This is the third piece in my Fruits Basket series. The first was A Brothers Comfort, followed by Curiosity. Now this one! Its a little dark at first. But Enjoy!

Kyo knelt on the hardwood floor, his forehead pressed to the cool wood, and waited for the man to enter the room. 15 months. He had been enduring this humiliation for 15 months. He would continue it for 15 years as long as the man he was waiting for allowed him to do so. No. He would endure it for the rest of his life.

Being forced to wait happened every month when he came here. The first time the man had demanded it, it was Hatori that told him what to do, how to wait. Nude, on his knees, his forehead on the floor, arms at his sides. He hadn't listened. It wasn't in him to wait patiently, especially while kneeling in such an uncomfortable and eventually painful position. But he had been severely punish that night for not obeying. Every month since then he had gone into the room and automatically got on his knees, his head on the floor, and waited. Sometimes for hours.

He had been kneeling for three hours now, according to the clock on the wall. It wasn't the longest he had waited. The month before he had knelt for over six hours. When he had been allowed to move, his entire body protested any movement. His knees refused to move, his back was stiff, and his neck felt like it was made of rubber. But it was worth it. The pain was always worth it.

Kyo took a deep breath when he heard the door slide open behind him. He listened to it slide closed again, and then there was the whisper of silk slippers crossing the floor. His heart beat faster, his breath became more shallow. As much as he loved this man, he was also afraid of him. As much as the pain was worth it, he didn't enjoy the beatings. He only wanted the man to realize how much he loved him. He wanted to be loved in return.

Tears stung at Kyo's eyes as the man stopped behind him and knelt down. Hands traveled up his bare back and rested on his shoulder. The hands pulled him until he sat up, painfully because of being in such a hunched position for so long. Arms encircled his waist and pulled him against a body clad in a silk kimono. He sighed and relaxed into those arms. If the man kept to his usual routine, he would be safe for a few minutes, just held in those arms.

Soft lips touched his shoulder and he obediently let his head fall to the side. The lips traveled up the side of his neck as those hands traveled down his body and pushed between his legs. He spread his knees and fingers lightly played over the inside of his bare thighs.

"How many?" The mans voice whispered against his ear.

The question was another part of the routine. The man was asking him how many of his schoolmates he had gotten off that month. It was one of the demands the man made on him if he wanted to be with him.

"33." He answered honestly. It was the number of individual guys he had been with that month.

"Fucked?" How many times had he let someone fuck him.


"Sucked?" How many times did he suck someone off.


"Mmm. The number of all three is rising." The man bit his neck lightly and he moaned softly for him. "Do you enjoy it when those boys fuck you?"

"No. Because they aren't you."

The man made a small, pleased noise. "Then why do you do it?"

"Because you told me to do it. And I love you. I only want to make you happy."

"Love. Why do you love me, Kyo? I have never been nice to you. I am forcing you to become the whore of your school just so you can spend time with me. And when you are with me, I abuse you. Because I enjoy it."

"I don't know why. All I know is that I don't feel for anyone else what I feel for you. I want to be with you. I want to make you happy. Even if it means letting you do things to me that I don't enjoy. It makes you happy."

"I don't understand you. I have been trying for months to make you tell me why you are really doing this. And yet you still continue to lie to me." The man stood and grabbed Kyo by the hair. He threw him down onto the floor and kicked him in the ribs. "Why are you still lying to me?" He screamed the words and kicked Kyo again.

Kyo knew better then to move, even to tuck his body up to protect himself. It would only enrage the man further. "I'm not lying. I keep coming because I'm hoping that one day you will see that I'm not lying."

"Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies!" The man stormed across the room and threw open the cabinet against the far wall. He pulled out a whip and went back to the boy huddled on the floor. Raising the whip above his head he screamed again. "I will not allow you to continue lying to me. You will tell me the truth tonight. Or I will give you the worst beating of your life."

