Okay, so as promised here is my version of Series Three with Rose, starting with Doomsday. I've had it on the old lappytop for a while now and, when I saw today that another user had uploaded a S3WR it inspired me to upload it... finally! I hope you like it. The next part should be up soon! And to any readers of 'What is, What was, What could be, What must not', I've got a new fic in the works!

"PULLING THEM ALL IN!" Rose cried, relief flooding through her. He had done it, made sense out of chaos and saved them all.

The Doctor's grin widened.

"PULLING THEM ALL IN!" he confirmed, with a shout. He forced a smile and let out a fake laugh. But behind this happy exterior his brain was on red alert, emotions he never let himself admit to were bubbling to the surface as he thought of what was to come. Rose didn't get it. Pulling them all in would mean pulling them all in. The two of them included. The moment had arrived. After months of signs and warnings and dodging storms, he was about to lose her.

His mind was in turmoil but Rose was still smiling behind his goofy 3D glasses.

Why did he have to land here? Why now? He could have put this trip off longer, made up some excuse not to see her mother, he was usually quite good at those.

He still had so much to show her. The past, the future, and everything in between were still left to explore with her. There were planets they could be saving and creatures they could be meeting; they could be doing anything instead of this. They could be sipping Bolero on the planet Simonyi while the 3 suns flashed different colours above their heads or holding hands while looking at the crystal lake of Nusmas 7.

Why were they here? He knew this would be dangerous, he knew the risk but yet he took it. He spends his life running head-first into danger but for once he wished he had done the opposite. Taken her hand and fled to the stars never to return.

"Sorry, s-sorry – what's the void?" He was gratefully distracted from the inevitable by Mickey-the-idiot.

"The dead-space," He explained quickly, he could see realisation dawning on Rose's face. "Some people call it hell." His hearts hammered in his chest as she turned slowly to face him. The glasses covered her eyes but he could see a frown on her face.

"So," Mickey said with a smile, "You're sending the Daleks and Cybermen to hell?" The Doctor nodded, his eyes not leaving Rose. Mickey, true to his name, remained oblivious to what was happening, "Man, I told you he was good."

Rose looked at Mickey while he spoke, the red and green specks hopping around him as he placed the medallion around his neck. Jake turned his head to smile at his friend and she noted the specks dancing dangerously around his head. Out of the corner of her eye she caught Pete switching the weight onto his other foot, the radiation swayed with him. Contaminated. They were all contaminated.

"But it's like you said," She turned her gaze to the Doctor. He was edging closer to her and her heart sank, he had the most specks of all. She wanted to reach out and hit them away. "We've all got void stuff, me too because we've been to that parallel world." Looking down at her own hands she watched it swish between her fingers.

The Doctor stood in front of her now, the void stuff tainting his handsome features. Reaching up she whipped the glasses from her eyes. Those damned specks were mocking her, dancing with eachother as they destroyed everything she held dear.

"We're all contaminated, we'll get pulled in." She explained this to the Doctor as calmly as she could, waiting for his a million mile-per-hour explanation as to why this wasn't going to happen. She was waiting for him to tell her that she had missed something vital in his ingenious plan.

"That's why you've got to go," the Doctor said just as calmly. Rose looked confused as to where he was sending her. Surely the TARDIS was no safer than here. Her eyes spoke her silent question Go where? "Back to Pete's world." He clarified. He watched the confusion flitter across her face.

"Hey!" he said, turning to Pete and pointing at him in false enthusiasm because, if he keeps talking, then he won't have time to focus on what was about to happen. The more he ignores it the less real it will seem. "We should call it that 'Pete's world!'" His smile faded when he turned back to Rose's confused face.

"I'm opening the breach, but only on this side," He explained carefully, "You'll be safe on that side," He watched as the confusion turned to hurt. Rose couldn't help but notice that he said 'you' rather than 'we'.

"And then you close it?" Pete called, making the pair break their intense gaze. The Doctor turned to face him but could feel Rose's eyes still on him. She didn't speak a word as she stared up at him, still waiting for the explanation that she longer to hear. You go over, then I'll bring you back. "For good?"

