"The quality of mercy is not strain'd

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest,

It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes . . .

It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,

it is an attribute to god himself"

~Portia – The Merchant of Venice


Dean ducked his head under the low doorway of the diner and swaggered up to the counter. There was no one behind it, he swung around on the swivel chair and spotted one of his favourite sights in the world. There was a girl with her back to him bending over a table cleaning it. Perfection.

He leaned back in the chair and watched as she straightened up and grabbed a chair and swung it up on top of the table. She turned around and spotted Dean, who was obviously checking her out.

She wasn't his usual type, but she was pretty; long curly black hair, big pale-green eyes, pale flawless skin and bright red full lips. She was short; actually she was tiny he'd be surprised if she was over five foot, and was very curvy, bordering on chubby. Full round hips tiny waist and full breasts. His usual types were taller and more tanned but he'd give this chick a go.

She gave him a genuine smile; but not the usual appreciative one.

"I'm sorry were closed." She said in a southern accent.

"Aww that's a shame I really wanted a piece of pie." He flashed her 'the dimples'. "My names Dean." She took his hand.

"Nice to meet ya' Dean but I'm afraid ya' gonna have to getcha pie elsewhere." she said her eyes hardening.

"Shame, what's your name?" he said ignoring the not so subtle hint.

"Shelly; now I gotta finish up here Dean so how's about you go down the street and get some pie in Rosie's diner tell my friend Hannah I sent ya." She replied with a smirk."She has great pie."

Dean couldn't help but smirk. The door opened and Shelly smiled at the huge, cute guy with a shaggy hairdo.

"Dean, we gotta go." He said

"I'll be right out." he turned to Shelly "maybe I can call in tomorrow and get some pie?"

She shrugged "can if ya like."

"Bye Shelly." He said bending to kiss her cheek.

She stepped back and smirked at him "bye Dean."

He chuckled as he left the diner.

"Well Sammy there better be a good reason you interrupted me, I really need some pie." He said as he entered the car.

"Aww Dean gross." Sam shook his head and tried to clear the mental image "Anyway, I hacked into the local police station database and found out that there's a bunch of call outs to a place on the west of the town. The neighbours say that the people are up partying all night every night and sleep all day, never seen outside the house during the day and on top of that there's a load of people missing in neighbouring towns. So I cross referenced with other state databases and check this out, recently a load of blood has gone missing in the local hospital."

"Vampires" Dean said starting the Impala.

They checked into the nearest motel and waited until dawn.


Sam loaded the sawn off shotgun and stowed a machete in the belt of his jeans. He looked over at Dean who was loading the '45 and gave him the nod. They flicked off the safeties and slowly approached the open wooden door.

The first thing that hit Dean was the stench, blood. Everywhere. It brought him flashbacks to hell. He wrinkled his nose as they encountered the first decapitated body. They followed the trail of blood into the huge barn.

It was like a scene out of a horror movie. Blood and bodies everywhere. Over fourteen at first glance. The Winchesters eyes were drawn to movement in the corner. They watched and a small figure in black removed a head from its body with superhuman strength; and then respectfully laid the body down near its head.

The cocking of Dean's gun in the silence was like the gunshot it promised. The boys could see was the spine of the figure stiffen.

"Put your hands in the air and turn around slowly." he said uncompromisingly.

Sam trained his gun on the figure as it straightened. He noticed with shock that it was a woman; the black outfit hugged her ample curves. Before he could enlighten his brother the girl in black was gone with super human speed dodging the bullets of silver and rock salt easily.

"Aww crap!" Sam said lowering his gun. " What the hell moves like that, can take on a fourteen vampires and win? Damn it we didn't even see her face!"

"No need" his brother replied grimly heading back to the Impala."I'd recognise that ass anywhere."