"I swear to you, Akito, I would never lie to you." Kyo screamed as the whip bit into his skin. This wasn't routine. The man always started out slowly, gradually getting him used to the pain before he really started in on the beating. He screamed again as the whip hit him. He could feel blood trickling down his side. It had only happened once before that the man had gotten angry enough to whip him so hard that he bled. Something was very wrong if he was this angry this soon.

"I don't understand you. How can you love me? Nobody loves me. No one will ever love me. I'm a freak! Even in this family I'm a freak!" The man threw the whip across the room after the fourth blow and dropped to his knees beside the boy. He touched his fingers to the blood seeping from the cuts across his back. "I bleed you, and still you insist that you love me."

"You aren't a freak. You're special. I'm the freak. When I lose control I turn into a monster. You, you are beautiful. You are so beautiful, Akito."

"I'm ugly. How can you think I'm beautiful?" Akito laid his head against Kyo's back, not caring about the blood.

"May I touch you?" Kyo turned his head to look at the man, but all he could see was his body splayed across the floor, his kimono open over his legs.

"Yes." Akito rolled off of Kyo until he was laying on his back, looking up at the ceiling.

Kyo got stiffly onto his knees and crawled to the man. He put his face against the inside of his upraised knee and looked up the length of his body to his face. "I love your legs. They are long and powerful." Kyo kissed the inside of the mans thigh gently and moved further up his body. "Your hips have just the slightest curve to them which I find incredibly sexy." Kyo opened Akito's kimono and kissed along the edge of his right hip. He moved up again and licked a line up the mans stomach. "You're body is amazing. But what I love most if your skin." He laid his cheek against the mans chest and ran his hands up his body. "Your skin is so smooth. You don't have a single hair anywhere on your body." He finished with his hands on the mans neck and moved them up into his hair. "Expect on your head. It's black as ink, softer then silk, and so thick I can barely get my fingers through it."

Akito looked away from Kyo and back to the ceiling. "I'm to thin. Hatori is always telling me I need to gain weight, I need to eat more. And not having any body hair isn't normal. I don't even have pubic hair."

"I love your body, Akito. I love the way your skin feels against mine." Kyo put his hands on Akito's face and made the man look at him. He ran his thumb over the mans lower lip. "You have beautiful lips, full and pouting." He ran his fingers up the edge of the man jaw. "You jaw line is sharp and strong. Your cheekbones high." He feathered his fingers over the mans eyes. "And your eyes. Dark and beautiful. I love when you look at me and I can see myself in your eyes. I can see your emotions in your eyes. They flare when you are angry. I can see the pain in your eyes when you are sad. And every time I tell you I love you, I can see the hope." Akito pulled his face away from Kyo and rolled out from under him. "I love you, Akito. I could make you so happy if you would only let me."

"You can love me all you want to, Kyo. If your love is true, that is. But what makes you think I could love you?" Akito turned to look at the boy in time to see the pain flash through his eyes. "What makes you think I would want you for anything more then I have right now? Perhaps I enjoy watching you make a whore of yourself. I know I enjoy beating you." Akito turned and slowly crawled until he had Kyo on his back and he was hovering over the boy, their faces only an inch apart. "And I know I enjoy fucking you. Do you enjoy it when I fuck you, Kyo?"

"Yes. You're the only one I want to touch me. But I will do anything you want me to."

"I know you will." Akito leaned forward that last inch and pressed his lips to Kyo's. He kissed the boy gently, feeling those soft lips against his. Kyo didn't know it, but the man loved kissing him. Just the act of the slow sensual kiss made that hole in his soul feel a little less empty. Just for a moment. And then he would remember that Kyo was surely lying about loving him. Akito growled and bit hard on Kyo's bottom lip. The boy whimpered softly as blood filled their mouths. The man pulled back and looked down at the boy, blood dripping from his mouth and onto the boys bare chest. "If all you want is for me to fuck you, Kyo, that I would understand. How can you keep telling me you love me?"