"The breach itself is steeped in void stuff; eventually it will just close itself," Pete nodded in understanding. "Then that's it. Kaput." The Doctor didn't know what he was explaining anymore. That one word 'Kaput' summed up everything. Daleks, Cybermen, the breach, Rose... love.

He turned back to Rose's unmoving face.

"But you stay on this side?" she asked quietly, breaking her silence.

"But you'll get pulled in!" Mickey said, finally catching up.

The Doctor and Rose looked just looked at each other, neither wanting to believe what was happening.

For a second Rose had believed that he would be coming too. But the TARDIS was here. And the look he was giving her now said only one thing: I'm sorry.

"That's why..." the Doctor said, skipping away from Rose, letting her fall forward slightly as if he was the gravity holding her there, and towards the desk at the other end, "I got these!" He held up a magna-clamp, "I've just got to hold on tight, been doing it all my life!"

Rose walked forward. He had clearly forgotten to mention that she would be staying too. Maybe he just needed prompting.

"And I'm supposed to go?" she asked.

"Yeah," He dropped the magna-clamp to the ground, refusing to look at her.

"To another world and then it gets sealed off?" Rose was running out of possibilities, she was starting to think that there was no room for her in his plan. She would be sent away like a child to safety while he stayed here. Without her.

"Yeah," he said, rushing to the computer. It was all about distractions. He had to keep running because if he didn't then reality might catch up.

"Forever?" Rose thought she saw something flicker across the Doctor's face as she uttered the one word that they lived by, the one word that the whole foundation of their relationship was built on.

She thought that he would change his mind, realise his mistake.


She was wrong. She had thought he needed reminding; now it was clear he needed telling. Stupid Time Lord.

"Well that's not going to happen," She said with a laugh. The Doctor didn't have a chance to say anything because the building suddenly shook violently.

Pete suddenly took charge switching into business-man mode.

"We don't have time to argue. The plan works, we're going." He pointed to the guards by the door, "You two, all of us."

"Hang on," Rose argued, "I'm not leaving him!" Her voice was high and panicked as she followed her mother forward.

"I'm not going without her!" Jackie spoke up for the first time.

"Oh my God, we're going!" Pete shouted at his wife-but-not.

"I've had twenty years without you so button it," Jackie fumed, "I'm not leaving her!"

"But you've got to!" Rose said, catching the attention of everyone.

"Well that's tough!" Jackie argued.

"Mum," Rose said, pulling on Jackie's arm and willing her to understand, "I've had a life with you for nineteen years. But then I met the Doctor," Rose's nose started to sting as tears threatened to fall "and all the things I've seen him do for me, for you, for all of us, for the whole stupid planet and every planet out there, he does it alone Mum. But not anymore because –" But Rose never got to finish that sentence because Jackie had suddenly pulled herself out of her grip and stalked towards the Doctor.

Rose span around just in time to see Jackie give the Doctor an almighty smack across the face.

The Doctor raised a hand to his throbbing cheek and Rose watched as a jump-disk fell from his grasp and to the ground, smashing into pieces. Her mouth fell open, he had been about to send her away again.

"How dare you!" Jackie roared at him, smacking him again "How dare you try to send my Rose away like that! Without even askin', you should be ashamed of yourself. I have half a mind to bloody slap you into a new body and the other half to send you into that void myself!"

Jackie turned on her heel and stalked towards Pete. "And you," she said darkly, "How bloody dare you. Didn't you listen to what the Doctor said? I won't be pulled in. I don't have this void stuff on me and you wanted to make me go? Are you thick or what? If Rose is stayin 'ere then so am I." She poked Pete hard in the chest before turning and standing next to Rose.

"Jacks, I-" Pete started, his tone apologetic but pleading, "I just can't lose you again."

"Yeah well try a stunt like that again and you just might," Jackie said as she walked over to him and kissed him soundly on the lips, shutting him up once and for all.

"Rose," The Doctor spoke up finally, he made his was over to her and stood towering over her, making sure that she was the only one to hear him "It's not safe. You might- I can't-" he broke off and exhaled furiously, looking down at the ground. Rose smiled softly and placed a hand on his red cheek.

