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"Jake...Embry," She acknowledged us with a nodded of her head. The muscles in my belly quiver in a rush of excitement.. My eyes adsorbing her form I had to stop myself from taking a set closer to her.

She walked by heading to the back. Her fragrance lingering in the air behind her. I closed my eyes savoring her scent. Taking in the only piece of her I would only get again. She was a whirlwind of emotions that took me in and spat me out. She was my best friend. The person who knew me the most. But then we crossed the line. Somehow I ended up in her bed or was it she ended up in mine. We made a mess of what we had and now there is nothing left.

I know she loves me. I know she still wants me. But yet she still choice to walk away. Claiming it could never work between us. There was to much history for us to work. But I know the truth... because its the same one in my heart. She was scared. Just like I was scared. I couldn't get her off my mind. All I could think of was the tender touches. The teasing kisses. And the love making. It was hell when I phrased not to think about her.

She rocked my world and I would never be the same. No other woman has ever made me feel even a morsel of what she creates within me. I wanted her like no other. And it hurt like hell knowing I can never have her again.

"Still thinking about Bella?" Embry asked me as he watched her retreating figure.

"Yeah." I didn't bother to correct him. Let the pack think what they want. If only they knew that Bella was a distant memory now my thoughts consist of someone a lot closer. Some one who's touch I knew.

"Man you need to get over it," he rolled his eyes went back to car we were currently walking on, "She's married to a god damn leech."

I agreed with him. Making a noise of understanding. But it wasn't Bella who my mind thought of day in and day out. No it was Leah. The ex girlfriend of our alpha, and our fellow pack member. Every part of me wanted to move on and forget what we shared. But I was stuck. Caught up in the web of lies we both created. I wanted to walk up to her and talk to her. I'd tell her missed our three hour conversation. I missed the way her hair would tickle my nose when we would sit on my worn down couch watching a movie. I just missed her.

It was lonely phasing without her. Now I had to consistently guard my thoughts. Protect her from the ridicule I know the pack would submit us both too. I just wanted my friend back. I wish we never made love. A sigh escaped my lips. I tried to push her from my thought. Tried to pay attention to the task at hand. But damn it was getting harder and harder each day I went with out talking to her. We could of been great together. Could have been one of those couples who truly made. In a way I feel cheated. Like I lost the best I would ever have and we never even reached our full potential.

I tossed the rag in my hand down. Embry looked at me in confusion but I couldn't stay here one more minute.

"I'm calling it a day," I called over my shoulder as I walked out the shop. He would be alright enough guys were working today they wouldn't even notice I was gone. Joys of being the owner also I guess. I had to find a way to get out of this funk. But the only cure I could think about had walked by twenty minutes ago and she sure as hell wasn't about to turn around and come back.

I had half the nerve to drag her by her hair out the shop. Knock some sense into her and make her acknowledge me. Make her remember every touch. Make her relive every kiss. I wanted her to feel what I was feeling. I wanted her to think about me every single waking minute of the day. I wanted the simplest thing to remind her of me and the time we spent. Just like I was tortured by every small detail in my house. I can't even cook with out thinking bout the time I took her in the kitchen.

I walked to the edge of the woods pulling my top off ignoring the burn in my chest of deep regret. Dropping my shorts once I passed the trees. I wanted a long run. I tied my clothes to my ankle before phasing I was running low on shorts and tops and wasn't really up to another trip to the mall for clothes. Since the Cullen's moved away there hasn't been much vampire activity so patrols have been cut back. I savored the times I could phase and not worry about anyone else in my mind.

I ran hard and fast. My leg muscle started to burn but I ignored the sensation. I let my mind wander. I let myself fall into the memories of our times together. I could think of her all day. How she bit her lip when she was aroused. Her steamy eyes full of lust. I loved the sight of her under me. Her hips raising meeting me thrust for thrust.

She loved to do at the most unconventional times. We played with fire so many times it seem so weird never having these moments with her any more. My house is so empty without her presence. So lonely with her loud laughter bouncing off the walls. This couldn't be it. I wouldn't let it be it.

I growled. Even my wolf missed her. I could still smell her intoxicating scent. I could still taste her. It was as if she was imprinted on my soul. A shiver went through my mind. Another wolf has phased. I quickly pushed thoughts of her from my mind. A blank slate.



"Jake is that you?" She asked.

I didn't answer I let my mind drift again. I let the memory of us in the kitchen play through my mind. She had been so beautiful that day. She short hair pulled back from her face with a clip and she had a small smudge of flour on her cheek. But she never looked prettier. Her eyes had stared into mine with such desire. They were like chocolate pools of temptation...

"Please don't do this," her voice barely a whisper.

Dinner was long ago forgotten all there was was me and her. Drunk off each others lust. Her breast heavy with arousal. I watched as she unbuttoned each button on her shirt tortuously slow. My cock twitched with each glance of her dark flesh I got.

Taking her time she dropped the discarded shirt. I moved to her quickly lifting her in my arms. She wrapped her legs around my waist. Her hot sex pressed against me. "Now Jake," she had growled. I reacted or maybe she reacted. But somehow my cock was out and her panties laid on the floor in shreds. I was in her instantly. She gripped me so tightly. I pushed deeper in. Filling her.

"JAKE!" Leah shouted in my mind, "please stop I can't take this."

I felt each stroke. Felt her sex pulse around me. She was unlike anyone I've ever know. I pounded her into her sex. Savoring each stroke. She took all of me. She had screamed my name over and over again as she came.

"Enough," she roared in my head.

"It will never be enough," I growled, "Come to my house, you are every where in there."

She was quiet I knew my thoughts were suffocating her. I know she wanted do to nothing more then phase and leave. But she was to stubborn to admit defeat. And I was to stubborn to stop.

"I need you Leah," I whispered.

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