Yoh yawned as he sat up. He had been taking a nap under the tree. Rubbing his eyes, he looked around. Trey and Len were arguing, Morty was sitting on the wooden step, and Anna was somewhere. He didn't know where she was and preferred to keep it that way.

"Trey!" Yoh called, waving him over.
Trey stuck his tongue out at Len and jogged over.
"Hey man," Trey greeted. "Yo, wanna go 'train'?" Yoh asked. "Sure," Trey grinned.

They walked a ways from their friends, deep into the woods. Yoh finally stopped and spun around so fast Trey didn't know what was happening until he felt his back slammed into a tree and lips upon his own. He kissed back fiercely. A smiling Yoh broke the kiss. With a light growl Trey switched it so Yoh had his back against the tree and Trey was kissing him forcefully. Treys hands quickly found Yoh's nipples, as he was wearing his open shirt. Still kissing, Trey tugged and pinched the other boy's nipples, making the other gasp and arch into the touch. Smirking into the kiss, Trey did it harder, makiing the other boy whimper slightly.

Trey moved to kissing, sucking, and biting the other boy's neck as his hands lightly caressed the boys finely toned body. Yoh arched into his touch.
Trey bit the left side of Yoh's neck hard enough to make the other boy cry out as he was pulling his pants down. Trey let go and Yoh finished removing his pants, also discarding Trey's shirt. Yoh flipped their positiions again, sucking, pinching, and biting Trey's nipples now. Trey moaned at the other boy's touch. Yoh's hands found their way to Trey's pants with, which some difficulty, he removed.

Yoh wrapped his legs around Trey's waist and slowly slid onto Trey's cock. Trey moaned softly, turning so Yoh's back was against the tree. Slowly Trey moved in and out of Yoh.
"F...faster!" Yoh moaned. Trey complied, shoving his cock harder and deeper into the brunette who only moaned louder. Trey moaned, shoving in faster and deeper. He came, shooting his seed deep into the brunette.

Trey lifted Yoh off and Yoh groaned at loss of contact. Trey smirked, eying his lovers erection. Trey bit Yoh's neck hard and grabbed his cock, squeezing his balls and jerking him. Yoh moaned loud. A few strokes later Yoh came in trey's hand.

Trey smirked and kissed him again. Yoh eagerly kissed back. Trey broke the kiss.

"So, thats what you meant by training," Trey said shaking his head as he retrieved his clothes. "Waaaay more fun than Anna's training," Yoh replied grinning. "Yeah," Trey replied.