Kyo turned his head and spit out a mouth full of blood. His lip was throbbing. "Because it's the truth. Please, Akito. I would never lie to you."

"Mmm. So you say. But I still think you're lying." The man flipped Kyo onto his stomach and pressed his body along the boys back. He pressed his lips to the boys ear as his hands moved down to spread his legs wide. "I'm going to fuck you now. And then I want you to leave. I'm growing tired of playing with you."

Kyo cried out as Akito drove two fingers into him without any lubrication. It wasn't unusual. Akito enjoyed making him hurt, and one of his favorite ways to do that was to take him dry. He arched his back and raised his hips to give the man better access to him. Suddenly the fingers were withdrawn and the mans body pulled away from him. There was a whisper of silk as the man pulled off his kimono and tossed it to the side. Then hands were pushing his legs open wide and teeth sank into his ass. Kyo moaned and pushed his hips back, using his body to beg for more.

Akito released the flesh between his teeth and sat up to look at the red marks his teeth left. He loved Kyo's ass. The boy was a master in martial arts and his body showed all of the hard work he put into his training. His ass was a beautifully round specimen of muscle and just the right amount of softness that made it perfect. He ran his hands over that ass and spread the globes so he could see the tight puckered hole they concealed. And the boy was tight. No matter how many times he was fucked, his body didn't get even the smallest bit worn out.

Kyo moaned loudly when the mans tongue plunged into his ass. He felt himself growing hard and almost choked when the man snaked a hand around his waist and took his length into his hand. It was very rare for Akito to touch him there, unless it was to hurt him. Kyo shivered in a combination of fear and pleasure. Fear that the man was going to hurt him in that very sensitive place, and pleasure at the gentle stroking in time with the tongue in his ass.

Akito ran his fingers lightly up Kyo's shaft. He pulled back the boys foreskin and let his fingers play over the velvet softness of the head. The boy shivered under him and moaned softly at the touch. He pulled his head back and used his other hand to push fingers into that tight hole again. As much as he enjoyed seeing the pain on Kyo's face and feeling it in his body when he took him dry and unprepared, he didn't enjoy the pain it caused to himself. And he wasn't in the mood to hurt himself today.

Satisfied Kyo was prepared enough, Akito sat up on his knees and pressed his stiff cock to the tight hole. He pressed in and Kyo moaned loudly under him. He pressed forward until he was buried fully in the tight heat of the boys body. Akito groaned and pulled out again, slamming back in to make the boy scream. He wasn't quite prepared enough for the hard thrust. But Akito did it again. He loved the sounds the boy made when he was buried inside of him, pounding his hard cock into that tight ass.

Kyo moaned and whimpered at the pain and pleasure of the man being inside of him. His cock was throbbing, wanting release. But Kyo knew better then to touch himself when he was with Akito. He wasn't allowed to cum unless it was from the pleasure of being fucked or if he was given permission to touch himself. And he wasn't allowed to ask. But if Akito kept up the hard fast pace he was using, it wouldn't matter. He would cum. And because he wasn't touching himself, he would cum hard and fast.

Akito picked up his speed. Kyo's fingers were trying to dig their way through the hard floor beneath them. He could tell the boy was close. His hips were tucking under so Akito would hit that spot inside of him that would give him a fast orgasm. But he knew the boy didn't enjoy that as much. Akito wrapped an arm around the boy and took his cock into his hand. He was slick with precum and he whimpered in fear when the man started to stroke him. Akito didn't blame him for the fear. He didn't know whether the man was going to pleasure him or cause him pain.

Kyo moaned loudly as the hand on his cock sped up. He was close. So close. He arched his back and pressed his hips back so Akito could drive deeper inside of him. "Akito, I'm going to cum." As much as he didn't want to, he had to say it. It was one of the rules. It was Akito's decision on when he would cum. It didn't matter that his body was about to explode. The hand on his cock tightened painfully and he screamed as his orgasm ripped through his body and forced its way past the mans hand.

