Hello. I'm back with another one. I know I should really be finishing off You've Destroyed Me but honestly I've lost all form of inspiration for that one. Sooo, I let my overactive imagination run and decided to write this piece.

Warnings: drugs, sex, alcohol, and under aged illegal shit goes down in this fic. This is also a boy on boy so if that's not your thing get out while you still have a chance.

Disclaimer: Honestly if I owned naruto things would have gone MUCH differently.


You were twenty-four when you first saw the love of your life. He probably didn't think much about you when you two first met, and at the time you honestly couldn't bring yourself to actually give a shit about what he thought of you, or any other person in the world for that matter. You were young, not as young as he was, but young enough to still be reckless and abandon all thoughts of responsibility. You lived the life you've found so convenient, wasn't ideal, but it was better than friends you've had in the past.

You were twenty-four when you saw his pretty black obsidian eyes for the first time through your drug induced state. You sat crumbled behind a Seven-Eleven in an alleyway, joint burning slowly between your long bony fingers with the taste of weed in your mouth. He was with his two friends and was crazy about the world and the inner workings of it all at three in the morning.

Teenage bullshit. You say to yourself. It never gets old.

He laughs with his friends as they pointed at you. When one of his friends, one with a pretty face with short pale hair and light grey eyes blushed when you connected eyes with him you smirk at him and slowly lick your lips basking in the attention of such a pretty young thing.

He flushed a deeper red and hid behind his scarf. You roll your eyes and slowly take a drag from your joint, slowly letting it free from your lungs, enjoying the familiar burn. You watch the smoke curl in front of your face and your fingers until it rose into the air and finally disappeared.

When you looked back to the group of boys you find that his two friends were gone and he stood bathed in the street lamp light watching you with sharp black eyes. You smirk at him and stumble to your unsteady feet.

Fucking kid's gonna get himself hurt. Or raped, this was New York after all, anything could happen. You say to yourself before frowning.

If you could still form a coherent thought, you say to yourself, then you're not half as high as you wanted to be. Scowling you take another drag from your joint and watch him watch you.

He was only fourteen.


The next time you see him was in an even less desirable circumstance. Once again he found you high off your ass in the alleyway behind the Seven-Eleven. But this time you aren't alone. You, with your drug glazed eyes, saw him standing underneath that damn lamp post. You shake your head and tried to focus on more exciting things. Take the flickering lights of the gas station across the street for instance.

How every exciting!

Your thoughts are ripped from you as blunt nails move to rank down your back as you bend an unknown woman over a wooded crate. She, with her pearl white skin and dark hair with equally dark eyes cried out and thrashed about as you move within her. She digs her nails into your arms (for once you're thankful you two were in too much of a rush to get the fucking on to take off your jacket) and threw her head back in pure ecstasy when you hit certain spots deep within her with deadly accuracy.

But you weren't focused on the woman you were currently fucking. How could you when the young sharp black eyes from the fourteen year old Adonis watched you from the safety of the lamp post?

When you both finish, the unknown woman with a shuddering cry and you with a groan, he, with his young boyish face and onyx eyes was gone. His once occupied spot beneath the lamp post now vacant.

You remove yourself from the unknown woman and dig out some more drugs, never taking your eyes off that spot. Not even when the woman wrapped her legs and arms around you for another quick round, her eyes just as glazed with drugs as yours are.


The next time you see him, months later, you were in a restaurant, enjoying delicious fluffy pancakes; your fingers twitching with the ache to have drugs in your shot system, but you ignored it all- you wanted your fucking pancakes first- when all of a sudden he was sitting across from you in your booth. You freeze with your nice, warm fluffy pancake impaled on your fork.

What the fuck is he doing here and why the fuck is he sitting across from you? And that's exactly what you say none too politely. He suddenly flashes you a sweet smile that doesn't seem so innocent and lent forward and ate the piece of pancake on your fork. Slowly.

What. The. Fuck.

He smacked his plump pink lips and grinned up at you.

