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A/N I know it's not Christmas yet but this just wouldn't leave me alone and I want it to be Christmas! This is just a drabble that ignors DH. Hope you enjoy!

Severus entered the bedroom he shared with his lover and smiled fondly at the young man occupying the bed. Harry Potter, Severus lover of five years was lying in the middle of the bed taking up as much space as possible. Lying on his back with the sheets kicked down around his waist, revealing a firm chest and a flat stomach on which his right hand rested. Severus raised an eyebrow at the placement of Harry's right hand. During the last couple of days he had noticed how the young man from time to time gently rubbed his belly. Not to mention this mornings when he had rushed into the bathroom throwing up, insisting that it was just something that he ate. After a few moments Severus' brain made the connection and he had to grab the doorframe to keep himself upright. When he was sure that his legs wouldn't give out on him he shed his robes and uncharacteristically left them in a pile on the floor before he crawled onto the bed. Harry shifted slightly in his sleep and mumbled something incoherently. The Potions master carefully leaned down and pressed his lips against the belly of his lover.

"Mm," Harry mumbled and opened his eyes. Severus looked up and gently caressed Harry's belly, noticing that maybe there were a slight bulge there.

"Are you...?" He asked, never breaking eye contact with the emerald green eyes.

"Yes," Harry smiled before his lips were caught in a tender kiss.

"And here I was thinking that I had the best Christmas gift."

"What did you get me?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well, in a way it's not for you, but I made it for you," Severus whispered. The raven haired man said nothing, waiting for the older man to continue.

"I think I made it. All I have to do is get permission from the ministry to try it."

"What did you make?" Harry urged when Severus fell silent.

"A potion that removes the effects of a werewolf bite. I know you have no use for it, but I thought that maybe Remus would be the one to try it." Severus broke the eye contact, suddenly unsure. A hand under his chin forced him to look up and once again meet Harry's eyes, this time on the same level as he had sat up.

"Thank you."

The kiss that followed was full of love and promises. One of Severus hand came to rest on Harry's stomach.

"A baby," he whispered in wonder against the soft lips.

"Happy Christmas, Severus."

"Happy Christmas, my love."