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It was 6am on the Saturday morning and despite the early hour, the Cantilever Jet was boarded and abuzz with excited chatter. There was a certain amount of conjecture being flung around the tastefully decorated craft. They had all happily dropped their weekend plans with the promise of an all-expenses-paid 5 star weekend away to a mystery destination and the secret was more than most of them could bear.

Aside from the presence both families, their extended family - the Squint Squad, Shrink Squad and the commanding prosecutor was neither forgotten nor unheard in the rampant speculative talk.

Amongst the several conversations on board – the deductions all seemed to circle the obvious fact that the common link to all of the people present was Booth and Brennan. It was at that juncture in their ruminations that all conjecture took an immediate divergence from truth and strayed well into the territory of wild imaginations.

A dreamy and overly romantic Daisy had at one point suggested that they were all a part of a surprise B&B wedding but all laughed at the preposterous notion… none were even alert to the fact that they were even dating and all were more than aware of Brennan's public stance on matrimony.

The jet came to life and a hush came over its occupants. As it roared off the tarmac Parker, Hayley and Emma (who had been sat together by the flight attendant at the clever insistence of one over-eager, self-appointed wedding planner/BFF Angela) giggled and awed. The three pre-teens had hit it off immediately to the particular delight of the girls' parents.

Russ and Amy were the only people aside from Angela, Hodgins, Max and Parker who actually knew where they were travelling to and why. Brennan had decided that whilst she an Booth wanted it to be a surprise trip for all, she understood the need for Amy to weigh up the risks that travel posed for Hayley and to plan accordingly.

Happily, aside from the usual grueling setback of Cystic Fibrosis, and clad in a face mask to reduce the risks further, Hayley was as well as could be and an enjoyable, hospital-free weekend away with the family was too thrilling an offer to miss. Russ especially was excited to have been invited to Tempe's wedding… he insisted that he had to witness it for himself as he would never believe it without visible proof!

Once safely in the air, the conversation sparked once more. The absence of Booth and Brennan did not go unnoticed by any on board but, still, they came up blank with a reasonable explanation and so most merely settled in to enjoy the five hours of first class luxury flying.


Meanwhile, 2000 miles away, 8am, The Westin Lake Las Vegas…

Booth and Brennan had flown through the night in the "smaller" of Hodgins private jets and, whilst they had the comfort of on-flight bedding, they were both sleep-deprived due to the fact that they had been too excited and busy planning to sleep. It was one thing to elope but Angela had convinced them to tackle the mammoth task of organizing a wedding, albeit small, in the space of only three days.

They had decided to swap the Casino's and the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip for the sights and scents of northern Africa at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort. Their suite was luxuriously fitted out in elegant earth tones and Moroccan-inspired décor with breathtaking views of the picturesque lake.

"Wow" Booth dropped his jaw and gazed in awe around what was to be their home for the next week. The sleep deprivation, the utter luxury of what he stepped into and the whole series of events of the past two days inundated his emotions like a tidal wave as his jacket slipped, forgotten from his grip.

"Holy crap… Holy CRAP, Bones! Are we really getting married? Tonight? Holy crap! Holy crap!" He turned around to face her – a slightly manic expression on his face, tugging at his collar.

"Booth, are you OK? Are you experiencing cold feet?" Her heart dropped at the thought.

"HA!" his squeak of a laugh unnerved her as he swiped a hand roughly through his hair and muttered under his breath, "Oh-my-God Oh-my-God… I need to sit down!"

He slumped into the rich leather lounge, still huffing with a panic stricken glint in his now watering eyes. Brennan fanned him with their welcome brochure whilst she gathered her thoughts and desperately tried to keep her fears at bay.

"Booth! You're beginning to worry me! Do you… can I get you a drink or…" her eyes desperately searched the suite for… something. Spotting a frosted metal ice pail on the bench, she quickly jumped up and returned with the pail and the ice bathed bottle of champagne, together with two flutes.

With shaking hands and nervous tears forming in her eyes, she placed the pail on the coffee table and struggled with the foil atop of the bottle thinking that surely he was freaking out and about to pull out of the whole thing.

Yes, it had been a whirlwind couple of days but she had been sure that he was ready and wanting it and, for her, it had been the logical step to take. Surprisingly, she found that she had no doubt herself and the last thing Brennan thought would happen seemed, to her great despair, to be happening.

"Booth, listen…" finally managing to get the foil off, she made short work of dislodging the cork with a loud burst, startling Booth out of his daze and he faced her, watery-eyed and expressionless. Pouring two flutes full, she placed them on the coffee table and continued haltingly, "I know this has all been really quick and, it's a lot for you to take in and if you're having second thoughts… well… we'll deal with it Booth. We can put the whole marriage thing on hold… even the baby can wait… at least till you have had a chance to get your thoughts around the idea… I just…"

In defeat, Brennan all but threw the bottle back into the ice pail so that she could swipe at her tears but was suddenly pulled into a firm, unrelenting hug and then drawn easily into his lap – his nose tucked neatly into her neck. Taken off guard, it took her a moment to loosen in his grip and return the embrace.