Your body feels hot because he's giving you a smoldering look that promises a good time.

The boy across from you dips his dainty finger into the syrup and slowly parts his pink lips and puts the tip of his finger in his mouth, making soft mewling sounds as he sucked the sweet treat from his finger.

"What the fuck?" you choked out. Your throat feels tight because no boy at fourteen should be able to look so damn delicious so young.

But you never get your answer because he walked out without a word, his tiny figure bouncing away as if nothing was wrong.

You push your plate away and run a hand through your messy blond hair.

Damn, you think, you really wanted a nice peaceful day with your fucking pancakes.

Never again do you eat pancakes or go to that diner.


The next time you see him was when you spied his picture on a desk. You were in the middle of pulling your clothes back on when you zeroed in on that damned picture.

It's been a year since you've seen him so why the fuck was this happening now?

The woman you were fucking not ten minutes ago walked to you and began placing teasing kisses on your jaw bone.

"What's wrong?" she muttered into your ear. You shiver and take her lips with yours.

"Nothing." you say, pushing her against the desk, your eyes never leaving the picture. "Nothing."

When your second round with her was over you pick up the picture of the boy that haunted your mind for a whole year, you scowl at his smiling face.

"Who is this?" you ask nonchalantly. The woman shrugged and buttoned up her blouse.

"My cousin." she said, pulling on her pants.


"Why?" she asked, a sly look on her face, "Going to fuck him you fag?"

You pretended to be too busy with zipping up your pants to hear her.

You can't stand the fact that yes, if he was older you probably would have.

In a heartbeat.


"I saw you with her."

You bang your head repeatedly into the wooden crate, the same one you've fucked a countless amount of women over years ago, and try to block him out.

Those fucking black eyes.

He was closer now; so close that you could almost smell him.

"Who the fuck are you talking about?" you griped. Honestly, can't a man enjoy a good ol' smoke outside anymore?

"My cousin fucker." he said.

You can't deny that you liked when he swore.

But this was only the second time that you've spoken to him and he proved to be a spit fire. A real hellion, unlike her much older cousin, who was smooth and sharp.

But if he was angry at the moment he didn't show it. Instead he looked indifferent. As if the fact that you undoubtedly fucked his older cousin didn't bother him in the least.

"Oh yeah. Her." you said lazily.

Get out

Get out

Your brain screams.

Too young too young.

Fucking drugs.

He stares at you before taking a seat across from you at the other side of the alleyway. You almost cry as he does. Does he not know what he does to you? You're a sick man. He's only fifteen.

He wore pale gray shorts and a tight checkered designed shirt on with a black scarf wrapped around his dainty pale neck.

"I like you." he says bluntly. Your eyes go wide and you try not to squeeze the shit out of your box of smokes.

"What the fuck are you talking about." you say heatedly.

He shrugs and watches you with piercing black eyes.

"I want you." he says.

You're struck with the overwhelming fact that you want him too.

'I want you underneath me begging me to keep going, to never stop, to consume you, to fuck you till you can't walk' you want to say.

But instead you throw your box of cigarettes at him and tell him to get the fuck away from you before you kill him. He does, not before taking the cigarette from your lips and taking a drag before walking away, his white shoes barely making a sound.


The next time you see him you're overwhelmed with drugs lodged deep into your system.

You stumble across a group of boys circling someone with your friend next to you. You friend, in his drunk and high state is babbling incessantly about nothing at all when you see that the boys are in a flurry of movement. You squint your eyes and find that they're surrounding a smaller figure.

Teenage drama you chuckle.

You steer your friend to the right before your eyes connect with onyx. There, in the middle of the circle the other boys have made, is him.

When he sees you looking he gives you a slight smirk and you scowl back.

But your little moment is cut short when a slap is delivered to his pale cheek; instantly red blooms where he was struck.

"Oooooh fuck!" your friend croons, "He just got fucked up!" he giggles and walks in circles, gazing at the moon.

It takes you while to finally process that the group of boys are kicking the living shit out of the onyx eyed fifteen-year-old.

