This is my first Vocaloid story, so go easy please! It's also going to be a two-shot. This is with my UTAULoid (Or soon to be,) BTW, this is implied and slight LenxOc. Enjoy!

This has to be the worst job ever. Let me explain (If I can. I don't have a hold on all of this). My friend, Rin, and I had to get jobs. We're only fourteen (Alright, so I'm thirteen and a half, big whoop….alright Rin, you're older we get it! Sorry, Rin started to whine about being older *BAM* Alright, alright, I'm sorry!) and we were very poor. We live together as well and we've known each other for about a year. Anyway, there was a job opening for two maids (Lucky us) for the night on Friday. We took the opportunity, and got the jobs, but only for a day (They needed maids for a party). We arrived at the mansion early, which was on a cliff next to the ocean (the view was AMAZING!), to get into our work clothes. Rin was handed a black dress with short sleeves white frills at the bottom, which went nicely with her usual white bow, black shoes, and shoulder length blonde hair. Her eyes were dark amber, almost red, and her skin was pale. I was given almost the same thing, except the frills at the bottom were orange and it was long-sleeved. I guess it went okay with my golden eyes and black mid-back length hair, which was kept in a strait pony tail by an orange ribbon. This is going to sound strange and improper of me, but I also wore my signature orange tie. I don't care if they're for men, I wear it! Anyway, the 'party' wasn't a party; it was more like a social gathering of seven people. Of course they were all very fancy people, but one of them was different. He looked a lot like Rin, except his eyes were lighter, and he only had one arm. He was a detective, I think, detective Len, but he only looked fourteen! He had a long black trench coat, and a black suit under it. His blonde hair was pulled into a small ponytail. But enough of me ogling about the guest, let's get to the actual events that took place. Sometime during this, the 'Master' went up to his room alone. When he didn't come back after a while, people started getting worried, so I was sent to check up on him. When I opened the door, I wasn't expecting the scene. 'Master' was sprawled on the floor in an awkward position, with a wine glass in his hand, and a stain on the floor. I tried to wake him, thinking he was unconscious, but I was naïve. He had no pulse. I panicked and did the only thing I could think of. I screamed. Many footsteps were heard approaching the room, and they gasped when they reached the door. I could tell it wasn't a nice thing to see. Accusations were shot at me from every direction, but then Rin retorted with anger.

"Hikari wouldn't kill anyone! We just met the guy!" She yelled in my defense. I could only nod as we watched the boy that looked like Rin, the detective, step forward.

"Now, now. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for this." He explained calmly, his smooth voice rolling on his lips. Rin seemed to relax instantly. I was still hesitant. "We'll just put the house under arrest until we find the culprit." He continued. They all agreed, and went back down to the main room.

"Now, nothing against you, but we'll have to lock you in a room until this is solved. No hard feelings." He explained to me. I nodded slowly, and gulped, but the reasoning was understandable. I mean, what would you do if you were in the same room as a dead man and many people walked in? I was taken, and then locked in the kitchen, which is kind of dumb. The kitchen is filled with sharp things. Sharp things that could be used to give a criminal an advantage, not that I am one, but, if they don't trust me…

"Um, would the kitchen really be the best place for a suspect to be kept?" I yelled though the door. Silence. The footsteps I heard previously walking away from the door came to a halt. Suddenly, the door was yanked open, and the detective appeared in the door frame. An eyebrow was raised.

"Why, are you having any ideas?" He asked suspiciously. I frowned.

"No, it's just that since you don't trust me, this wouldn't be a place to earn that trust back…" I trailed.

"How do I know you aren't carrying any weapons?" he asked again. I could see the ghost of a smile on his lips. I glared.

"Oh, so now you want to get all technical and professional." I grumbled under my breath. I heard him chuckle once, then close the door and lock it with a 'click'. I frowned and pulled up a chair, sitting in it briefly, before pushing it back in and sitting in a corner. The floor was much more comfortable than the chairs here. I don't know how long I was sitting there, but it had to be for a while, because I started to doze off. When was the last time I slept? It feels like it's been forever…

I was snapped into consciousness when I began to hear Rin.

"Hikari? Hey, Hikari? Wake up! Did you lie to me? I knew it! You never sleep!" Then-

"No sleep? That's a reason to be driven out of your sanity, which could result in a murder…."

"Shut up Len! She didn't kill anyone! The guy probably drank himself to death! You know, like alcohol poisoning?"