A moment or two passed before Brennan felt her partner tremor. She thought that, given his previous behavior he was laughing until she heard a wet sniff and felt him shaking his head decisively, "No, Bones… No way in hell am I gonna postpone this." His voice was muffled but resolute. "I have never been surer of anything in my life… I just… I keep expecting to wake up like last time and have it be all just a dream. It was so real and so perfect. You, me – married and the baby on the way." Booth sighed poignantly, "So. Utterly. Perfect, Bones. Then I woke up and it was…" he laughed sadly, "I just wanted to go right back to sleep and never wake up again.

"I'm sorry, Baby; I just can't believe that this is all happening… I never thought we would ever, ever get here Bones. My luck has never been this good." Booth sighed and sat up a little, gathering himself together "I'm sorry for freaking out. It's been an emotional few weeks and we've been up all night and I just… I want it so much, you know? I want it so God damn much."

He raised his head to look at her and cupped her face tenderly - unashamedly letting her see him in all his honesty – raw and real. When she looked into his glossy chocolate orbs, Brennan's heart melted. Never had she seen such honesty and adoration so very evident in one's face. A sensation of deep, overwhelming love washed over her and immediately her eyes watered anew with tears of relief as she nodded in agreement. "Yeah Booth, I know."

His palm slid from her cheek to softly squeeze the back of her neck as he pulled her slightly closer. He offered her a genuine smile and her pulse rushed with the pure honesty and nakedness that was fluid and palpable between them. She finally understood… this was what Booth was waiting for.

She had teased him for his puritanical, archaic desire to wait before they crossed that line of intimacy because she had deemed it outdated and unnecessary. Now, in this moment, Brennan realized that he wasn't counting the days to a set consummation date or holding out for a marriage license or the nod from the Pope. No, he was waiting for that deep, resounding connection, the spark. That single white hot spark - hot enough to light the forest with a heat that could not be snuffed.

Brennan's breath caught with the realization and a sober, deeply happy smile radiated from the ocean of her eyes and tugged gently at the corners of her mouth as her face drifted involuntarily towards his, "I understand now, Booth… I really do."

As her lips captured his, all her reasoning's of logic fell away. All the rational excuses that Brennan had come up with to justify this marriage melted into thin air – leaving her heart pounding with pure love and an unquenchable desire to occupy the same space as her soon to be husband.

With the press of her lips to his, an electrical surge arced from one to the other and their whole beings simultaneously caught alight. With every gentle suck and every tender stroke, flames licked and lapped hungrily at all control and reservation.

Heat rose from flushed skin, breaths were drawn erratically and exhaled warmly over revering sighs between desperate kisses… and with eyes wide open, set reverently on the others' – sparks turned to flames and reservations turned to ash as the couple ignited.

As her fingers plucked at his buttons, she huskily begged, "I need… Make love to me…"

He looked to the heavens for strength and mustered up a half-hearted warning, "Bones…"

Brennan maintained her plea, shucked off his shirt and ran her hands over his chest, hovering at the pink scar over his left pectoral, "Booth, no! I can't stop this… This is real… It's not a dream. Let me show you what I can't put words to right now… I just… I can't get enough anymore – I need it all. I need you to make love to me."

Unable to deny her, her lifted her effortlessly and made the short journey to their bed. Placing her reverentially on the crisp fabric, Booth rolled carefully atop of her, kissed her softly and pulled back so that his eyes could scan the peaks and valleys of her glowing face, "I love you so God-damn much Temperance."

She smiled and scratched impatiently at his bare back, "Then prove it."

Booth laughed lightly and dove in for tender kiss before a resounding knock at the door pulled him back up with a start.

The body beneath him groaned in frustration, "Just leave it! Tell them to go away!"

Rolling off her, Booth checked his watch as he grabbed at his shirt, "It'll be the wedding planner Bones, we can't."

Seeing her very obvious annoyance as she sat adorably ruffled atop of the bed, he crawled contritely up to her and gave her a puppy dog smile, "Baby, I can guarantee – I am just as frustrated as you…" Soberly he added, "And thank you for pulling me out of my little freak-out. Let's just get through this and then we will have all night and then forever. I will have you as my wife tonight and I want it to be perfect. Deal?"

With a petulant harrumph and a quick peck on his lips, Brennan threw herself from the bed and stomped over to the door, "I hope you're up for it Booth… I have a lot of pent up energy to burn."

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