24. Deliverance

"If I had a boat I would sail to you, hold you in my arms ask you to be true"

James Vincent McMorrow ~ If I Had a Boat


". . . So" Sam tried to relieve the tension in the car.

"Sammy, just shut up."

Uncanny. How much she sounded like his brother.


"I can carry it myself Dean."

"I never said you couldn't"

"Then just let me!"



Sam sighed and turned over in his adjoining motel room. He knew how this worked. One of them stormed out got drunk, the other would brood in the hotel also with alcohol. The estranged one would return and they wouldn't talk about it. Sam didn't know much about angry sex but he knew there usually wasn't as much apologising.


The sign for Sterling loomed over the Impala. There suddenly seemed to be a weight in the air.

Sam glanced at the front seat. Deans knuckles went white on the steering wheel. Aurielle stilled on the seat. Sam couldn't even see her breathing.

Then they passed by it. The suburbs rolled by them and nothing happened.

"Hey Mr Tambourine man play a song for me-"

They all jumped at the famillar chords of Bob Dylan blaring from the bag at Aurielle's feet. "Shit, sorry phone." She rummaged in her handbag.

"Though I know that evenings empire has returned into sand, vanished from my hand, left me blindly here to stand-"

"Hello?" She answered the unfamiliar number.

"I didn't book anything. . . My sister." Dean jammed sharply on the brakes. "Yes, yes I'm sure. Thank you. I'll be there shortly."

She hung up the phone with shaking hands. Her face was as pale as when she had been on the brink of death.

"My sister was kind enough to book us the honeymoon suite in the Hilton. It even has an adjoining room for you Sam." Her voice broke at the end.

"Jesus." Sam whistled. "How did she find out?"

"Spies. I don't think many vampires can resist her at this point."

Silence fell in the car. Dean started it again now gently creeping along the road.

"What do we do now?" she asked the Winchesters.

"We book into a motel. Get locked and loaded – you do whatever you have to. Then we go and meet her."

"I don't think she'll be in the Hilton."

"What, why?"

"Not her style. She wouldn't like to be inside near humans."

"We cant take that risk."

"I know, I'm just saying."


"We have to go when it's dark." She said as she watched them load their guns.

"Why? They're strongest when it's dark."

"So am I." She drank from the wine glass containing what they all knew wasn't red wine.

"But we're at a disadvantage" Dean growled.

"I'm the one who has to kill her."

"We're still putting our lives in the line."

"I never asked you to do that." She was as calm as ice. Even her eyes weren't giving her away, they had never seen her like this.

"Then what – d'you want to go on you own and get killed?" he spat at her, refusing to take his eyes off his gun.

"First part yes, second part no." she answered coolly. Her aloofness was beginning to get to Dean.

"Yeah, that worked well the first time." A growl came in reply.

"There was a Demon the last time."

"There might me this time."

"There won't be."

"How do you know?"

"This is to be settled amongst Vampires."

"DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF?!" He threw down his gun viciously onto the cheap single mattress. "You're making this sound like a fucking kamukazi mission!"

"It is a kamukazi mission Dean." She sighed, seemingly unimpressed with his outburst.

He stalked across the room and bent down to where she was sat. "this is not you-" he grabbed her shoulders. "I don't know what is going on, you this is not you."

She sipped from her wine glass, knocked his hands away, stood and turned to Sam. "Lets go."

She grabbed the keys of the impala and threw them at Dean. Then she left the room.


Sam thoroughly believed all the tension that this car contained through the years was going to damage the upholstery at some point.

They pulled up outside the grand front doors. And followed Aurielle to the concierge.

"Hi, I believe my sister booked a room for me. You rang to confirm it an hour ago."

"Certainly, I shall show you myself. And may I say what a treat it is to have nobility in the hotel, Comtessa." The concierge looked ready to jump off a cliff if Aurielle asked him.

He babbled all the way up in the elevator, seemingly oblivious to the tension building as they ascended. He put his key in the little slot. Finally the elevator pinged and the light signalled that they had reached the penthouse.

"Right this way." He went to exit the elevator.

"I'm afraid we wont be needing you to show us around. I have some business to attend to. Thank you." At that Aurielle placed a note in his breast pocket and walked off.

"But, what about your bags?" He looked stunned she was dismissing him.

"I'm sorry but the – Comtessa. Left in a hurry so she didn't have and luggage." Sam tried diplomatically, softly pushing the man back into the elevator.

"ELLIE?! Where d'you go?" Dean yelled.

"What kind of security guard-" he had obviously assumed with Ellies Chanel dress and Deans Doc martins.

"He's not her security guard." Sam winked, deciding that scandalising the man was the only way to get him to leave.

Sam almost felt guilty when he pushed the pale man into the elevator.


"Where did you go?"

She looked up from the balcony. "Love balconys," she smiled then turned away.

"So you can see the stars?" she nodded in ascent. He looked out over the lights of the city, then up.

"Do you recognise Sirius?" she asked quietly.

"Of course, he's your buddy." He smiled down at her then leaned on the rail beside her. "Me and Sam. We used to watch the stars. We never knew their names so we called them our own names."

"Like what?"

"I'm pretty sure your buddy Sirius was part of the four legged Godzilla." She let out a small laugh. "You gonna tell me what was wrong with you at the motel?"

"I have to be a better Vampire to beat her." She answered him softly.

"So that was you in Vamp-mode."

"Yup." They fell into silence as Dean tried to put his words in order.