"It smelled like poison." He simply stated. She retorted angrily, and he replied with a witty remark for a couple of more times.

"Hikari isn't a killer! She's never killed anyone!"

"That you know of."

"That I know o- Stop that!"

"You guys stop bickering. You're giving me a headache." I grumbled, leaving my drowsy state. The both looked at me in surprise. I noticed they were both on their knees in front of me. Len raised an eyebrow at me again.

"Yet another reason to lose sanity…" He mused.

"Would you stop it already?" Rin yelled.

"Well, I'm only being rational." He defended. They started arguing, again. I tried to use my hands to clamp my ears in attempt to ease the ache, but I stopped when my wrists were in front of my face, and would not separate. I glared at the rope bindings, and quickly realized my ankles were tied together as well. The room was silent as both of them stopped arguing and turned toward me, watching my reaction.

"Why am I tied up?" I asked quietly, now glaring at the floor.

"We need to move you, and if you did have a weapon, you wouldn't be able to reach it, because your limbs are bound." Len explained. I sighed deeply, before nodding. "Alright now, get up and follow me." He continued, and then walked away. I blinked a couple of times, not moving. He stopped halfway across the kitchen, and turned towards us. "What?"

"If you haven't noticed, I can't walk. You've tied my ankles together…"

"Nice going Genius." Len sighed after Rin's remark. He rushed back over to us, and pulled me up by my tie, which started to choke me slightly. Then he did something that surprised both me and Rin. He picked me up. With one arm. Fireman style.

"Hey!" I yelled in surprise.

"I can't untie you, so this is the most sufficient way." He explained, walking down a hall with Rin following close behind. I could feel my face get redder.

"Put me down! I'll hop! Please?" I begged while pounding on his back with my tied wrists. He laughed.

"It'll take you forever." He taunted. I frowned as Rin opened the door for him. We entered an office, and I was placed, gently, into a chair. Len grabbed a rope that was on the main desk, and tied my already bound ankles to the chair, as well as untying my wrists, just to put them behind my back, and tie them again, together and to the chair.

"Ow." I whimpered slightly as he finished binding me to the chair. His eyes flashed up to mine in apology.

"Sorry, it's necessary." Was his reply. I nodded and both he and Rin left the room, but not before Rin hollered-

"Don't worry Hikari! I'll be back soon! Catch up on your sleep or something!" And I did just that.

I was awakened by Len this time. I opened my eyes slowly to see he was kneeling down to my level and waving a hand in my face. I blinked a couple of times, before I focused on him.

"Good! You're finally awake. Time to solve this crime." He got up and leaned on the desk from before. Rin was standing up, away from the desk, but still facing Len. Something was wrong. She had a lifeless, cold look in her eyes. A look that was so….un-like Rin.

"W-where are the others?" I asked nervously, still eyeing Rin.

"They all drowned." She replied icily. I gasped. All of them?

"H-h-h-ho-" I stopped myself. I couldn't even get a one worded question out of my mouth, which showed how surprised I was.

"Fell off the cliff." Len answered simply. I gulped. But how?

"Now, we attempt to solve this mystery." Len explained. We both nodded stiffly. "Okay, the first mystery is why the owner was alone in his room drinking a poisoned bottle of wine?" As he continued to speak, I saw Rin's gaze didn't change. At all. This fact scared me. Rin? She was always lively and happy! What made her this way? "The reason why is simple." Len explained. "At that point in time, he was destined to die." He continued darkly. I averted my gaze to the floor. How could someone say something like that? Something, so…dark? Well, I guess he's been around a lot of murders, but at the age of fourteen? (At least that's the age he looked.) "So who's the culprit?" He asked us. No answer. "You know the answer to that question, because it all happened in front of your eyes, Rin." He explained again. I could feel my eyes widen. Rin saw them fall? She saw them die? That could be the reason she looks distracted, but now she looked straight at him, blinking a couple of times. "So, who's the culprit?" He asked again with a smile and tilted his head at her. His bangs were covering his eyes, and it gave him an innocent look. It kind of sounded like a song. "Even if you do not answer, I will answer it for you. That way, this crime will end." He continued. I turned my head to look at Rin, who was still apathetic.

The second mystery is why did they fall into the ocean, and was the culprit really among them?" I shook my head in confusion. If they fell from a cliff, wouldn't the culprit be among them? They wouldn't jump off for fun! While the detective continued again, I saw Rin grab something in her pocket slowly. Len didn't notice.