"When has that ever stopped me before?" she asked and the Doctor let out a small chuckle. She pulled his face gently around to look at her, forcing him to meet her gaze. "I made my choice a long time and I'm never going to leave you." He gave a small nod and pulled her into a hug. When he let go of her they turned to the others, their hands clasped even tighter than usual.

"You guys should go," She said, her voice catching slightly, "There isn't much time and-" But for the second time in five minutes Jackie interrupted her.

"Haven't you been listening to me, sweetheart?" Jackie asked, "I'm staying."

"And so am I," Everyone looked at Pete in shock. "Well don't just stand there. Them Daleks will be here any minute. What can I do to help?"

Pete and the Doctor looked at each other for a moment before the Doctor called out instructions. While the two men rushed from computer to computer Mickey walked forward to Rose and Jackie.

"Guess this is goodbye then," He said. Rose hugged hum tightly before rushing to the Doctor's side. They had already been through this; there was no need to make it any harder on either of them.

"What?" Jackie asked, watching as Mickey's eyes followed Rose sadly "You're not stayin'?"

"Nah," He said with a laugh "There's nothing for me here anymore. I've got my Gran over there, a job... and a girlfriend. I'll miss you the most though, Jackie." A few tears rolled down Jackie's cheeks as she pulled Mickey into a hug, planting a wet kiss to his cheek.

Mickey stepped back from her embrace and looked at Pete who was standing next to a lever on the right. The Doctor was next to the other while Rose stood by the magna-clamp now connected to the left wall.

"Cya boss," he said, saluting the Doctor with two fingers. "Look after her, yeah?"

"Goodbye Mickey," said the Doctor with a sad smile, casting Rose a quick glance.

"Pete, it's been good, yeah? See you again maybe." Pete smiled and shook Mickey's hand.

"Mr. Smith it's been an honour. You're promoted," He watched as Mickey stepped back in shock "Torchwood needs a new leader. Reckon you're up for it?"

"Hell yeah I'm up for it!" he shouted with glee, but then something caught his eye out the window, "But so are they!" A Dalek was hovering outside the window, its weapon poised for attack.

"Mickey, go!" Rose yelled, as she watched two others join it. They didn't have long, a minute at the most.

With a final glance Mickey and Jake pressed their medallions and disappeared from view. A tear rolled down Rose's cheek and she brushed it away impatiently. Now wasn't a time for domestics.

"It shouldn't be too bad for us but the Daleks and Cybermen lived in the void, they're bristling with it!" The Doctor explained as Pete rushed back over to his lever and Jackie stood beside his clamp, her back flat against the wall. "Ready?" he asked, leaving no time for them to answer as he yelled "Let's do it!" He and Pete pulled the levers into place. Rushing to the clamps they held on tight as the computer's voice sounded.


The Doctor linked one arm through the clamp and the other around Rose's waist, pulling her as close as possible as she too linked the lever, as the void started to suck them in. He looked over to Pete who was holding on for dear life as a Dalek whizzed past him. Rose pressed her face into the Doctor's chest as the Daleks and Cybermen screamed.

Jackie was looking around wide eyed and completely unaffected as Dalek after Dalek zoomed past. She watched as everyone blew about, clinging to the black handles while she stood there with only the breeze from the Daleks and Cybermen.

Suddenly a Dalek crashed into the lever that Pete had put in place. The Daleks started to slow and she saw the pull on the others lessen as the computer called "OFFLINE"

Looking to her right she saw the lever start to descend.

The Doctor looked on in panic, he could feel Rose's grip begin to waver as she strained to see what was happening. She twisted around fully, letting go of the Doctor so that she was only holding onto the magnet with her hands. She watched with wide eyes as the lever sparked.

"Jackie!" the Doctor called, "You've got to get it upright!"

"Have you gone barmy?" Jackie yelled back "What about the Daleks? I could be killed!" Another Dalek floated lazily by as if to punctuate her point.

"I know, Jackie. And I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, but it's the only way to save everyone. Now do it!"

"Alright! No need to shout," Jackie scolded, moving closer to the lever. "Who needs to live anyway?" She grabbed onto the lever and yanked it into the upright position. "Trust a man to do a woman's job!"