"He's a fucking fag." you jump when a boy, the same boy with light gray eyes that was with him a year ago at the Seven-Eleven, appears next to you.

"Wha?" your thinking is too slow and muddled. You're too fucking high.

"He's a fag. Fucked a guy in school." he sneers. Before running up and joining the "fun". Instantly, once you figure it all out. You're angry. With a snarl you grab your friend's full beer bottle and throw it at the ground, glass flying everywhere. They all jump; you shove your way through them all and bark at them to back the fuck off. When they all scamper away you watch as he picks himself off the floor and you find yourself frozen when those eyes are connected to yours once again.

He leans up and places a bloody kiss to your cheek and stumbles away.

"Thanks." he says.

It takes you a while to actually process the fact that you find him incredibly hot covered in blood, bruises and cuts.

God you're so fucked up you say to yourself.

Your friend is now babbling about finding the secrets of the universe while in the confinements of his bathroom and you stumble to him and steer him away.

"Fucker." your friend hisses "I wanted to see that."

His words are slurred and you can't understand him.

"Fucking idiot, coulda seen some action."

"Shut up Kiba." You say.


You deposit him next to the same crate you've spent so many memories with and sit next to him. For a while there's only silence and you take out another beer stashed away in your coat pocket and drink.

"Ya know I once had a brother?"

You look at your friend through the corner of your eye and pull out another one for him. He takes it with unsteady fingers and drops a bit on his pants.

"We were twins he and I." Kiba says. You nod your head and once again your body starts to get warmer with the alcohol you keep consuming.

But Kiba has yet to drink his.

"I know ya did, we used to play together." You say as if to remind him.

"Bull shit." he looks at you with dazed eyes. "You never knew him." you're stunned for a moment and think back to the picture of the three of you locked away in a small box in your room.

"You never knew him like I did." your friend goes on.

"Course not, you two were twins." you say.

"Damn straight." His eyes had a faraway look and you instantly didn't like it. He brings his legs to his chest and you watch as he slowly turns bitter. "Fucker had to die on me though."

With that last bit he chucked his beer at the other side of the alley way. It hit the wall and shattered. You watch as he looks with morbid glee when he sees the beer and shards go flying. Then he starts talking nonsense about shit you can't even begin to understand. Your too busy keeping your eyes on the shards of glass trying not to cry.

The three of you have known each other since you were all in high school. But the night of graduation, one of the twins off'ed himself. You're struck with the overwhelming thought that you're friend was right. You didn't know the dead twin like Kiba did.

Hell, you didn't even know which one died.

They were identical you see? Only they know who was who, who was alive and who was dead.

You glance back at your friend and saw that dead look in his eyes.

Fuck, you think, you don't even think they know.


"They're still picking on you?" you sneer. You're sitting on that same old wooden crate, smoking and watching as he, now wearing pants that make his legs seem miles long and an over-sized sweatshirt, put another band-aid on his arm.

"You make me sound like a child." he says.

"Aren't you?"

He gives you that look that always stops your breath and he approaches you, his lips a hair away from yours.

"I don't have to be." he tells you. "Come on Naruto. Make me a man."

But you sneak your foot up and deliver a swift kick to his stomach that makes him choke and stumble back.

"Get the hell away from me fag." you hiss.

He laughs so hard you think he's gone insane. But then he approaches you and kicks you directly in the balls and you fall off your crate and crash onto the floor in an unsightly heap.

Fuck he didn't even hold back.

He then grinds the heel of his boots into your stomach and you try to fight to get your breath back.

"If you would just stop being a fucking pansy and fuck me already everything would be solved." he says.

"How the fuck would that be solved?" you ask. "Why the fuck am I involved in this."

"Because." he says. He removes his heel from your stomach and smirks down at you. "You're the only one I want. No one else will have me."

"Other than that boy." you say. You don't know why but you feel bitter. He rolls his eyes and walks off.

"Honestly now, believing teenage roomers?" he looks back at you with a smirk.