The waitress who called herself Shelly walked in the back door of the diner and washed her hands of the blood. She gripped the edge of the sink and ignored the tear rolling down her cheek. She could still smell the blood on her hands. She angrily grabbed the bleach and scrubbed her hands and arms the smell assaulting her nostrils. She was lost in her thoughts of vampires and their stupid pride so she didn't hear the front doors open; it was only when she had washed the bleach away did she smell the human standing behind her.

"Turn around put your hands in the air, and this time I will sink a bullet in you before you do a Houdini." The gruff voice from earlier.

"Hello Dean." She spun around in the blink of an eye, and saw both Dean and the huge guy from earlier.

"Whoa now!" he said his eyes widening."What the hell, are you?"

"Very rude Dean." She sighed drying her hands on the towel leaning back against the counter.

"Answer the damn question!" he said tightening his grip on the gun.

"Back in my day a man would never have talked to a lady like that."

"You should really quit pissing me off."

"Fine, not that it's any of your business but I'm a vampire." She said with an air of humouring him.

"But you killed those other vampires" the huge guy said.

"Well spotted, brains and brawn huh?" she threw down the towel and avoided their eyes "It's a long story. Not one I'd like to tell over a sawn-off."

"Yeah well this time you can make an exception Shelly."

"Well Dean, you know how fast I can move; I could have killed you both before you had chance to pull the trigger. So how's about you put down the guns and ask nicely?" she said eyes narrowed "And my name isn't Shelly."

Dean cocked the gun and Sam decided he had to step in and stop his hot headed brother, from getting himself killed, again.

"Dean, she's right." He put down his gun and pulled out some holy water and quickly splashed her in the face.

"What the hell?" she spluttered "I am not a Demon. Christo. Oh and here" she poured salt into her hand and threw it over her left shoulder "Any other tests?"

"No." He asked sheepishly he then turned to Dean who still had the gun trained on her. "Jesus Dean, put the thing down."

"Something ain't right Sammy." He said through his teeth.

"Wait Sammy?" she turned around

"Yeah my actual name is Sam but-"

"Winchester." She said eyes wide.

"How in the hell did you know that?" Dean asked, not taking the gun off her.

"You saved a friend of mine once. Lenore? You two are kinda famous in certain vampire circles, Hunters that actually ask questions before they decapitate you." She smiled "You're Sam; the one who actually listened, not very often I say this but I'm impressed." She offered a hand. "My real name is Aurielle."

"Nice to meet you." He took her tiny hand in his own. He turned and sighed. "Dean put the damn gun down!"


"If she wanted to she could have killed us by now. Instead she decided to try and explain so put the gun down and listen." He watched as his brother slowly lowered his gun and stashed it in his jeans, never taking his eyes of Aurielle.

"Lovely, now would you like some coffee?"

She made Sam a coffee and herself a tea with well practiced ease. Smiling, she cut a slice of pie for Dean and made her way to the table the brothers were sat at.

"Dean, keep your trigger happy hands occupied with this." She put the pie down in front of him and gave Sam his coffee.

"I ain't eating this, you could have poisoned it, you try it first!" he pushed it towards her. She looked at him as though he had two heads.

"Dean, I'm a vampire; I don't eat." She said slowly as though she was talking to a two year old.

He grumbled and looked at the pie longingly until Sam sighed and scooped up a fork-full.

"Hey! That's my pie" he snatched it back.

"Dude you should eat it it's the best pie ever." Sam closed his eyes and 'hmmm'ed until Dean shoved him and ate some of the pie.

"I can get you some if you'd like Sam?" Aurielle smiled at their antics.

"Nah I'm fine" he placed his elbow on the table and looked down at her. "Why did you kill the nest?"

"The same reason you do. Saving the world - one decapitation at a time."

"But you're a vampire." He said with a sip.

"Yet again with the Captain Obvious routine" She sighed. "It really is a long story but the basic gist of it is; I don't kill people because I don't need to. So I offer the vampires a chance, unlike most hunters, to covert and repent but most like this coven don't take it so I . . ."she trailed off.

