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Annabeth POV:

I woke up feeling oddly cold, and alone. I roll over and notice Percy isn't there. Looking over at the clock, I can see that its already 9:20. No matter that its Sunday, Percu and I were planning on doing something today, before we have to go back to school tomorrow. Sighing, I roll out of bed and pull on a sweatshirt over my tank top and sweat pant ensemble. I pad across the worn and creaking floor barefoot. Down the stairs to the kitchen, where I hear hissing and the smell of bacon and eggs greets me. Percy is cooking and actually succeeding.

When he sees me come in, he smiles. "Mornin' Wise Girl" he says, before quickly going back to the pancakes I had no idea he could make.

"Percy! Why didn't you tell me you could cook?" I ask. Truly, if I had known my boyfriend could cook, I wouldn't have been surviving of fruit and yogurt this long.

"I didn't know I could. Without you to distract me, its easy. Guess I picked up a few things watching my mom cook for 18 years." He said grinning. "Sid down, and I'll give you some breakfast."

For once, I listen, and obediently sit down. While Percy appears to expertly be finishing breakfast, I can't help but think on our good fortune to find this house. Its near college for both of us, and was ridiculously cheap...thanks to knowing the gods. We had wanted a place for ourselves, since we are so in love. (We've both happily acknoweldged this fact), but were having trouble finding one to fit in our budget and meet our needs. This one was as close as it got. So with a little help from Mom and Dad (Paul and Sally, Frederick and Step-mom chipped in too, although the majority was the Olympians) we had a house. I think it was part of a thank you for saving olympus type thing. But who am I to argue?

"Breakfast is served" Percy says as he hands me a plate heaped with scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes. A similarily heaped plate is in front of him. "Now all that is left is to see if it actually tastes as good as it looks..." Percy mumbles. I smile and dig in. Promptly, I gasp.

"Perseus Jackson, this is delicious. You are always cooking dinner, now!"

"I guess we'll stop at the grocery store on the way home." He says.

"Of course!"

Two hours later, after cleaning our plates and getting into a soap fight (who knew washing dishes could be so fun?), both of us are showered and ready to go out. For once, I spent some time on my outfit. I want to look nice. The final product is a pair of dark skinny jeans, red balled flats and navy and white striped long sleeved teeshirt pair with a vest. Kinda sailor-y, but cute, I think. I remember being thrilled at finding this stuff for under 20 bucks. Gotta love consignment stores.

I walk downstairs with my slightly damp hair swishing around me, to find Percy swinging the keys to the car while waiting for me. Abruptly he stops and grins. Apparantly, my look is met with a certain amount of approval. Looking at him, he cleans up nicely. A dark grey thermal shirt and jeans so old, they look in style. Sneakers complete the look of "I'm so cool, I don't care". But he has no idea that thats how he comes off. Which I love about him. Again, consignment shops rule.

"You look gorgeous Annabeth." He says, as he holds the door open to the garage for me.

"Thanks, Perce. You don't look too bad yourself." I grin, while he rolls his eyes.

"I compliment you, and you still manage to make me feel like an idiot."

"Its part of my charm." I say.

"Yeah, just get in the car, oh beautiful girlfriend o mine."

"With pleasure."

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