Kyo stared after the man, his mouth slightly open. He didn't take his eyes from the empty doorway until Hatori sat beside him and wiped a thumb over his cheek, wiping away the tears that he hadn't noticed were falling again. "What happened?"

"He told me he loves me." He looked up at the older man and saw that he was smiling. "You knew?"

"I had a feeling. He was very upset to see that you were hurt by someone other then him." Hatori stood and moved to the sink, wetting a towel and handing it to the boy so he could clean himself.

"He apologized to me. He told me I don't have to let anyone else touch me anymore." He washed away the evidence of their lovemaking while Hatori pulled out some things from a cabinet. "He called me his lover, Hatori."

"Good. It's about time he came around. Him wanting you in his room is a huge step, Kyo. He doesn't allow anyone in there. Not the maids, no one. I'm the only one that has ever been in there and that is only if he is to sick to leave his bed." Hatori sat next to Kyo again and pulled the blanket down. "Let me check that you didn't pull a stitch."

"I didn't. He pinned me to the bed so I couldn't move." When Hatori lifted an eyebrow, Kyo felt his face flush. "Well he did. He said not to hurt myself."

"So he did all the work?" Kyo's face turned a brighter shade of red, but he nodded. "Well he does like to be in control. A word of advice, though, since he has admitted his feelings and let you know how much he enjoys being fucked, take control sometimes. He likes that even more."

Kyo grit his teeth and pushed Hatori away from him. "How would you know that?"

Hatori sighed and closed his eyes. "I have been Akito's caretaker for a long time, Kyo. You know how much of a mistake it is to refuse him anything."

The color drained from Kyo's face and he pulled the blanket back over himself. "You've been with him?"

"Kyo. Don't be angry. Akito was 14 when he started to discover his sexuality. He had no one else to turn to then. I'm the only one who actually spent time with him. No one else would go near him unless they were ordered to. One night he came to my room with an erection and didn't know what to do about it. I told him what to do, he told me to do it for him. Things escalated from there. I taught him about sex. It isn't important. He has you. He is yours now. Don't dwell on the past now that he has finally told you how he feels. And don't bring this up to him. It will only make him angry and bring his guard back up."

"I know. I wont say anything." Kyo finally let Hatori pull the blanket down again and held still while he checked the stitches. "Everything okay down there?"

"Just fine. A bit of bleeding, but nothing to worry about. Just try not to move to much." He stood and pulled off his gloves. Kyo pulled the blanket back over himself and sat up. "Hold onto me, I'll carry you to Akito's room. If you need me for any reason, there is a phone on the bedside table. Just hit '1' and you will get my line." He picked the boy up easily, carefully, and carried him out of the room.

"How long do you think he will want me in there?" Kyo let his head fall onto Hatori's shoulder. He was exhausted.

Hatori smiled. "He's told you how he feels now. I wouldn't be surprised if he never wants you to leave again. And if you do need to leave, for school or anything, make sure you tell him in a way that makes sure he knows you will be back."

"Okay." Kyo relaxed as Hatori slowly made his way through the compound. Akito's private rooms were on the other side of the main building. No one was allowed back there but Hatori. Kyo knew this from experiences and warnings he had had while growing up. But now he was being taken right into the heart of Akito's private world.

Hatori walked through an open door at the end of the back hallway and paused to let his eyes adjust to the dim lighting. "Akito?" He could just make out the man sitting on the sit of the low bed across the room. "Where do you want him?"

"Bed." There was the delicate clink of china on wood as Akito pulled the tea tray closer to him. When Hatori laid the boy down, he reached out and took the boys hand. "Thank you, Hatori. You may go now."

Hatori left the room, closing the door behind him. Kyo squeezed Akito's hand gently as he looked around the room. It was lit by lamps placed around the room, all covered with a thin piece of blue silk. The room looked quiet and peaceful in the soft, blue light. Kyo didn't know what he had expected, but it hadn't been this. The room was spotlessly clean. There was a long, low shelf across the right side of the room covered with bonsai trees. The left side of the room had a shelf covered with what Kyo knew were pictures of the family along side small gifts that had been given to him over the years. Kyo felt his chest tighten when he recognized a vase he had made in grade school as a gift for the man. He turned to look at him and found him sitting with his head down, his hands moving restlessly around the tea pot. "You kept the vase I made you."

Akito looked up at the vase and smiled. "You were 9 when you made that. I don't keep many things in my bedroom. I usually put them into the storage room across the hall. But you were so kind when you gave that to me. You even painted it blue because you knew it was my favorite color." Akito look down again and poured two cups of tea. He handed one to Kyo and then sat back against the pillows. "As much as it may seem, I don't enjoy people giving me things just to placate me. I keep that vase in here because you made for me, gave it to me, simply because you were thinking of me."

"I always think about you. Ever since I was little, I only wanted to know you better. Because even in our family, you and I are different. Then as I got older, I fell in love with you." Kyo took the mans free hand with his own. "Thank you for letting me see your room. It's beautiful."

"Thank you." He sat forward and set his cup on the tray again. "What would you say if I asked you to live here with me?"

"I would say that I would be honored. Are you asking?"

The man looked up at him and gave him a shy, uncertain smile. "I guess I am."

"Then the answer is yes."

"You will still go to school. I wont keep you away from your friends. I only ask that you let me know if you plan on being out later then your school hours. So I don't get worried waiting for you."

Kyo took the mans hands and pulled him into his arms. "I will come home right after school gets out everyday. Being here with you is all I want."

Akito sighed and settled himself against the boy. "I'm tired."

"Me, too. Why don't you move the tea tray so you can lay here beside me?"

Akito nodded and sat up. He picked up the tray and carried it to the door, where he set it in the hallway, closing the door behind him before making his way to the bed. "Do you want the lights on or off?"

"It's up to you. I don't mind either way." Kyo settled himself deeper into the soft bed, pulling the thick, dark blue, silk blanket over his nude body.

Akito turned off all the lights but one and walked to the bed. He let his robe fall to the floor before he climbed in and curled himself against the side of Kyo's body. "I feel comfortable with you here. I'm never comfortable when around others, not even Hatori. It's why I spend so much time by myself. But with you, I feel safe." He rubbed his cheek against Kyo's chest when the boy started to run his fingers through his hair. "Don't hurt me, Kyo. Please."

"Never. I love you, Akito. I only want you happy. And you are always safe with me. Please don't ever doubt me again. It hurts so much to think that you don't trust me."

"I've let my guard down for you. I've told you my feelings. I'm trusting you to be in my sanctuary. I'm giving you my trust. Don't make me regret it. I'd have to kill you."

"I would kill myself before I ever hurt you." Kyo kissed the top of Akito's head and held him closer. "Sleep now. We can talk more in the morning."