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"Fuck," you hear Sasuke hiss on a cold October morning. Lazily you roll over and watch through half lidded eyes as he stumbles away from the bed, shivering and curling his toes each time he takes a step, feet connecting almost silently with the cold floor. You take him in, notice silently how he runs a hand through his messy hair, ink falling over alabaster skin and barely touching his shoulders. There's a tiny birthmark right beneath his right shoulder blade, that small spot so sensitive that sends him over the edge whenever you nibble on it just right. You trail your eyes lower, following the dips and curves of his body until your skin begins to heat, a slow flush working its way across your flesh as you lick your lips. Sasuke takes another step, his breath hitches and he flinches as the cold seeps up through the soft pads of his feet and slowly immobilizes him.

"Get back in bed," you chuckle, leaning over and snagging his thin wrist, marveling still at the difference in color between the two of you. He eyes you, takes in your flushed cheeks and your blown eyes and he smirks.

Married for five years and yet to this day he's still irritatingly smug over the effect he still has on you, setting you ablaze with lust with no effort at all.

The ring on his finger gleams.

You give a strong tug and he comes willingly, allows you to push him down into the pillows and sheets, you bury your face into the space of his neck, giving soft kisses and nips here and there. He gasps and rakes his nails gently over the skin of your back and you pull back to watch his eyes flutter when you thrust against him, your cock embarrassingly hard.

"What are you doing up so early," you ask, nipping at his nose, "I know how much you hate waking up before noon."

You blink in surprise when he drops his eyes, a flush of embarrassment painting his cheeks and if that's not the single most hottest and adorable thing you've ever witnessed; your life would have been a lie. He blows air from his mouth in an affectionate huff and he shrugs.

"It's your birthday," he grumbles, "I was going to cook you something."

Your heart begins to race and your dick gets even harder.

"But you don't cook," you say with a huge smile creeping on your face.

He huffs again and reaches up to swat at your face, "I know that, which is why I was going to make you ramen, idiot."

"You can't cook ramen either." You chirp, grunting and attempting to get a hold of his hands which were starting to shove at you a bit harder.

"I know that, idiot! Which is why I had later decided that for a buffoon like you cereal would have been just fine!" he growls when you finally catch his hands long enough to plant a long sloppy kiss on his lips, grinning even after his bites at you hard enough to make you bleed. You thrust against him again and his eyes go impossibly wide when he feels you against his thigh.

"You're such a freak," he grumbles, losing his fight against you and the blush that began to darken to alarming degrees.

"I cant help it," you grin, "Everything you do makes me want to fuck you that much more."

"It was just an attempt at breakfast in bed. Even then it was just going to be cereal."

"But just thinking about the fact that you even considered doing it makes me randy." You say wiggling your eyebrows. You kiss him again, with slightly bloody lips and you can't help it if you find it even hotter that the crimson looks so good on him. "Which kind were you going to give me?" You ask, kissing down his jaw, smearing your marks across his skin.

"The kind you love." He gasps.

"With the tiny dinosaur marshmallows?"


"Fuck I love you."


You leave him sleeping and satiated in your bed later that afternoon, him far too tired to even muster the energy to make any type of movement much to your delight. You walk into the hallway towards the bathroom, grinning at Kiba and Akamaru, nodding to what you knew would be jeers and slaps on the back. Their timeless grins speaks volumes from their pictures and you nod politely at Sasuke's parents from their place in the black frame that holds them up on the wall, trying to not feel guilty at debauching their son that entire morning for hours on end. Mother smiles at you from her place next to Hinata and Neji, their frames golden and sliver and shining in the light as you walk by. Everyone greets you and you bid good afternoon to each and every one of them, their pictures the next best thing even if they were all gone.

You continue down the hallway before you stop. You look at the sun, gleaming from its place beyond the clouds and for once you don't have to force yourself to smile at it. For once you greet the day with a grin and a skip in your step. Before, only one person had helped you accomplish that and now, now you think that it's time to stop running.

You turn on your heel and walk back into your room to wake Sasuke.


Sakura is even more beautiful than the pictures and your memories combined when you lay your eyes on her for the first time in years. Her eyes are wide in shock and she drops the glass coffee cup in her hand and you barely notice when it shatters at her feet. Her hair is a bit longer than you remembered and you spy a sprinkle of eye shadow on her eye lids and a small dash of lipstick on her lips, painting them a brilliant pink.

She's blossomed at last.

You smile, wipe the sweat from your hands and you clear your throat, reaching out before falling short hesitantly pulling your hand back to your side.

"Hi," you say softly.

"H-hey," she croaks back, her eyes filling with tears as she takes you in for the first time in years.

"I-I got married," you burst, "I got married and you were Sasuke's maid of honor, because I knew that if you two ever met you'd be the best of friends, like we were. And your picture is hug up in the hallway in our home, because you know I can't go a day without you watching over me. A-and I'm here, because it's my birthday and I'm waking up now, with a smile on my face and I-I'm happy now and I want you know that. I want you know that I'm happy now, and I'm not on drugs anymore, you helped fix that. You helped me fix myself and I owe so much," tears spill down your cheeks and you reach forward once more, take her hand in yours and you grip her hand tightly like the child you never were allowed to be.

"I'm sorry for everything that I've done to you. I'm sorry I was such a shit person, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, I'm sorry I never showed up to your wedding and fuck, I'm so fucking sorry for all the shit I made you go through." You finally break off, a fresh sob ripping from your chest and she gives you a watery smile that nearly stops your heart and she tugs at your hair, pulling you into a bone crushing heart.

"You're an idiot," she sobs, "Such a fucking idiot and as soon as I'm done crying you can properly introduce me to your husband without me looking like an ugly cow."

"Okay," you sob into her arms, "Okay."


You collapse into your bed that night, pulling Sasuke closer to you and allowing him to help you out of your clothes.

"You were right," Sasuke speaks, "I do like her."

"She's a fucking warrior Goddess," you say, your voice impossibly soft.

Sasuke nods, "Especially when she drop-kicked you off her porch."

"In my defense I only stole one cookie," you grin. Sasuke chuckles and you kick off your shoes and cuddle closer when he gets you both underneath the covers.

"Thank you," you whisper, eyes heavy and heart light as he kisses you.

"Idiot," he says, reaching over and turning off the lamp and settling in your arms and you lay awake long after his breathing settles and he slips away into his dreams; you following soon after

And in the morning you'll wake up with a smile on your face to a fresh bowl of cereal and a husband who'll get the right kind with the tiny dinosaur marshmallows. You'll kiss him hard, and coax him into good morning sex and he'll scold you, smack you for making him late for work and he'll slip away with another kiss. You'll call up Sakura, ask her about her day and ask about her two children and you'll make plans to visit them soon. And when Sasuke comes home you'll pester him into agreeing to take out and you'll make love to him again in the living room, smile sheepishly at the photographs of his family and you'll carry him to bed.

And then you'll greet the rest of the days for the rest of your life with a smile on your face.


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