"The one fatal mistake in my plan." She started to whisper, "Was to have the other detective dragged into this." What? What other detective? She took out the object in her pocket quickly, and made a dive for the detective. Only when it was easily knocked out of her hand by the detective did I notice what it was. A knife. It landed at my feet. I looked back up that them to see the detective in front of her, smiling, and Rin, looking alarmed. Out of surprise, she grabbed his jacket sleeve. The sleeve with no arm.

"So, who's the culprit?" He asked again, laughing slightly. No, it wasn't a song. It was more like a melody… Rin began to fall back, bringing his coat with her. "Come on, the name of the person in front of you." He continued. She stumbled back and looked at the coat in her hands, then at Len. We both froze. The 'one-armed' detective had two arms. One was clean and normal, like we saw before, but the other was…bloody. It didn't look like his blood either. "Say my name!" He laughed, putting both hands on his chest with a wild look in his eyes. He laughed for a while longer as we stayed frozen. Rin was hugging the coat to herself.

I really didn't want you to find out." He started. My eyes flashed to the floor. The knife. It was still there. I struggled to use my feet to kick the knife, behind me, and I did silently. I tried to reach down and grab it with my hands, but the ropes were tight.

"I will be merciful. Hurry, if you want to run, then run away quickly." He explained to her. Rin's eyes flashed to me. They held shock now. Len also turned to me lazily, but smiling. I hid the knife, now in my hand, self-consciously. "Oh, you'll have to leave her behind. Her fate has already been decided." He laughed. Both Rin and I gasped. Len turned back to her. That's when I started cutting. Slowly, so it could be silent. Rin was still watching me, so I gave her a confident smile, which I'm sure didn't look too confident, and I nodded. She didn't nod back.

"Go Rin." I commanded lightly. She shook her head.

"I-I'm not leaving you behind." She replied shakily.

"Don't worry about me, just GO!" I yelled now. She was taken aback. Len watched with curiosity as he laughed.

"So, who is the culprit?" He asked for what felt like the thousandth time. Except this time, we knew the answer. It sounded like a melody alright. He was still laughing. "There may be more than one answer to that question." Confusion swept across our faces. "But the means to confirm the answer that is about to disappear." That probably didn't make any sense. Probably. "So, who is the culprit?" He asked again, smiling and tilting his head. That looked innocent before, but now…it was just plain creepy.

If you don't hurry up, my hands are going to kill you. You don't have much time." He taunted darkly to Rin. She stood there, still hugging his coat.

"RIN!" I snapped. She shook her head once more.

"So who is the culprit?" It was a melody. An innocent, yet disturbing melody. "You know the answer to that question, because everything happened in front of your eyes." He repeated. She saw him kill the others? That must be why she looked so…. Wrong. So…. Disturbed. But why was she confused? Why is she not leaving me behind? "So who is the culprit?" A creepy, yet light sounding melody. "Come one, the person in front of you. Come, say that person's name." He asked with his innocent look. "My name!" He laughed and lunged at her.

"RIN!" I yelled in surprise. Then everything went black.

For him.

At least, that's what I imagine would happen after you receive a knock-out hit. He crumbled to the floor as Rin yelped with surprise. I now stood behind him, my hand still frozen in place, and let out a sigh of relief. I almost didn't make it in time. I almost lost Rin. How stupid am I?

"Help me get him into the chair." I said simply, and began to drag him. She was shaken out of her shocked state and helped me tie him to the chair. His eyes flew open as I finished tying the last knot.

"Well played Hikari." He mumbled, panting slightly. He wasn't smiling, or laughing like he was about a minute or two ago. I smirked as I stood up in front of him. His eye followed. "May I ask how you got out of my rope work?" He was answered when I let the knife slide out of my sleeve and into my hand. He nodded with a thoughtful look.

"May I ask how you're conscious?" I countered. He smiled. It gave me chills, and he smile grew wider as he saw a shiver wreck through my body. I couldn't stop it. Rin behind me was oh-so silent.

"I'm sure you wake up from being unconscious after a while, except if you are dead, or in a coma." He smiled. I glared.

"Not what I meant." I growled out. He laughed again. Well, we can see he's a complete psycho!

"Oh, I guess you are referring to how I woke up so quickly." I only nodded. "Well, you hit like a girl." He answered monotone. Let's just say Rin had to hold me back.

"You evil little monster! Let me go Rin! I'll hit him so hard; he'll never see the light of day!" I yelled, struggling and kicking in every direction in attempt to get out of Rin's grip, but, she had a vice grip, so it hurt. Len just watched, now expressionless. Is he having mood swings?