Akito hissed as the boys body bucked under him. He loved the way his body reacted to forcing his orgasm out past the tight grip of the mans hand. He was suddenly tight. So tight. Akito released the boys cock and he screamed again as his orgasm continued to rip through him. Akito moaned and gripped the boys hips tightly. He took a deep breath and cried out as his own orgasm hit him. He held Kyo's hips tightly against him until his body was finished filling him with his seed.

Groaning, Akito pulled out of the boy and rolled onto the floor next to him. He simply laid there as his breathing worked to return to normal. He glanced over when Kyo moved. He started to crawl across the room until he reached where his clothes were. "Where are you going?"

Kyo flinched and looked back at the man. "You said I was to leave after."

"I changed my mind. Get back over here. Now." He watched as Kyo crawled back to him, his head hung, his eyes on the floor. He stopped when he reached the mans feet and stayed on his knees, his head down. "Is something wrong, Kyo?"

The boy shook his head. "Nothing."

Akito saw a flash of something in the boys eyes. He was lying. He could tell he was lying. "Tell me you love me."

Kyo looked up into the mans eyes. "I love you."

Nothing. No flash of a lie. Akito sat up and watched the boy carefully. "What's wrong?"

Kyo looked down again. "Nothing's wrong."

There it was again. That flash of a lie. He could tell when Kyo was lying. "You're lying." His voice was soft as he said it. He could tell the boy was lying when he said nothing was wrong. He thought back to all the nights they had spent together and realized the boy had told the truth when he said he had never lied to him. Kyo really did love him. "Get out. If you are going to lie to me, get your ass out of my house."

Kyo swallowed and felt his eyes fill. He wrapped his arms around himself and rocked slightly. "I don't want to lie to you."

"Then why are you? I asked you what is wrong because I can tell that something is bothering you. Tell me or leave."

"I don't want you to get angry with me. I hate it when you're mad at me."

"I'm getting mad right now. So I suggest you fucking tell me. Tell me now before I throw your lying ass out of my house."

"I want you to hold me. Just once. After you take me. I want to feel you hold me just once, Akito." Kyo hunched over until he was in the same position he was forced to wait in and started to cry.

Akito stared at the boy. Hold him? He wanted to be held? He had never even thought of that before. No one in his entire life had ever held him. He wouldn't even know how to hold someone. "Show me."

Kyo looked to the side to see Akito watching him curiously. "What?"

"Show me how you want me to hold you, Kyo."

The boy sat up and wiped his eyes. "You don't know how?"

The mans eyes flared with anger. "Where do you think I would have learned such a thing? Who in my life has ever shown me any kindness?"

"I do."

Akito was taken aback by the response. "Get out." He stood and picked up his kimono from the floor, pulling it back on roughly. He turned to see Kyo still on his knees, staring at the place where he had been sitting. "I told you to get out." The boy nodded and started to crawl back to his clothes. "Get on your feet and get your lying, cheating ass out of my house, Kyo. Right now."

Kyo stopped and turned around. "Cheating?"

"You tell me you love me." Akito walked up to the boy and stopped in front of him. "Yet you let any horny boy in your school fuck that beautiful ass of yours. How can you say you don't cheat?"

"Akito. You told me to do it. You said it would make you happy. I don't want them to touch me. I do it because you told me to."

"Mmm. Yes. Quite the dilemma. Do you cum when they fuck you?"

Kyo looked down at the floor. "Yes."

"Do you touch yourself when you have one of their cocks in your mouth?"

Kyo shook his head. "No."

"Mmm. Well, that's a start." Akito put his hands on Kyo's shoulders and pushed him to his knees. "You forget that one of my rules is that you are not allowed to cum unless I give you permission or if my cock is in your ass. Yet you cum when those boys fuck you. Do you touch yourself at home? When you think of me?"

"Yes. Sometimes."

