"

The Fourth waved a dismissive hand, "don't worry about it Naruto. I am the head of this family and I will protect us. Just place your trust in me and go about your duty...I will think of a way, believe me."

"Your father is freakishly good at planning, Naruto-chan," Kushina assured him, "but first, tell me, when will you return?"

"I'll return just in time for your fight-" Naruto frowned nervously, and took Kushina's hand in his, "Ma...we have to talk about Sasuke...he is not what you think he is," he turned to the Fourth and said earnestly, "You have to trust me on this."

The Yondaime's lips thinned in obvious displeasure, but he nodded.

"Naruto-chan, you cannot deny what I could sense in him," Kushina objected, "the darkness in him-"

"Sasuke is my best-friend, Ma." Naruto raised his hand to stop her, "He is insane but he is not a bad man."

A faint rustle followed by a mocking laugh sounded and a bemused voice said "You suck at lying, Rokudaime."

Naruto stiffened and then sighed tiredly. He looked to his left where Uchiha Sasuke had appeared with his back resting against the wall, hands folded casually and pale chiselled features set in an expression of extreme boredom.

But his black eyes were alert. Wary. Taking in everything and giving nothing away.

Kushina straightened and stared back at him with haughty disdain. The Fourth studied Sasuke for a moment, his expression unreadable, and then he smiled, waving energetically, "Yo, Sasuke-kun. We meet again!"

Sasuke tilted his head in a bird like gesture that reminded Kushina of a vulture, sitting hunched over a tree waiting with infinite patience for its intended meal to die. One other figure appeared beside him, an extremely pale boy in the ANBU uniform.

Kushina examined them slowly, aware that the people standing in front of her were the ones that shaped up her son's life and in essence made him.

Somewhere at the back of her mind, she was conscious of the fact that the Uchiha was a cold being that breathes fire, a snake with no heart, a betrayer and a monster and she is afraid of the way he looks at her golden son.

More than anything, she is afraid of the way her son looks back at him.

Minato seemed to be having the same thoughts because he too was observing the new-comers with keen interest, as if seeing them in a whole different light.

Some impulse made Kushina lift her hands and link them around her son's arm. Naruto patted her in assurance, but Kushina was distracted by the way the Uchiha's cold eyes lingered calculatingly onto their joined hands.

Suddenly, Sasuke shifted and removed a huge sword from behind his back.

The Yellow Flash, reacting on pure instinct, flashed between his family and the Uchiha, blue eyes sharp and cold as ice.

Behind him, Kakashi sighed and Naruto frowned in distress.

"Sasuke and I just came by to pick up our weapons...," said Naruto voice strained, "and to introduce Sai..." he waved towards the pale boy, "he's in the ANBU but we are all together in team-Kakashi. He is going to guard the house at the perimeter."

The Yondaime relaxed and gave Sai a short bow, while Kushina nodded coolly.

The pale boy, Sai, tilted his head in mild curiosity and attempted a smile. It was false.

"...and don't worry about the fight, kaa-chan," Naruto bent and whispered in her ear, "It's just an exhibition match. I'll make sure Sasuke behaves-"

Kushina blinked and said grimly, "you will do no such thing, child."

Naruto looked taken aback, and eyed her warily, "if that's what you want." he said unconvinced.

"You are stalling, Naruto." Kakashi drawled at them lazily, "Move now. I'll keep an eye on things."

The Fourth abandoned his hawk-like observations of team-7 boys and glided over to his family. He reached out and gave Naruto a dull squeeze at the nape of his neck, an action which Naruto had seen a million fathers give to a million sons on a million lazy afternoons.

Naruto froze. He hadn't received much gentleness in his life, and suddenly felt unsure on how to respond. People never touched him voluntarily.

"You will tread carefully?" the Yondaime demanded, still not removing his hand.

Naruto would have liked to respond with gentleness, if he had known how. He definitely didn't want to do anything to make the Fourth stop doing this in the future.

He blinked and recalled how Shikamaru responded to Shikaku-sama's concerns, which usually guaranteed an increase in fatherly attentions.