"What a fucking child." a few more steps and he's gone from your sight.

Fucking kids you say to yourself.

You push yourself up and try to decide what you want to do for the rest of the night.


"It's because I wouldn't fuck Kabuto."

You groan and take another drag of your cigarette.

"I never fucking asked because I don't give a shit" you say. He honestly came out of nowhere. You were just trying to enjoy your night with your cigarette when he came out of the darkness and into the light of a random light pole provided. You have no idea where you are and you've always loved getting lost.

Until now.

He smiles up and you and takes the cigarette box form your pocket and lights one for himself.

"He wanted to fuck me. But I said no." he takes a drag and you're not paying any real attention to anything else other than his pretty pink lips. You say nothing but watch him enjoy his cancer stick.

Your heart is beating in your chest but you're not doing anything other than looking.

Then he looks at you and flicks his cigarette in a random direction. He takes your arm and pulls you into a secluded park not far from where you were standing. He sits you down on the bench an immediately latches onto your neck, nipping and sucking all the same.

You don't stop yourself from groaning.

No fifteen-year-old should be this good.

When his hands travel to your zipper you have to fight off a full-blown moan. Especially when he grabs your thickness in his hands and pulls you free from your confinements. The cool air that hits your length makes your need heighten.

It's the fact that you're both outside in a very open area with your dick in his hand for anyone who is awake at four in the morning to see that makes you excited.

He never takes his eyes off you and there's pink dusting his cheeks. You're pretty sure he wants this more than you do.

His hand is in a flurry of movement and his lips are connected to yours, his tongue battling you.

You come in his hand with a harsh bite to his neck and a groan. He pants in your ear like the hormonal teenager he is. It's only when your hand accidently brushes his hardness do you snap out of your stupor.

Fuck you think. He's under aged, a BOY and you just let him jack you off in a park.

You harshly push him away and tuck yourself back into your pants. He stumbles away and a look of hurt flashes in his eyes. But you glare him down with your blue eyes and try not to think about how fucking good those lips tasted.

"Stay the fuck away from me your faggot." You hiss. Without looking at him you walk away.


It's been a month since that night and you're still dreaming about how good it would feel to be buried deep within that boy.

But you always try to deny it all. He's only a kid and you have bigger problems to worry about.

For example, ever since you've met him all the people you've fucked always had to look just like him. It doesn't help that your friend, Sai, looks almost exactly like him. And even he is starting to notice that you're staring at him far too much for comfort.

"Stop dreaming about fucking me you fairy."

You glare at him and avert your eyes.

"Who says I'm dreaming about you?" you sneer.

Fuck, it's not even a lie.


On a random night you decide to walk around for a while before something catches your eye.

There, perched on the ledge of a very high bridge is Kiba.

You're struck with panic and you race to him. Your heart's pumping in your chest and your leg muscles burn.

"Kiba!" you scream "Fucking Kiba!"

He turns to you and smiles.

"Stop!" your throat is raw from screaming and the top of the river under the bridge is frozen.

You have only a second to reach out to him before he jumps.

But you're too late.


You sit on the hood of your beaten down truck but don't move. You haven't moved for well over an hour but you never noticed. Millions of thoughts race through your mind and yet you can't even grasp onto one fucking thing and stick to it.

"It's been a year."

He's there again. Him with his skin tight jeans, converse shoes and tight shirt. Complete with those haunting black eyes.

He approaches you and puts his cool hand on your cheek. He's so close.

Too close.

"Get the fuck away from me." you hiss. But you lack the anger you wish you could find.

You don't have time to think however. Not when he pushes his lips to yours.

Your blood runs hot. Fire courses through your veins and you find that you don't want it to stop.

Your skin crawls with the promise of sex but you pull away.

"You're sixteen." is all you say.

But he smiles so seductively that it makes it hard for you to believe that he's so young.

You don't fight him this time. You don't do anything but throw your head back and take it like a man when he pulls you, hard and pulsing into his pretty mouth.


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