My friends and I were lying against the side of the pool. I decided to dive in. When I was in the water, I was free. I could float; all my troubles are insignificant when I'm in the water.

I was pissed off. No matter how hard I tried not to think about him, I kept thinking about how much it hurt.

I told him I loved him. He said he didn't love me.

Ha. As always, when I think of him he's around. He walked up to the side of the pool holding a piece of paper in his hand. I could feel the butterflies erupting in my stomach; I didn't know why James was at my house or why he was walking towards my pool.

He said nothing, just held out his hand. He handed me the note. I climbed out of the pool to read it. In James' curly handwriting was written:

Because you're moody

You're angry in the mornings until you've had some coffee.

Because you're beautiful

You're kind to people who don't deserve it

Because you're awkward

And quiet and shy

I'm sorry, I lied

Because I love you

My breath caught in my throat.

"Why?" I croaked out. I was soaring. He told me he loved me and that's all I cared about.

"I guess I was scared. I chased you for years; you yelled at me and intrigued me. Then you started to fall. I realised I knew nothing about you. I got scared that you'd realise that I knew nothing so I told you I didn't love you. Then I learnt so much about you; about your habits, your feelings. I fell again, hard. I realised that I need you as much as I hope you still need-"He said nervously. I cut him off. For all the times he cut me off in arguments, I cut him off.

I put one hand on each of his shoulders and pushed. I pushed him straight into the pool. I put the note on a chair, I'm so framing that! And dived in after him.

"You talk too much." I giggled.

Let's just say the next little while was not spent talking.

My friends seem to have left. Oh well, muggles wouldn't understand.