If Jackie Tyler said anything else it went unheard as the Daleks and Cybermen started their steady flow once more. The Doctor laughed in glee as he watched them fly past.

"Into the void! Ha!" he shouted, as a few more whizzed past. He looked down at Rose, failing to notice her new, less safe, grip on the lever, who was grinning up at him. He took in her wild hair and her eyes that were practically dancing with happiness knowing that they were safe. She was beautiful.

He was about to say something to her, tell her how happy he is to have her, tell her how lost he would be if she wasn't there, confess to that emotion that she brought bubbling to the surface just by smiling, when the strength of the void doubled.

"This is it!" he called down to her instead, "The void won't last much longer! It's starting to close in on itself!"

Rose grinned back at him and he put his arm back around her waist, pulling her back towards him with a force that caused her grip on the clamp to break.

The Doctor looked down in shock as Rose suddenly slipped from his grasp, falling towards the void at an alarming rate. Her arms outstretched in attempt to get back to him as a piercing scream of denial left her body.

"ROSE!" he yelled as she screamed, "No!"

"ROSE!" he heard Jackie and Pete call before Jackie, in a moment of desperation, ran forward and grabbed, in a movement that could only be described as a Rugby tackle, her daughter around the middle, protecting her from certain death. Rose was still being pulled and Jackie struggled to keep her with her. Placing an iron grip around Rose with one arm she managed to grab hold of the lever beside them. Jackie called out in pain with the pressure of holding Rose to her just as the void made a sucking noise and closed. They fell to the ground in a heap of limbs, breathing heavily but oh so alive.

Nobody moved for a moment, all shocked at what had passed.

Jackie and Rose were the first to stir, moving slowly out of their uncomfortable positions. The Doctor watched, a horrified look still on his face, as Rose sat up and rubbed her shoulder that had collided with the ground. Their eyes met and Rose stood, making her way slowly towards his still frozen form. They were both barely aware of Jackie and Pete embracing, both solely focused on each other.

"Doctor," she whispered, when he reached him, "it's okay, I'm here. I'm fine. It's over. We're alive." Placing a hand on his cheek, she silently begged him to move, to say something, to show her that he was alright. "Doctor?" she asked, her eyes wide with worry.

"Rose..." his voice was no more than a whisper. He broke away from the clamp he had been clutching and stood before her, their bodies only centimetres apart. "You nearly-" he choked, "I couldn't- my fault-"

"Hey now," she murmured to him, stroking his cheek softly, his skin was cold beneath her thumb as it moved rhythmically over him, "I'm fine. It wasn't your fault. No stupid void is gunna keep me from being with you."

"But you could have been-"

"But I wasn't!" She reminded him. He looked down at her, and she saw the fear that was still in his eyes. Smiling softly she dropped her hand from his cheek to his hand. Entwining their fingers she lifted his hand to her chest, placing it palm down over her heart, letting him feel the steady beat beneath her skin. "It's over, Doctor. I'm alive and we're together."

She dropped her hand from his and was pleasantly surprised to find that he kept his hand there of his own accord, clearly needing longer for her words to sink in.

The Doctor breathed deeply as he took in Rose's worried face so close to his and her steady heartbeat beneath his hand. She was so warm, so solid, and oh so wonderfully alive. Releasing a breath that he wasn't even aware he was holding he dropped his hand from her chest, almost certain that her heart would keep beating without his touch, and wrapped his arms around her waist in a bone crushing hug.

Rose returned the hug with matching enthusiasm and laughed as he pulled her clean off her feet. He swung her softly from side to side as he buried his nose in her neck, breathing deeply in the smell of her zesty soap.

When they finally released each other they turned to the couple next to them who had been watching their hug with interest.

"Right! Allons-y!" The Doctor said with slightly forced enthusiasm, "Come on Jackie, Pete. We've got to go find you somewhere to live. Can't have a dead man walking the streets now can we?" The corner of Pete's mouth curled into a smile as he wrapped an arm firmly around Jackie's waist. "And you, Rose Tyler," The Doctor said, turning to Rose with a quirked eyebrow, "I am going to have a very serious conversation with you about not wandering off."

Rose didn't doubt that he was.

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