'A reason to go insane' A voice in my head mused, which sounded much like Len from before. I shook my head and stopped struggling. Rin hesitantly let me go, but I didn't attack him like I had planned.

"If I were you two, I would run. Now." He taunted with a dark smile. I raised an eyebrow.

"We aren't tied up." I countered. He chuckled.

"And I won't be for long." He taunted again. I caught a glint of light from something behind his back. In his hand, was a knife. How did he get it? I have no idea. He gave me a toothy smile when he realized I saw the knife, and then he began cutting quickly. I whipped back around to Rin, grabbed her hand, and ran out of the room.

"W-what's going on?" She asked innocently. I dragged her out the door and into the night. We were in an alleyway when I began to hear footsteps behind us. He was fast. Rin saw this and began to run faster, leading me to another alleyway, and we soon heard Len's footsteps disappearing. We stopped at a one way corner and gasped for air.

"That- was- close." I panted. She nodded, panting as well. That's when we heard it. Scraping on the wall. Like metal to a wall. Or a knife being dragged against the wall. I looked up to see Len, slowly making his way over to us. I gasped and turned around, only to be met with a surprising scene. Rin was there, a ways away from me, with a knife. At first I was confused. Highly confused. WHERE ARE THEY ALL GETTING KNIFES FROM? I checked my sleeve to see the knife I had stored in it previously 'magically disappeared' and then 'reappeared' in Rin's hand. Sneaky move Rin. She started to back me up into a corner, with Len closing in as well. What was going on? My back hit the wall when I finally asked, and they were both side by side, knifes in hand, staring me down.

"R-rin? W-what's going on?" I asked nervously. She was- what?

"I'm sorry Hikari. He's my brother." She explained, voice sorrowful.

"Older Twin to be exact." Len added smiling. I shook my head and turned it to Rin.

"He tried to kill you! Remember?" I yelled now, hoping that it would give her some sense.

"It was an act." Len laughed. Rin stared at the ground. "Do you think I would actually kill my partner and sister?"

"Partner?" I asked shakily. Len nodded. "You killed people, Rin?" She nodded slowly. "B-but, even if you did, how did you two meet up and talk about it? It's not like you could go during the night, I'd know." I added. She smiled.

"My chores." She answered simply. I gasped when it clicked. She was always going into the town for shopping and things like that.


"We will be nice to you, since you have been nice to my sister. You have ten seconds to run." Len laughed. I gasped, but didn't move. "Oh? You don't trust us?" He asked.

"How can I? You're a psycho crazed killer, and you didn't tell me some things, which is considered untrustworthiness." I stated dully while Rin flinched. Len nodded and moved to the side of the alley, with Rin doing to same. They were making a path out of the alleyway.

"If you can make it to the authorities, you'll live. But if you don't, you won't be so lucky." Rin explained. Len laughed.

"So, who is the culprit?" He asked in a sing song voice. It was a light melody, alright. The light melody that was going to kill me. "Ten seconds by the way." He added, most likely counting in his head. I dashed past them as fast as I could, and they stayed true to their word. They didn't jump out and kill me as I ran by. It's a start. I ran into new alleyways, scraping my arms slightly as I passed the corners quickly, which tore up my sleeves to the dress I was wearing. I heard someone behind be, and I saw Rin running at me, with a knife. I sped up, but slowed slightly when a thought passed through my head.

Where was Len?

I came to a skidding halt, which made me lean slightly. A lean that saved my life! What stuck out where my neck should've been? A knife, or course. My arms and legs were bleeding, but it wasn't as bad as that could've been. I skid under the knife, narrowly avoiding it, narrowly. I immediately got up and ran, looking behind me for a split second. I almost laughed. I would've, if it wasn't for the 'run-for-your-life' thing. The look on Len's face was HILARIOUIS! Wide-eyed and jaw near the floor. I almost stopped. Almost. If it wasn't for Rin right behind me, I would've, but I kept running, trying to remember the way to the police station. Yeah, I forgot where it is okay? I've only been in town a couple of times, because Rin did all the shopping. I did the house (More like shack) work. So I was a good as dead at the moment. The only way to save my life, and I didn't even know where it was! Well, I had to get out of the alleys. I dashed by more, trying to find my way out of this maze. My heart nearly stopped when I reached a dead end.

