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The two who didn't get away – Four

2.30 am

Erin hadn't dared the switch on the lights. David was sound asleep and she preferred he stayed that way now that she had decided to run off and forget about everything she had done and said tonight. Agreeing to share his bed had been a rather foolish and impulsive idea, born from the wish to feel desired and beautiful. Well, he had succeeded in that aspect, but fucking him turned working with him into an impossible task. If she left this suite now, she could possibly do some damage control. She slipped into her second shoe and looked up when she heard his voice. Had he heard her? She waited and listened. Again he said something, she couldn't understand. Then she heard him turning in the sheets. He seemed uneasy, possibly dreaming something upsetting that could wake him up soon. She had to leave. Now. Where was her purse? She detected it on the floor close to the bedroom door.

"Max!" Erin froze. David had yelled the name of her ex-husband. Was he dreaming about Max? And if he was, what was the dream about?

Her curiosity was growing by second and it became stronger than her wish to escape. Knowing she would regret it, she returned to the bed, switched on the lights and shook at his shoulder. In his sleep he had kicked the covers aside, exposing every delicious part of his naked body. No, she really didn't mind he had gained some pounds in the last few months.

"David!" she said aloud and did her best to concentrate on waking him, instead of thinking back to the last few hours. "Wake up!"

Finally he opened his eyes, clang to her arm and shoot up into a sitting position.

"Erin?" he asked, completely clueless when he saw her sitting right next to him.

"Yes, David, it's me... Must have been a colorful dream, if you have forgotten about me so quickly."

He sighed and leaned back into his pillow, still gripping her arm. "Not sure of colorful is the right word."

"What did you dream?" she asked, trying to remove her arm out of his grip.

"I dreamed your ex-husband was standing under my shower."

Erin crooked her eyebrow. "Since I know well what you mean, I know why you feel scared, but could I get my arm back, please?"

Realizing he was indeed clinging to her like a drowning person to a piece of swimming wood, he released her arm. Since his heartbeat was slowing down and felt better now that he knew he had been just dreaming, he noticed she had dressed again.

"Are you leaving?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered. "Cinderella's carriage is turning back into a pumpkin and she has to go home."

"How poetic. I never knew you liked Disney."

"As a matter of fact I don't, but Moms are damned to like Disney and now I have to go." She rose, but he quickly placed his hands on her hip and pulled back in place.

"I hope you weren't comparing me to this pumpkin!" he said, his face only one inch away from hers.

"That's your interpretation. Let me go!" she demanded, but noticed how low and weak her own voice sounded. Damn, the man was too close and naked to make her sound convincing.

"It's not even 4 am," he demurred. "No need to go home that early."

"My youngest daughter is alone at home... I have to go."

"Bridget is sixteen and your home is a fortress. I'm sure she's safe and since teenagers used to sleep till 2 pm, she won't notice a thing."

"You had what you wanted... just let me go now."

"You had what you wanted!" he reminded her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. The tender gesture send a shiver down her spine and it forced her to rethink her decision to leave. Her heart beat faster and she avoided his piercing eyes.

"Don't make me want this," she whispered.

"Why not?" he asked in return while he played ran with his index finger over her shoulder. "Let's make a deal..."

"What deal?" she swallowed, fearing what he had to say, fearing she couldn't resist.

"We continue this... once a week."


"Let me finish first. We see each other once a week... no strings, no exclusiveness attached. Just you and I, and a bed somewhere."

She shook her head, but he dug his hand into her hair. "That's insane and immoral and..."

"And what?"

"We're co workers."

"A right. I should have known you would come up with some rule, because you have no other reason to hide from me."

He looked into her eyes and she felt her resistance melting. The offer was tempting, too tempting to walk away from just like this, but on the other hand it would mean to entrust herself to him to a certain extent and that was the one thing she feared the most.

"Think about it," he whispered, as he moved again closer against her. "Remember the fun we had at the academy."

"That was a lifetime ago," she returned, avoiding his hungry mouth.

"But I know you remember it..."

His hands became busy and found the zipper of her dress, seconds later she felt his hands on her naked skin and asked herself when she had last spent a night like this with another man. The last time Max had made her come three times a night had been in their honeymoon and the last ten years of her life had been a sexual disaster. Hell, she didn't really like David Rossi, but one touch from him could send her into a uncontrollable state of ecstasy.

"Once a week," she repeated, after he had pushed down the dress and his hands retook possession of her body.

"Once a week," he confirmed.

"And you won't tell anyone."

"I have a reputation to hold up."

She rose, let the dress drop on the floor and climbed back into bed and let him pull her onto his lap.

"You're not the only one who has a reputation to hold up, you know," she reminded him, as she ran her fingers through his salt and pepper hair.

"And I always thought you wouldn't care what other people think of you."

He caressed her thighs that were pressed against his hip and smiled at her.

"Depends," she mumbled against his lips. "And now let me repeat this... this is just about sex and having a good time. No strings attached. And you won't freak out when I date someone else."

"I've never freaked out when you dated somebody else," he said defensively and silently he added, "Just when you married someone else."

"And what about Gideon? You freaked out in 1986 and you certainly freaked out this summer when we met in the restaurant."

"I was just marking my territory," he explained grumpily. "It was more about Gideon than about you."

"Ah, I see..." she nodded, amused and unconvinced.

"Do you call me a liar?"

"No, just a macho." She smiled at him and nibbled at his lower lip and in response he involved her into a soft duel of lazy kisses that slowly fueled their desire. His hands ran up her back and into her hair. He had always preferred her hair longer. He loved the scent of it and how it turned her on when he dug his fingers into it when they made love.

"I can live with that," he said, as their mouths parted and slowly pushed her from his lap and onto the mattress. "You know what?" he asked, when he wrapped her left leg around his hip.


"I know the perfect place for our first... date."

"No engine hoods..." she said warningly, but he quickly shook his head and placed his finger on her lips to stop her from talking.

"I wasn't thinking about an engine hood... but what about the pool in the gym?"

~~The End~~