Chapter 3: Another upcoming disaster

Kenny, Jimmy and Luke were heading on the totally opposite way than Tawny went. They were with Jimmy's parents Vivian and Mike, Luke's parents Laura and Warren and Kenny's mom Annette on the airport. His father Oliver was supposed to already be heading towards the ARCs about which they didn't know. They were hoping they'll be evacuated from the city. It was chaos all around them. Kenny, Luke and Jimmy were still hoping to find Tawny.

"We should ask around." Jimmy said.

"Ok, do you have the class picture?" Luke asked. They nod. "Good. Go around and ask people if they saw her."

"Hey, where are you kids going?" Laura asked. "We should stick together."

"Mom," Luke said. "We need to find Tawny."

"I'm sorry Luke but it's almost impossible to find her here."

"Maybe we can."

"We need to stick together."

"We'll ask that security there." He said and pushed trough the crowd. "Excuse me! Excuse me, sir. I need your help."

"I know, millions of other do too but I can't help you right now I'm sorry."

"Please sir. I need to find this girl. Her name is Tawny Malkovich and she's medium tall, skinny and her hair is black. Here's the picture. Last time I saw her she was wearing a-"

"Look kid, if you want to find her go there where you report missing people. I can't help you."

"Thanks anyway." He said and went back to Kenny and Jimmy. "We can report her as missing. They'll let us know if she gets find." He said to them.

"What are you doing?" Kenny asked when Luke started cutting out the part of the picture where Tawny was. He took a piece of paper out of his notebook and wrote the basic information about her and him, so they'll know who they'll inform. But when he saw the list of missing people he lost his hope.

"Luke!" Jimmy called him. Luke turned to him. "You gotta hear this. Come." He said and pulled him back where their parents were. Annete's face was puzzled, as her voice.

"Kenny's father called. You probably won't believe this." she said. "There are ships. Big ships. Scientists said there'll be a flood, big one and it will change the earth's surface. Those boats can save us. We have a chance to go there."

"Whoa…" Luke said.

"But… there's a chance we can't make it all."

"What do you mean?" Mike asked.

"Only the few chosen have a place there. We're not one of them. But don't worry, we're all getting out alive." She said and looked at the boys. "I promise." Then, they all looked up where there was a big screen with news and stuff. Pictures of Toronto appeared. It seemed Canada and a small part of America was the first victim. But other parts of the world won't rest for long.

"Hey, dad," Jimmy said. "Where are they taking all those people?"

Mike looked on the line of securities that were talking to certain people and taking them to one of the exits. "I don't know. Wait… that's the director of our company. He's like a Rockefeller… wait… are those some VIPs?"

"I think they are." Vivian said.

"That's so unfair!" Kenny said. "Hey!" he yelled.

"No Kenny don't!" Annette said and hold him. "Arguing on them won't bring us to those boats any faster."

"Tawny, Tawny wake up." Clyde whisper to her. She was still sleeping. He slowly put his hand near her head and brushed her head behind her ear. She flinched and she was awake immediately.

"Did you just… what was that?"

"Sorry! You had your hair over your face; this emo haircut covers half of your face."

"It's not emo!"

"Fine, sorry…"

"What's the problem?"

"We're close to Yellowstone."

"Whoa! Really?" she said and looked trough the window. "Why are we flying so low?"

"What, do you want to go to space or something?" John asked cocky.

"No seriously Johnny. We ARE flying low." Rob said.

"Hey, I'm the expert here. I know how to fly this."

"Fine, fine… as you say."

Then they heard something that sounded like an explosion. "Is something wrong with the plane?" Clyde asked.

"No. everything's fine." John said looking around. "Wait… whoa! Fuck, shit, fuck!"

Clyde, Rob and Tawny looked trough the window. Smoke and fire. Yellowstone was erupting.

"Great, great! We came here in the middle of the fucking apocalypse." Tawny almost moaned.

