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Looking back at the worst day of my life makes it all that much easier to bear. I remember it like it was yesterday, instead of 223 years back. Everyone says that you don't remember any of your human memories all that clear, but I remember them as I had all that time ago.


Edward leaned against a tree and started at me, his expression unreadable.

"Okay, let's talk," I said. It sounded braver than it felt.

He took a deep breath. "We're leaving, Bella."

I took a deep breath too. This was acceptable. But I still had to ask. "Why now? Another year -"

"Bella, it's time. People are starting to ask questions. Carlisle is trying to pass for thirty-four when he can barely pass for thirty. We have to go, I'm sorry."

He stared at me coldly.

With a roll of nausea, I realized what he was saying. I wasn't going with them.

"So when you say we -," I said quietly.

"The family and I. Each word separate and distinct.

He took a second to talk again, which was ok with me.

"You're not good for me, Bella. Don't you see what's going on? I used you! I have never loved you! Not today, not yesterday, not a year ago." His words keep cutting into me as he spook.

I opened my mouth to say something, but realized I honestly had nothing to say. What could I say? I knew I wasn't right for him.

"If that's what you . . . really want, then go."

He nodded his head once.

I was numb. My body started shaking lightly. I felt like I was dying inside.

As I watched his frozen, cold eyes melt, he turned and walked away from me.

The only guy that I had ever loved was walking out my life, and all I could do was watch. All I could do was watch his tall, lean, body walk away from me forever.


I never forgot about Edward. His existence had changed my life forever. It had took my body several months to adjust to not being with him every day, but my heart has never fully healed from that day. If it wasn't for Jacob Black I would have been sitting on that tree trunk for days, maybe longer, after Edward left, crying till all my tears ran out. Jacob had found me a total mess, but he is also the one that had helped fix me. When I look back on Edward and I, our relationship had always been one way. I did everything for him, but never got anything back in return. Every time I was in trouble, Edward was always there to remind that I couldn't protect myself like him, or any of the other Cullen's. But even after Jake had helped me get over Edward leaving, he left to. Not for long though, because I found out why he had left. It was because he was a werewolf. I couldn't believe it at first, but when I confronted him about it he was so happy that I knew the truth and he didn't have to hide anymore. I wasn't so mad at him.

But the happiness didn't last long at all, because soon after I found out about Jake, Victoria came back to haunt me. At least I had a pack of wolves on my side and I wasn't all alone.

One night, on my way home from work at Newton's Supply Store, I had this feeling that something wasn't right at home. I was right, too. When I walked in my front door, my dad was laying on the couch, knocked out. Victoria was standing over top of him. "Well, well. What do we have here? Fragile little Bella is all alone, without her precious Edward to protect her. Well I hope you don't mind, but I was just about to have a nice little snack." And with that, she sunk her teeth into the side of Charlie's neck. I screamed as I saw blood start dripping from his neck. But then she stopped, and I realized she wasn't trying to kill him; she was turning him into one of her.

I didn't know what to do, so I turned and ran for the stairs, but Victoria was too fast. Before I could reach the first step, she grabbed me by my hair, and pulled me back.

After she sunk her teeth into me, the next thing I remembered was waking up next to my father, laying on the living room floor. I felt different, magical in a way. When I looked up, I saw Jacob sitting on the couch next to Sam, the pack's leader.

"Jake, where is she. Where is Victoria?" I was surprised at how musical my voice sounded when I spoke. It was beautiful, like a humming bird almost.

"Does it matter where she is, Bella? I didn't get here in time to save you! I can't believe I let this happen," He shook his head, a pained look on his face. "We got her, you don't have to worry."

"It will be ok, Jacob. It's not your fault. Don't beat yourself up over it. I looked at Sam sitting there, no emotion on his face, then back to Jake. "What are ya'll going to do with us?" I could tell my voice was shaky.

"Bella, that's a stupid question. You know I couldn't ever hurt you, no matter what the cause. Just promise one thing, please?" I raised my eyebrow at him. "Follow the Cullen's diet." He continued. He looked too stressed. "Of course, Jacob. You should know that anything else is out the question." I got up and gave him a huge.

My dad cleared his throat. I'm glad Edward and I had decided to tell Charlie about vampires, or I would have a lot of explaining to do at the moment. "Bella?"

"Yes, Dad?" I knew he was scared, no matter how much information he knew already.

"We have to go. If what you and Edward told me is true, then we are going to want to feed very soon, and we don't need to be around Fork's when that happens."

"Yes, I guess you are right. Jacob, do you think you guys can fake our disapprence's for awhile?" I couldn't believe this was happening, that I had to ask him something like this.

"Of course. Just please stay safe, Bell's." He gave me a huge hug, followed by my father.

"You know I always try to. Now dad, let's go pack some clothing and get some of the money you stashed away, we might need it."

I went upstairs and packed a few clothes, then went back down to help my dad. When he was ready, I gave Jacob and Sam a hug, and walked out my front door, not knowing where we were going. That was the last time I ever saw Jacob Black again.

Now, 223 years later, I am living in France with my best friend Marie. I am a make-up artist for a famous producer in France, named Lilly La Neil's.

Chapter One: Damage Done