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"Nice outfit, Bones." Booth was trying not to break out in an all-out grin as he sauntered into Brennan's office.

Undeniably cute, Brennan spread her foam clad hands and looked down, scrutinizing her Science Dude costume. "I deemed it appropriate attire for a children's television program." She tilted her head and regarded Booth with worry, "was I wrong in my assumption? The Dude approved of my choice. He was quite amused." Under her breath she added, "I knew I should have consulted Angela."

He rested back on her desk – legs casually crossed at the ankles as Brennan flopped down on her couch - skirt springing up excitedly in her face. With his hands in his pockets, he dipped his face to try and hide the unstoppable mirth that was so clearly written across his features, and shook his head in amusement, "No, Bones, it's perfect, really, the kids loved you,"

Sobering himself, he lifted his eyes to look at her, a slight hint of a smile still adorned his face, his eyes were brimming with pride, "I think I actually saw tears in Angela's eyes... you did good, Bones."

"Lacrimation in pregnancy is likely due to excess levels of oestrogen. Angela is exceptionally emotional at the moment, Booth."

"Yeah, well," his voice strained with the effort to stand as he walked over to join her on the couch, "I think that she may have been proud of you Bones." smacking the couch fabric between them, he smiled and nodded, "Though, I think she may have just about wet herself laughing."

"That is a symptom more commonly presented in later pregnancy when the growing foetus begins to assert pressure on the mother's bladder. Though incontinence may present sooner if it is a consec..."

"Ok, Bones I get the picture! Since when have you become a walking encyclopaedia on pregnancy anyway?"

Brennan paused and continued slowly, obviously thinking her words through, "I have been reconsidering the idea of impregnation and am in the process of deciding a course of action. I intend on being adequately prepared before embarking on something of such impact as a child and so, I am refreshing my knowledge on pregnancy and insemination."


He was rendered speechless.

"I am simply looking into it, Booth. I don't intend on using your contribution if that's what you're worried about. I understand that with the recent separation from Hannah and your..." she took a breath and furrowed her brow in a pained expression, "...the feelings you once had for me would make it inappropriate and so, I am looking at other options."

To fill in the awkward silence, she continued with what she was comfortable with - facts, "The likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities significantly increases after the age of 35. As you said, Booth, I don't have too much time." She attempted a smile, willing him with her cerulean stare to understand.

Brennan had been so lonely since, well, since she had left for Maluku. Everyone was changing, moving on and evolving, why couldn't she? She had decided to try a different method of approach. If she could not move on voluntarily, then perhaps she could induce the ability to move on with the anthropologically tried and tested method of evolution - progeny.

With his voice still not operable, she changed to a more attractive topic, "I am sorry Parker couldn't come today – it's unfortunate that Rebecca had plans already made"

He snapped out of his mute musings, with a smile and a head shake. Booth relished at the thought of his son, "Yeah, tell me about it. I am not going to hear the end of it. He'll be stoked that you guys did the experiment that him and Max worked on the other day and super excited about having it all on DVD."

"I will have The Dude sign a copy for him," flipping her white, supersized hand out in gesticulation, she expounded, "it elevates one's standing amongst peers to have proof of an encounter with those of higher socio-status."

He spoke over a laugh, "Yeah, thanks Bones." He slapped his hands to his thighs as he stood, "I'd better get back to work. No rest for the wicked, huh?"

"You are far from wicked Booth, your conscience is overtly and inappropriately trained to self loathing"

"It's a saying, Bones" smiling, he looked down at the ground – formulating a way to say what he was unable to stop thinking about since it had left her mouth, "Listen, Bones, can you do me a favour and let me think about what you just said before. I know that you've probably ruled out the possibility of me, you know..." he shoved his hand back into his pockets, "...Donating the little guys. But, well, who knows who ya gonna get in a sperm bank huh?"

"Ok, Booth."

"Thanks. I'll ahhh, see you round" He gave her a forced smile and backed out of the office, mind racing with possibility.

Watching his retreat, Brennan wondered if this was really the way to move on as she had intended.

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