"Not anymore you don't." He pulled Kyo's hair until his head was tilted back, his neck straining at a painful angle. "I don't want you to cum when they fuck you. I don't want you to cum at all unless you are here and your body is under mine. Do you understand me?"

"Yes. I understand."

"Good." Akito released the boys hair and turned to walk to the window. He opened the shutters and sat on the sill. "Leave me. I am done with you for today. Come back in a month."

Kyo got shakily to his feet and moved to his clothes. He gathered them up and left the room, closing the door behind them. He walked down the hall until he reached the door to Hatori's room. He knocked and when the door opened he collapsed into the arms of the man who opened the door.

Hatori could only pull the boy against him as he collapsed into tears and started to sob in his arms. He picked him up and carried him to the small bed he kept tucked into the corner of his room. Laying the boy down, he looked him over. There was blood all over his face, neck and upper chest. His bottom lip was swollen to easily three times its normal size. His back bore four very deep whip lashes. His right side had two large bruises over his ribs. And there was blood between his legs. It wasn't the worst the boy had come to him, by far. But he had never seen him in such a heartbroken state.

Hatori cleaned the boy up and treated his wounds. He needed stitches in his back and on the inside of his lip. His ribs were bruised but not broken. The blood between his legs turned out to have come from his mouth, according to what Kyo told him. He wasn't bleeding from the sex, though that had happened on more then one occasion. When he finished taking care of the boy, he tucked him into the bed under a warm blanket. He had fallen asleep after his lip had been treated, completely exhausted from his crying.

The boy taken care of, Hatori left his room and made his way to Akito's. When he entered the room, he could see the man sitting in the window sill, silhouetted in the moonlight. "You didn't spend much time with him tonight."

"He isn't lying to me, is he?"

"Not that I know of. But if you mean about him loving you, I have told you before that it is true." Hatori stopped when he was standing beside the man and looked out the window. "He is very upset tonight. Is it because you didn't want to spend much time with him?"

"He wanted me to hold him. After. I was willing to try. But I don't know how. I told him to show me and he asked me if I didn't know how to hold someone. It made me angry. So I told him to leave."

"Holding someone isn't a hard thing, Akito. You just put your arms around him and hold him close to you."

Akito turned sad and tired eyes to the other man. "He thinks I'm beautiful. He says he loves me. I don't understand him."

"Love can be a hard thing to understand." Hatori put his hand on the mans cheek and wiped away the tear that had fallen from his eye. "I think you care about him. You just don't understand your own feelings and you don't know how to show him."

Akito pulled away from Hatori's touch and looked back out the window. "I understand my own feelings just fine. I enjoy the time I spend with him. I enjoy the way his body moves under mine. What else is there to understand?"

"And yet after every time you see him you call me to your room. You tell me you don't understand him and you ask me to help you do so. I tell you the same thing every month, Akito. He loves you. Treat him kindly and he could make you very happy."

"The fact that I talk to you about what is on my mind is irrelevant." Akito turned back to the other man and slid off the windowsill. "I call you here for another reason entirely." The man let his kimono slide off of his body to pool around his feet. "Give me what I want."

Hatori looked up at the man and sighed. "I know what you want. And I will say what I do every month. If you enjoy this so much, why do you not let Kyo give this to you?" Hatori spun the man around and pulled his back against his body.

Akito moaned softly at being pressed against the front of the other mans body. He shivered in anticipation and felt himself grow hard again. "I enjoy what I do with him. It is not the same. Now give me what I want."

Hatori clenched his jaw and pushed Akito over the windowsill, bending him into the position he wanted him in. "Are you ready for it?"

"Yes." Akito whispered the word. He was always ready for it. He made himself ready for it every month as soon as Kyo was gone from him. Then he waited for Hatori to come to him, after he had taken care of Kyo. Akito felt his chest tighten at the thought of Kyo lying bleeding and bruised on that tiny bed in Hatori's room and another tear slid down his cheek. Then he moaned as Hatori pressed into him.