"Oh shit John…" Rob said. "Look." The surface popped out like a bubble on a pancake. Then it exploded in pyroclastic flow. It was reaching very high. "Oh shit it's going on us! Up John hurry!"

The smoke covered the plane but they managed to fly away. But it wasn't over yet. The shockwave was next. It shook the plane but they managed to keep themselves in the air.

"We're experiencing some turbulence…" Tawny spoke like they were on a passenger plane. Clyde looked shocked at her. "What? Never lose your sense of humor…"

"Is this a good time for humor for you?" he asked. They looked out to see what happened. The eruption was continuing. "This is bad…"

"Oh no… John?"

"What is it Rob?"

"We haven't got much fuel left."

"Oh crap… it's only enough for around 230 miles."

"And that's…?" Clyde asked.

"Salt Lake City."

"What? Isn't there any place closer?"

"Not with an airport."

"Wait my aunt lives in Salt Lake City."

"Great, let's hope she has a bigger plane."

"Bigger plane for what?" Tawny asked.

"We need to reach the Himalaya remember?"

"Oh right… shit. I just realized I traveled more of the world than I ever would if this wouldn't happen. What a horrible thought."

"Can you save your inappropriate statements for later?" John moaned. After some time they saw Salt Lake City. It was chaos here too. An earthquake shook this place too. They landed on one of the smaller trails and went out. John looked at the plane. "We're lucky we came till here. The propeller is full of dust." He said.

"We need to do something. We can reuse this plane." Rob said.

"Let's go over there to the crowd."

Clyde helped Tawny because her leg still hurt. Kayla was right behind them. "Look around if you see a brown haired woman. She's my aunt." Clyde said.

"Hey, maybe we could just sneak into one of those planes that are taking them to the ARCs." Rob and John were already making plans. Then the ground shook a bit and one of the planes exploded.

"There goes our theoretical flight." Tawny said.

"I got a better plan. Come on." John said.

"John what are you doing?" Rob asked following him. Clyde, Tawny and Kayla followed him too.

"No one watches for this plane, right?"

"John what are you doing?"

"We can take it! Right?"

"No way John! What about your can? Are you just gonna leave it? I thought you loved that piece of junk you call plane."

"Right now I love my life better if you don't mind. Come on."

"Dude…" Tawny said looking at the plane. "God damn beast! Are you sure you can fly this?"

"Let me think… Yes! What do you think that amateurs can't drive big things? Gosh…"

"Dude, it's the fucking end of the world and you're still being a pain in the ass?"

"Don't cuss." Rob said.

"Sorry about that…"

Everything was getting ready around the ARCs. In the control room where they were controlling the happening around the globe was Peter Barry and Victor Johansson, president's chief of staff. He was the leader of more or less everything since president died in one of the earthquakes.

"Sir," Peter said worried. "I need to know where my colleges are."

"That's not my job to see if everyone got here. Besides, everyone hasn't arrived yet. And right now we need to try to put back the global communication. Most of it is lost."

For last few hours Victor was acting like and asshole. He was an asshole, he didn't care about anything. Peter hated him. Right now he had to find Robert and John. He hoped they weren't dead yet.

"Sir," one of the guys at the computers called Mitch said. "I think you would like to see this." Peter walked to the screen. "Believe it or not, California and Manhattan just slinked into the sea. The massive earthquakes will do the same with Japan and Australia."

"Oh no…" Peter said and rubbed his eyes.

"Whish will also trigger dozens of mea tsunamis around the world."

"All these people… dying… dead… about to die. This is so unfair…"

"I know my family is probably dead by now too."

Peter told the news to Victor. "We need to talk to Captain Leroy we'll depart earlier."

"Earlier? What do you mean earlier? There are still people that need to come."

"Look Pete,"

"It's Peter."

"Whatever. We need to help those who are already here. Natural selection, what can I do?"

"You can depart on time!"