"Kill them all?" Dean said through a mouthful of pie. She wrinkled her nose.


"So you survive on cows, like Lenore did?" Sam asked

"Um no. I'm a different race of vampire to Lenore so I can't survive on animal blood, but I manage without killing people."

"You work here." Dean said "During the day time. How?"

"Different race. It's not without difficulty but I can, manage sunlight." She sipped the peppermint tea.

"The vampires here have been killing people for weeks. Why did you attack tonight?" Sam asked.

"I could ask you the same question."

"We only just arrived, now stop avoiding." Dean said.

She glared at him "They killed a girl last night called Shelby Sherwood. She was walking home from her friend Jessica's. She was fifteen." She looked down at the table."They kept asking for more time but . . . I just couldn't forgive that."

"Why do you do what you do?" Sam asked intently.

"I have my reasons. What about you?"

"We have reasons too, why haven't we heard of you? A vampire-hunting vampire."

"Well for obvious reasons I keep below the radar" she smiled "I mean could you imagine what that dickhead Gordon would do if he knew? Although after what he did to Lenore . . ." she trailed off and the boys caught a glimpse into the creature that took on an entire coven and won.

"How do you know Lenore?" Sam asked.

"God what's with the twenty questions? I was the one that convinced her to stay off the real gear." She smirked.

"Oh. You said before that you manage . . . how?"

"Very personal question Sam." She said with a frown.

"We have to make sure you're not a threat to anyone if we let you live." Dean piped up with the usual subtlety.

"You let me live? No that's where you're wrong; it's a good job this isn't a few years ago or I would have snapped your neck for a statement like that." She leaned over the table her eyes narrowed "I may be small but I could take Sam out with barely any effort and you, you'd be a piece of cake."

"I'm sorry." Sam apologised for his brother for what felt like the thousandth time. "But why are you stronger than the others?"

"Don't be sorry; you can't pick your family trust me I know. It's the whole different race thing again" she smiled. "It comes up a lot- WOAH what is that?" she skewed up her nose and pinched it. "Smell of disinfectant or bleach. Bleugh!"

"Disinfectant?" a monotone voice came from behind them.

"Who the hell are you? And where did you come out of?" Aurielle was out of her seat in a second not taking her eyes off the man in the beige anorak.

"Sup Cas" Dean asked, clearly at ease with the sudden appearance of the man.

Aurielle straightened out of the defensive crouch and her eyes widened as she looked properly at Cas. She moved closer to him and pinched her nose.

"Oh my god, Jimmy? Jimmy Novak?" her mouth opened. "But no you can't be you stink."

"Jimmy is my vessel. My name is Castiel I am an angel of the lord." He said dully.

"What have you done with Jimmy? Oh god he's not dead or anything is he?"

"Jimmy is fine, he was chosen his faith was rewarded." She relaxed at this and sat down at the table again. She looked at Cas speculatively.

"Riiight . . . So you're an angel?" she asked smirking.

"Yes." He replied.

"And you chose Jimmy's body?" she was openly smiling now.

"Yes. Why are you smiling?" a frown creased Castiel's usually stoic face.

"When I knew Jimmy." She sniggered "He was no angel." she looked away, lost in memories with a little smile on her face. The Winchester boys had watched this scene unfold with interest, now they noted the slight blush on Castiel's cheeks with utter disbelief.

"No way!" was all Sam could say.

"Her and jimmy?" Dean asked his mouth gaping wide.

"Jimmy was a sinner before he found his faith." Castiel said after clearing his throat.

"Oh yes but I bet I was the best of them." She said with a smirk when Castiel only rubbed the back of his neck. "Yah I thought so. So you have all his memories?"

"Mostly." He replied still blushing slightly.

"Oh," She said still smiling; partially lost in memories. "He was so flexible . . ."

Dean let the awkward silence fill the room for a couple of minutes. Finally he asked what he had wanted to.

