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Perfect Lies

Juliet woke up to the warm morning sun that shined brightly through the window. The sun was just barely up, the window on the far wall had developed an eerie glow; a light blue halo that soaked through the blinds and curtains. She was just beginning to understand that the light was really there, and that her eyes were really open. She loved the mornings because she had a reason to wakeup. He was not there when she woke up, but Juliet had gotten use to it. She had to understand that it was his job that left the empty place beside her. She did miss the feeling of waking up next to him, but again, she had gotten use to it. She woke up alone, but didn't go to sleep alone. It was just her, her husband and their little girl.

She smiled, and stretched her body out, reaching up past her head, and pointing her toes. Taking a deep breath, she climbed out of bed, and slipped on her red slippers.

Their house always felt warm, and comforting, that morning especially, for some reason... She wasn't sure what it was, but something felt good about the day.

Every morning, it was like this.


That was the word she would use when she described her family; perfect.

Sure, her and Justin's pasts were difficult and hard to understand if you hadn't been through it. She had never in her wildest dreams imagined that she would reach a stabile life like this. Just eight years ago she had been a vampire, but now she was a mother and a wife. They had made the decision to get rid of their supernatural qualities together and still didn't regret it. Justin wasn't a wizard anymore. No, he was a normal guy with a beautiful family and a respected job in the local hospital. He had studied hard and earned his place in there as a doctor.

The familiar feeling of peace washed over Juliet as she walked into their big kitchen.

She poured herself some coffee and watched the marble counter sparkle as she took a seat at her kitchen table.

Running a hand through her silky blond hair, she took a nice, long, hot sip from her mug.

The fact that she was sitting there in her gorgeous kitchen meant a lot to her. It meant that all the pain that she caused for her own family hadn't been for nothing. Juliet's parents did not like the idea of their daughter being immortal. Still she stood her ground and gave up everything, her powers and her family. Unlike Justin-

Justin gave his powers to Max, his little brother, when they found out that Juliet was expecting. He wanted a normal family just like she did and they were both grateful when Justin's family didn't abandon them. Of course Jerry was bitter that his son had chosen to give up his powers after many years of training, but all that bitterness was gone after their daughter was born.


She jolted, and was frozen for a split second, hand over her heart. "Emma, honey you scared mommy!" Juliet laughed, then rushed to her.

"Come here!"

She pulled her into a tight hug, and kissed her forehead. The four year old giggled slightly and ran out of the kitchen.

"Honey remember to pack your pajamas! You need them when you go to Amber's." Juliet yelled after her daughter.

Emma had always looked like her parents. She had Justin's deep blue eyes and Juliet's golden locks.

Juliet set down her mug on the counter, and went to take a shower. She glanced up at the clock, it was a quarter after eight. Again she had done it, a perfect morning.

"And what do you say when you finish your meal?" Juliet, now in her office clothes, was fixing her daughters hair.

The little one glanced up at her mom, "Thank you!" Her cheeks were rosy from excitement.

"Exactly," She smiled back," And when Amber tells you to change into your pajamas, what do you do?"

"I-I take a nap and say good night." Emma explained. She was proud that she knew all the answers. Juliet smiled brightly at the pigtailed little girl who had grown so quickly.

First she had hesitated on leaving her into a day care, but she missed work.

She had found a great advertising job and truly enjoyed it. After all, she was really good at her work.

Just as she was about to grab her purse, the doorbell rang. Juliet sighed loudly and went to the door, but when she opened the door she found something that she was not expecting.

She couldn't believe it was really her.

They just stood there, staring at each other, no expression on their faces.


"Holy shit," The brunette cursed nervously, "I mean, hi!"

Juliet gave a little breathless laugh, moving a loose piece of her hair from her eyes. "What- I mean.. I haven't seen you in years!"

"I know," Alex crossed her arms, hugging her leather jacket, "Could I come in?"

Juliet gladly stepped from the way and allowed her sister-in-law walk inside.

She looked at her, noting the changes that had taken place since she'd last seen her.

Her messy long hair framed her beautiful face, she was wearing a simple leather jacket with a long black form fitting shirt, with stockings and a pair of black long boots.

Yep, it was Alex no doubt about it.

Alex looked around the big beautiful house she had walked into, almost forgetting why she was there in the first place.

Juliet lead her nervously to the living room, "Would you like any coffee? Water? Tea?"

She looked up at her, a rueful smile quirking the corner of her mouth, "No, thanks."

"You look great." Juliet said as she approached her, "It's been over three years since I saw you-"

"Yeah, it was Emma's first birthday party when.." Alex swallowed nervously, "But that's not important.. I know that I haven't exactly been the greatest sister, daughter or even friend, but I wouldn't have barged in here if it wasn't important."

Juliet nodded as if she understood what she meant, "What's going on then?"

She took a deep breathe, "I-I was.." She started, but stopped quickly, "Justin is not here, is he?"

"No. He's at work."

Alex dropped her head in shame, "Ugh. This is so hard to explain."

Juliet looked at her watch, "Well I'm going to miss work anyway so I have time." A couple of smiles were exchanged, and then Emma walked into the room.

"Mommy," She threw her backpack on the floor, "I wanna go!"

The worried mother quickly got up and walked up to her daughter, "Honey, we are going to stay home today okay?"

The little girl had barely heard her mothers words as she tried to take a peek of the visitor that sat on their white sofa, "Who is she?" her little voice asked.

Alex's head snapped up to meet the baby blue eyes and she smiled at her.

Juliet brushed off her daughters question, "Emma, you can go and watch cartoons in daddy's office while mommy talks to a friend, okay?"

The girl nodded and waved her hand as a good bye to Alex.

Alex watched her intently before turning back to the woman who stood in front of her.

"Now. Tell me what's going on."

After almost an hour of explaining how she had lost everything, her house, money, car- Alex finally sighed in relief, "…And that's how I got here."

Juliet knew that Alex was very good at making bad decisions.

She had been like that since.. forever.

That was the difference between the Russo brother and a sister; Justin was careful, but Alex wasn't. She was fearless and somehow always got herself in the middle of something bad.

"Is he still in the picture?"

Alex shook her head. "No…no, he's not," she said softly, almost sadly.

"That's good."

"I don't know about that," Alex rolled her eyes, "He stole everything I owned and I blindly believed he loved me. Now I'm broke and alone."

Juliet bit her lip and looked down, "You could stay with us.."

"Huh?" Alex almost jumped from the sofa, "Really? Because I would really, appreciate that. I don't want to go back to mom and dad."

"Of course we have to talk to Justin first, but I'm sure he wont have anything against it."

"Yeah sure," Alex grinned, "I know what I'm doing."

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