"I can't stop the fucking wave Peter!"

Peter sighed and left the room.

"Err… John? There's someone running towards us yelling something." Clyde said. John jumped down the plane and looked.

"This is the sign of us to leave. Chop, chop boys and girl. On the plane."

They all went up the stairs that lead inside the plane. It wasn't a passenger plane. It was for cargo.

"Dude! This is for… weapons? Oh…" Tawny said. "I think I'm in heaven."

"Get in kid." John said and pulled her in. He started the engines. "Shit…" he said. "I didn't know this is so hard to control."

"You see?" Tawny said. "I asked you. But noooo, you're the smart pants. Now you're getting us killed! Ha ha! Killed! Ha ha ha! Why am I laughing it's not even funny? Haha!"

the plane was slowly speeding up.

"Err, guys?" Clyde said. Everyone looked at him. He was looking trough a small window. "We're running out of the road."

"What?" they all asked in one voice. The pyroclastic flow was getting close. "Shit…" John said.

"Just pull up already!" Tawny yelled.

"I can't! I have to reach the speed."

"John, just do it!" Rob said and pulled up the wheel.

"Whoa, you see? We're flying!" Tawny said. But then the plane slowly started to lose the high. "And we're crashing…"

everyone grabbed the seats or anything else they could find and yelled.

"Where did the ground go?" Rob yelled when he looked out the window. "Oh damn… not here too? The crack reached all till here? Gosh…"

John pulled the wheel and they managed to fly up. He sighed out.

"Where's your dog?" Clyde asked Tawny.

"Oh shit… I'll go find her."

"Can you walk?"

"I'll be fine." She said already walking down the letter. "Hmm… lot's of ammo. Nice. Pity Luke isn't here." She remembered on the boys for a bit and continued looking for Kayla. "Kayla? Here girl. Where are you?"

She sighed and continued walking down the plane. "Come on Kayla this isn't funny. Kayla!" She heard then something that sounded like a crack. "Kayla?" Then someone grabbed her and put his hand on her mouth. She tried to scream.

"Shhh. Don't yell. Please. Uhg, what have I done?" he quickly moved his hand of her mouth. "I'm-I'm sorry." He said. He was tall and skinny with light-brown messy hair. He couldn't be older than 20. "My-my name is Alex."

"Hey Alex, don't freak out next time like this."

"I'm r-r-really sorry."

"Great, yeah. Can you please go off me now because this is getting really awkward?"

"Oh I'm so sorry." He said and then helped her to stand up.

"What are you dong here?"

"Well-well I'm running away. I sneaked on this plane because it was about to leave to the Himalaya."

"Well congratulations Alex, we're going to the same direction. Have you seen my dog?"

"D-dog? N-no I haven't."

"Kayla, there you are!"

Alex jumped back. "Whoa!"

"Don't worry, she's harmless."

"O-ok. So… who's flying the plane?"

"Just a –" Tawny didn't knew how to call John because he wasn't a friend or a… well friend. "- guy… his name is John Collins. He's a scientist or something."

"He-he found out that poles switched few times in the history, right?"

"That will be his fried Rob."

"Robert Lowe?"

"You know him?"

"Just from National Geographic channel."

"He wasn't on National Geographic."

"Y-yes he was. In one of those-"

"Never mind Alex. Come, you should meet them in real life."

"You mean they're here?"


"Oh, oh."

"You guys!" Tawny called when she was walking up.

"Who the hell?" John asked when he saw Alex.

"Don't be such a pain in the ass John. He was already on the plane. Everybody this is Alex."

"Hey, Alex. I'm Robert." Rob tried to be polite.

"I know." Alex said.

"Ok forget about the stories how big fan of them are you."

"Y-yes. S-sorry."

"Tawny, where did you find him?" Clyde whispered to her.

"He was down there. Don't worry; he's just a harmless nerd."

"One of the biggest I've ever seen."