"Is this just a social visit Cas or . . ." Castiel finally looked away from Aurielle and began to explain.

"Our plan of preventing seals from being broken is not working; therefore we have begun preparing in advance. The ninety-seventh seal is of some concern to us it reads "The Queen of Daemons shall leave a trail of noble blood. She will break the Golden Light again"." He paused as if he expected them to understand. "What did daemons used to mean in the old days Elle?" he accidently used Jimmy's nickname for her.

"Vampires." she answered immediately "Oh . . . Ray of golden light . . ." her eyes were wide and her mouth slightly open.

"Do you understand?" the angel asked.

"Yes." She asked slightly vacantly.

"Will you do it this time?" his eyebrows pulled together at the long pause afterwards. "Elle?" Dean noted that Castiel called her 'Elle' . . . interesting

"Yes." The word came quietly but with conviction.

"Then you must hunt with the Winchesters until the time is right."

"Wait what?" Dean said loudly "We don't even know what the hell is going on? We're not taking her with us."

"Aurielle is Latin for 'ray of golden light'." Castile said quietly "She is the ninety-seventh seal, Dean."

"Why do you want her to come with us?" he asked angrily.

"I am not asking Dean. She must go with you it is your destiny and you must protect her."

"Protect her? She took out an entire coven single handed!" he asked grasping at straws; he hated it when Cas pulled the 'destiny' card on him.

"This must happen, it is prophesised." He then disappeared.

"CAS! Dammit Cas, I hate it when he does that!" Dean said pacing angrily throwing random suspicious glances at Aurielle who was sat down in the booth staring into space. Sam's phone began to ring.

"It's Bobby, Dean" Sam said eyebrows pulled together. He walked outside to take the call so Dean was left with the vampire.

"So you know who this Queen of Vampires is?" Dean asked.

"What- erm yes." She sighed and gathered up the cups and plates.

"And . . . who is she?" he asked as she walked past him to the counter.

"I don't want to talk about it." she said not meeting his eyes and walking on past him again.

"Listen here." She continued to walk past him and he grabbed her by the elbow and forced her to look at him. "If you're coming with us-"

"Get your hand off me!" she said through gritted teeth.

"Listen if you're coming with us you have to tell us." Next thing Dean knew he was on the ground with a very sore back. Aurielle straddled his waist and had two small but deadly hands around his neck.

"I don't have to do anything you jackass!" she squeezed his throat slightly "You think I want to go with you? You ignorant prick! I would love to snap your fucking neck, don't tempt me Dean." She spat.

"Whoa guys!" Sam said as he came in the door seeing Aurielle straddling his brother with her hands around his neck. Dean was slowly turning red and pulling the vampires hair. "Aurielle you need to calm down and, please let go of Dean?" he touched her shoulder slightly and she seemed to jolt awake almost.

She hopped off him and walked away. Dean gasped in a lung full of precious air and tried to get up.

"Okay we'll set out tomorrow and go to Bobby's, another hunter has gone missing he wants our help going over patterns and trying to track what's been killing them so we have to go to the crime scene first and have a look for supernatural clues. We'll meet you in the car park outside at what time?" Sam said trying to calm the murderous atmosphere.

"Whenever's good for me." Aurielle said venomously.

"Early, eight o clock." Dean said hoarsely.

"That's a bit early Aurielle has to hand in her notice and-" Sam reasoned.

"Don't worry about it I'll be fine." She said quietly turning away from them and slipping into the kitchen.

Sam followed Dean out of the diner and gave him a look when they got to the Impala.

"There's another hunter dead, what the hell Dean? I leave the two of you alone for five seconds-"

"All I did was ask her who this Queen of Daemons was and wham she was dry humping me with some bondage shit goin' on!" Dean said through gritted teeth, his pride was stinging considerably to have been put in that position by five foot nothing girl. Even if she was some kind of super-vampire. Sam shook his head; this was not going to be easy.


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