"Look, I'm not good at this and I'm probably gonna insult you in some way. So I'm sorry in advance, but that is bullshit." She looked at him startled. "If you're gonna beat her it's because you're you. Not some Vampire Ice Bitch. You feel shit, do stupid stuff and – and care about crap. That's what makes you different-"

"It's what makes me weaker."

"No its what's gonna beat her. Cos you have people to live for. . . people will care if you die. You have family to live for Ellie." She looked at him with glistening eyes "You gotta live for me- I mean us."

She jumped up and pulled him down and kissed him firmly. He froze for a moment totally taken by surprise then melted into her.

Until – "OH MY GOD! GUYS THERES A POOL! C'mon stop kissing and check this out!"


"A- N- U- S. Aww, come on that isn't fair! Only get six points for that. I should get double!" The brunette pouted.

Dean smiled as Sam studied the board, then his tiles. Then the board. They were engaged in an epic game of scrabble. He hated scrabble so they had somehow coerced him into taking score for them.

Watching the two of them play Dean couldn't help but feel a bit dumb. Currently Ellie was only 6 points ahead due to "ANUS" but before that she had scored big with, "LOCOMOTIVE" Sam however had responded with "ELOCUTION" and almost leveled the scores again.

"You two are such nerds." He shook his head as he took down the score.

"Jealous because you have the vocabulary of a twig." Sam said distractedly staring at his tiles.

"That's mean," the vampire replied without looking up.

"What?" the two chorused together. She had never come to Deans defence in an argument.

"His talents lie," her eyes ran up Deans body, resting for a while on his crotch then on his lips all the while licking her own. "Elsewhere."

"OH MY GOD!" Sam threw his hands over his eyes. Dean didn't blame him. He had seen pornos with less sex in them than her gaze. Then her plan was revealed to him. She leaned over, vampire quick, and stole a look at Sam's tiles, then winked at him.

Why had he resisted her for so long?

Sam was still complaining about the sexual tension when she froze. Dean reached for his knife and a polite knock came to the door.

Ellies pupils dilated and before they could blink she was at the door. She they rushed up behind her and they exchanged glances before Dean nodded and she opened the door.

There stood an unassuming man with a grey beard and a slight beer belly. He bowed to Ellie and began to speak to her. Neither Winchester knew what he was saying until she interrupted him angrily.

"Fine I'll meet her there." she glared at the man, then commanded "Leave."

He grimaced and left.

"What happened?"

"We've been summoned."


Dean crept along behind the brunette. His heart was pounding, usually he could calm his heart rate when going into a hunt, he couldn't even control his thoughts now. He nearly giggled out loud earlier on realising they were creeping along this trail in order of size. Ellie, him and Sam. His whole world.

His breath came in quicker gasps. What if-

Green eyes right infront of his. "You're fine Dean, come on. We're all fine"

He shook out of it. This wasn't the time or the place. He focused on Ellie curiously. She wasn't silent, she usually was, it was as though she was deliberately making noise. Her high heeled wedges snapped every twig and branch possible.

"No need to be quiet boys, they all know were here." She was wearing jeans and the part of Dean he never could turn off noted that her ass looked amazing.

Suddenly the trees cleared and they were in a relatively small circular clearing.

Dean had been expecting something more dramatic. There was one woman stood in the middle of the clearing. She was short, though taller than Ellie. Her hair was lighter, almost blonde. She blended into the night with her dark clothes, black jeans and black blazer.

"Aurielle" she said. Her tongue pulled the syllables in an unfamilliar way. Her voice was exotic and soft.

"Isabelle" was Ellies only reply.

"So these are the infamous Winchesters." She took a step forward, "barely better than a groomsman Aurielle"

Aurielle snarled, her teeth descending, "Don't talk about him you monster"

"Lilith told me about you, but she didn't do you justice," her eyes roam up and down deans body.

Aurielle let out a little growl "Lilith? You do seem to be associating with quite a lot of demons recently, little sister."

A flash of annoyance stole across isabelles face. "A means to an end."

"Do you honestly believe they will give you your portion of the post apocalypse?" Aurielle snorted. "Youre ridiculous, I knew I was the smart one but youre an idiot if you think they wont just kill us all."

"Shut up you little harlot!" the blonde snapped. "I have plans for the new world, none of your concern. Killing you to get it is a mere perk. But tearing your hunters apart limb from limb while you watch will be a true joy."

Vampires jumped out of the trees in at the edges and were poised to attack.

"You always were all talk" Aurielle replied and pounced.

Their fight was too quick for Dean to process. They were simply two blurs, one of light blue and purple the other of black and blonde. He and Sam were beset on all sides by vampires. He went into hunting mode, a film of red coloured his eyesight. He and sam fought back to back with relative ease. The vampires weren't really putting their all into it. He and Sam were outnumbered 4 to 1 and they were yet to attempt a fatal blow. They had already beheaded two of them.

Sam remembered what Aurielle had said about her having the edge on her sister by only a few days. It seemed to be the only thing keeping them alive, the vamps weren't attempting any fatal blows on them. But still he fought to kill not to maim.

They were most of the way through the ten vampires when he heard a scream that sent a shiver through his bones, it matched the ones in his dreams so well. He turned trying to catch a glimpse of her.

But he didn't have to try, suddenly everything was still. The remaining vamps kneeled on the ground and amidst the broken branches and debris Dean spotted Aurielle battered and bruised holding her sisters body.

He made his way over, picking through the remains of trees they had destroyed in the fight. Aurielle was hunched over her sisters body, her blonde head in her arms.

She rocked back and forth, her eyes empty with grief.


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