Here's more of the story, but sorry for not updating in a while, but wanted to after watching a little bit of Night of the Living Carrots, but also watched Attack of the Mutant Pumpkins again.

Brianna is sick, but Adam and Link are watching over her, but Susan's parents want to let her stay with them.

I hope you guys like.

Link was anxious, as he cared about Brianna as she was suck but Susan understood as he was like a big brother to Brianna, as she knew her parents had disowned her but B.O.B was scarfing down weiners, as Dr Cockroach sighed, but they and Adam saw Link leave.

He would normally be playing poker but was heading towards the cells where he and his fellow monsters slept, but approached Brianna's as he opened the door softly.

He heard the young female monster moan as she was sick, as he pulled the covers off seeing Brianna look awful, as he felt bad for her, as he placed a hand on her head feeling a fever start which bothered him.

"It's gonna be okay, kiddo.

I'm sure, that Monger will help." he said.

Brianna's eyes fluttered open, but smiled weakly seeing Link there but he was leaving to get a cold compress, but returned placing it on Brianna's head.

B.O.B and the others were watching through a web cam, that Dr Cockroach had placed as Susan knew that Link cared about her niece.

Adam was training but had left Brianna to sleep, but he hoped she was okay.

Susan was going to visit her parents in Modesto, but Link would keep an eye on Brianna, and Dr Cockroach would make sure that B.O.B wouldn't do something stupid, while she was gone.

adam was in his cell meditating but heard Link from Brianna's cell knowing he'd help her.

Susan was sitting on her knees in the backyard, drinking a giant sized cup of coffee as she was with her parents filling them in on what was going on, but she noticed that her parents had something on their minds, as it was about letting Brianna stay with them, for a while.

"I'm sure she'll like it guys.

She's having trouble adjusting, but Link is helping her." she told them.

They then saw Butterflysaurus show up, as she wondered what was going on seeing Link show up, but had said that Brianna had wandered off but still sick as Susan was worried, as she and her parents were going after her finding her in an ice cream parlour weakly eating.

Link saw people not afraid of them, but approached Brianna carefully knowing she wasn't herself but was rubbing her back as she coughed up a storm.

"It's okay, Bree.

the sickness is making you unlike yourself.

Let's go, okay?" he said calmly.

The female Diabetes Monster followed on Susan's back, but asleep, as they were going to Susan's house, as Monger had agreed to let her stay with Susan's parents for a while

Susan hoped, that it would help Brianna feel better, as Link was quiet.

"L-Link, you okay?" he heard Brianna say.

"I'm fine, kiddo.

Just rest, okay?" he said.

Susan watched as she hugged him, but thought it was cute, as they left.

Later that night in his cell, Link couldn't sleep, as he was worrying about Brianna as she was alone at the Murphy's house but was sneaking out of the compound which Monger didn't know about, as he'd be angry but had to check on Brianna but smiled entering the Murphy's house as he saw Brianna asleep on the couch, making him smile.

Aw, she's so cute sleeping, but I feel bad for her.

Being sick sucks, like when I had the flu but I don't mind risking being in trouble because of this, as she needs somebody to help her, besides Susan.

He then yawned, as he was sleepy lying down on the couch as his eyes closed in sleep.

He hoped that things would get better, for Brianna.