Author Note: This is the last chapter to this story but there is a sequel in the works. Once I finish up a few other projects I will be starting it. Thank you to all of you who have reviewed and favourite this story.


One month later

Jack was worried Ianto had been acting odd for the last week, add to the fact he was getting sick steadily too well it had Jack terrified out of his mind. He was grateful that Ianto agreed to see Martha and Owen earlier this morning.

A noise at the entrance of his office had Jack's gaze leaving the paper work he had been trying to get down to take his mind of his worry over Ianto. The sight of a very pale looking Ianto had Jack shooting out from behind his desk and over to Ianto's side before his husband could blink.

Wrapping an arm around Ianto's waist he led his husband over to the couch and made Ianto sit down. "Are you alright, did Owen and Martha's test find anything?" Jack asked in a rush.

The slight pressure of Ianto's lips against his made Jack calm down at least enough to return the kiss, moments later when Ianto broke the kiss Jack could see the pure happiness shining in Ianto's eyes. "Ianto?"

Reaching out Ianto took one of Jack's hands and rested it on his stomach. "Congratulations daddy." Ianto voice was filled with pure happiness.

It took only a moment for Ianto's words to sink in and when they did the smile that crossed Jack's face was so bright it could power a city for months. "You're pregnant?" He asked with joy creeping into his voice.

Ianto nodded. "Yes Cariad, I'm pregnant."

Jack let out a whoop of joy as he picked up Ianto and twirled his husband around before kissing Ianto deeply on the lips.

Down in the Hub Martha was letting the others in on the happy news. Tosh, Diane and Kathy were filled with smiles.

"You do know that now Jack won't be able to keep his hands off Ianto, with twins on the way Jack is going to make sure that he gets in as much special Ianto time as he can." John spoke up as he watched Owen drown another cup of scotch that he kept hidden.

Owen met John's gaze. "Why do you think I am so thankful I can get drunk again? I thought Jack was bad before but now well I shutter to think of the shows will get." Owen grumbled but everyone could tell he was happy for Jack and Ianto.

Tosh finished setting the Rift alerts to be sent to John's wrist strap before she grabbed her jacket. "I think we should give the soon to be parents some time alone. So who is up for an early lunch?" She asked.

John wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. "Best idea I have heard all day. Not that I wouldn't mind to seeing a Janto show but considering that this is going to bring out Jack's very overprotective side I do like living." John sent Owen a glare, "So that means no more calling eye-candy an name but Ianto or else you risk not seeing another day." John warned them all.

Suddenly this pregnancy just got a lot tougher with the idea of an overprotective and horny Jack.

"Bloody hell, I need a drink." Owen groaned.

The rest of the team nodded their heads as they all followed Owen out of the Hub leaving their friends to their happy moment.

Laying curled up in Jack's former bunk Jack couldn't stop rubbing his hand across Ianto's belly, his children were growing in their.

"We're going to be a family." Jack murmured in amazed voice, he thought he would never get a chance to have a family again, but here he was with his soul mate, expecting their twins. "I love you Ianto Harkness-Jones so very much." Jack whispered as he kissed Ianto one the forehead.

Tipping his head up Ianto smiled at Jack. "I love you too Jack Harkness-Jones." Ianto then kissed Jack deeply.

Jack deepened the kiss as they lost themselves in their happiness of all their dreams coming true.

The End