Yay an new Monsters Vs Aliens fic as I haven't written anything for a long while and this was inspired by an idea that was in my heead tonight after watching the movie in a long while along with the Halloween special and before people knock me about Typw 2 Diabetes being part of the story, I have it so I know what I'm talking about.

Brianna Murphy, Susan's teenage niece gets hit by Quantium and it turns her into a monster but her power is she can give monsters and people Type 2 Diabetes but eating candy doesn't hurt her but makes her stronger but she gets sent to the compound and she's scared and Susan and the others try to show her that being a monster is a good thing but only taslks to her aunt and Link/

I hope people like.

It was the last week of October in the small towm=n of Modesto and a young teenager was walking through the pumpkin patch as she was looking for a really good pumpkin to make into a jack o lantern as er willowy brown hair blew with the cold night air.

Her name was Brianna Murphy and niece of Susan Ginormica Murphy but she was slender for her age but she was shy yet loved things that were strange or spooky but was living with her grandparents as her parents had to settle things about stuff she didn't know but didn't care about it as she was listening to punk music on her earbuds but unaware that a space ship was above her as strange stuff leaked out of it but some of it hit Brianna and entered her body as she was unaware she was feeling different as she left the patch without a pumpkin but she was feeling strange and couldn't figure out why but ignored the feeling as she returned to the Murphy home.

She knew her grandparents were busy outside hanging up Halloween decorations so they wouldn't notice her going upstairs but she headed up to her room and closed the door quietly as she looked in the mirror seeing her body was glowing green.

"What's happening to me?" she thought falling asleep

But while asleep, the Quantium was altering her DNA code but Brianna had no idea what was happening to her as she was having strange dreams but hoped things would be okay in the morning as she had to go to school...

Brianna's eyes fluttered open as she heard the alarm clock ring as she got up but yawned as she was getting dressed but had a painful feeling in her head but ignored it as she went downstairs for breakfast but was quiet as she ate but left for school but she began to feel strange entering the school building but shook it off as she went to Home Room but she noticed some of the kids staring at her as a white tail was poking out from her trousers as the weird feeling was getting stronger but Brianna felt her grow a little taller but her clothes were ripping as she was a white skinned muscle bound monster with a powerful tail as Brianna was confused.

"W-What's wrong guys?" she asked them.

"You're a monster!" one of them said running away.

Brianna then ran out of the classroom but was nervous hearing the commotion but her claws slashed the lockers as she saw the SWAT team arrive with Monger as Brianna felt a pricking feeling in her tail as it was a sedative to calm her down as they left the building but Monger was stunned seeing this kid monster was rekated to Susan as they left but he hoped she was okay...