So, with confidence, Naruto scrunched up his face and said in some exasperation, "Old man...I'll be alright. Don't fuss now."

His mother laughed.

The Fourth blinked in complete surprise.

Then he grinned, "Insolent brat!" he mock growled, his grip tightening on Naruto's neck and forcing him down to a bow and holding him there, "naturally I shall be somewhat concerned..." he said punctuating each word with an increase of pressure and bending Naruto almost in half, "But OK..I'll pretend I'm not."

He finally let go and Naruto straightened, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. Their eyes locked and Naruto suddenly felt quite overwhelmed with the fullness of it all.

"We need to move," snapped Sasuke, shattering the silence.

The Fourth turned to give Sasuke an unimpressed look, then blinked in surprise at the tensed expression that ghosted over his face. For the first time, Minato realised that he might not be the only one worried about his son's trusting nature.

Naruto nodded and stepped back. With a soft rustle, the three boys disappeared.

The Fourth stared at the spot where Sasuke had stood, "Kakashi-kun, I think I might quite like your boys after all."

"Minato!" Kushina exclaimed aghast.

The Fourth shrugged at her apologetically, "I trust Naruto's decisions," he told her simply, "it's the reason we are here."

Kushina nodded in sympathy, "It's not your fault Minato," she told him, "Like Naruto-chan, you are just hypnotised and probably confused by all that girly Uchiha's good looks."

The Fourth chuckled lightly, looking amused.

"It's up to me now. I have to do something, "Kushina was alight with this possibility, "this fight will be the perfect opportunity to banish the Uchiha from our lives! I will hang him by his ridiculously long lashes! I will destroy him!"

The last part of this speech was punctuated by an oddly pitched war-cry and an equally odd little jig.

The Fourth and Kakashi exchanged concerned looks, both feeling the same sense of sure doom settling around them.



On the Thursday morning, Naruto appeared at the empty contester gallery and almost balked in shock.

The Chou stadium was filled to breaking point.

The drone of cheers was so loud that Naruto had difficulty hearing his own thoughts. Progressive parlay bettors were busily discussing the outcome of the match at various locations, surrounded by enthusiastic people shouting out odds.

Naruto sighed tiredly and in some Tsunade-baachan to turn everything into a gamble. He trailed his eyes over to the Hokage-sama's gallery where Tsunade-sama was beaming at the clan-heads and nobles seated around her and looking as reverent as the rest of the mob.

He turned just as his parents entered the stadium escorted by a whole squad of ANBU, and immediately felt sick to his stomach.

The Yondaime spotted him at once, and raised his hand in a lazy salute. He bent and whispered something in his mother's ear and when she nodded once, he straightened and disappeared, reappearing leaning on the thin rail beside Naruto in the same instant.

"Good day for a fight," the Fourth murmured, a steaming cup of tea in his hands. He offered it to Naruto who shook his head, eyes scanning the stadium which seemed to be surrounded by the entire ANBU department.

Sasuke was already standing in the middle of the arena, a gentle breeze tugging his black bangs away from his impassive face. Naruto closed his eyes, wishing this were not happening.

"Tousan...Gomenasai datteboyo," he whispered softly, "You are the Yondaime ...and you're being treated like a suspect."

The Yondaime sipped his tea and said calmly, "I wouldn't worry too much about it. This is the best fun I had since I was a genin."

"Yondaime," Naruto sighed," you were a genin for three days."

The Fourth chuckled. "True," he conceded looking impressed by himself, "you don't have to worry about anything though. I have a cunning plan that'll solve all our problems," here he winced slightly, "...if only everyone survives this match unscathed."

"I had words with Sasuke," Naruto hurried to assure him, "Ma will be alright."

The Yondaime arched his eyebrows and tilted a smile full of twinkles and mischief on Naruto, "I'm not worried about your mother, Naruto."

A shrill loud whistle sounded just then and every thought slipped away from Naruto's mind except for the arena and the two people facing off in it.

The match had begun.

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