"So, who is the culprit?" I heard right behind me. I turned and jumped out of the way, not quite avoiding the blade. It cut my cheek in a straight line, across it, but it wasn't too deep. Rin was joining us as I started to back away. I watched both of them come closer, but then there were four of them. Confused, I gripped my head. It ached. So bad. Dizziness started to seep in.

"Oh? Fatigue starting to creep up on you? I guess that's what happens when you don't sleep!" Rin scolded. I showed a weak frown as my back hit the wall for the second time that night. The second, and probably the last. I gasped for air, out of breath.

"Why is that anyway? No sleep…" Len asked, face full of curiosity. I frowned even deeper.

"Nightmares." I panted.

"About what?" He asked again.

"Something I don't want to talk about." I snapped, growling. He put his hands up in mock surrender. That was my chance. They were both distracted, or looked that way. But I didn't try to run. I was too tired, and probably going to pass out soon from fatigue.

"Hikari…" Rin started. I turned my attention to her. "You've been…." She trailed. I've been what? Fun to have around, but now I'm going to kill you for old time's sake? "…. Running the wrong way." She finished. Len cracked a smile. (Not like he hasn't before)

"What do you mean the wrong way?" I asked cautiously. I knew I wasn't going to like the answer. Len broke out laughing.

"You've been running this way," He started, pointing to the left, "And the police station is that way." He pointed to the right. I dropped to my knees. All this time, I've been running towards my death? My head dropped, so I was looking at the ground. I was still upright, but not for long. They were probably going to kill me now, so…"Well, aren't you going to run?" He asked, in that sing song voice of his. I shook my head.

"You're giving up?" Rin asked, surprised.

"Why wouldn't I?" I started, my voice full of sorrow. "I have no family, well, had no family, until you came around Rin. My parents are dead, my aunts and uncles don't want me because they think I'm a failure, even my own sisters didn't try to help me! And now that… you've joined your brother….who do I have? Who will I have to go to when things get even worse? No one. What's the point of running, when you've got nothing to run to? My savior? From what, not dying tonight? What happens now? I can't do this anymore. I'm done. Just end it now." I cried, tears falling down my face. I didn't even look at them, but I knew their faces (Well at least Rin's) were full of pity. I heard something clatter to the ground. Looking next to them briefly, I saw Rin dropped her blade. Confusion was evident on my face, as I looked up to see her crying.

"I can't do it!" She yelled, dropping to her knees as well. It was a moment before Len sighed and sat down, making us a triangle.

Now what? Have a quick, 'its okay, everything gets better in the end' pep talk? I don't think so. They're too cheesy, plus, I'm dealing with serial killers here. That wouldn't be the best move from them. No one spoke, except Rin was sobbing, Len was drawing on the ground with his knife, and I probably looked like a sad excuse of a human. Finally, someone spoke up.

"I-I'm sorry." Rin cried out. I frowned and shook my head.

"Don't be. You didn't do anything except join your family. You did nothing w- that's worth cryin- that's um…..uh…. something to get upset ove-…..uh…" Well, that didn't come out right. I couldn't say she didn't do anything wrong, she killed people. I can't say anything that's worth crying over, because people usually cry when someone dies. Can't say she didn't do anything that worth getting upset over, did I say she killed people? Rin started sobbing louder, and Len shot me a glare.

"Nice going genius."

"Sorry! Well, uh….umm…..I got it!" I exclaimed finally. Rin quieted down at this, and one of Len's eyebrows rose. "It's not your fault." I explained in a soothing tone. She cried even harder. "AH! What was wrong with that?" I asked Len out of exasperation.

"I don't know, why don't you ask her?"

"Because she's crying too loudly!"

"Well, just try again." I sighed. He was sooo much help.

"Rin? Rin?" I asked gently, which worked for the most part. "Why are you crying?"

"B-b-because after all the things you went though, you're trying to calm me!" She yelled, now angered. I'm pretty sure I was shocked. "And to think, I'm the older one… why would you do this?"

"Well, I would try to calm you down anyway, it's an instinct."

"Yeah, but I just betrayed you! How can you- why are you trying to be my friend?"

"I-I…I….I guess… I'm just trying to hold onto the only family I have left… so…it's not your fault." Rin looked like she was about to yell at me, but Len beat her to it.

"Stop that." He snapped.

"Stop what?"

"Stop caring. No one has cared for us. That's how we live-unguarded, unloved, and yet free. So why did you have to come in and care? You've only known Rin for about a year! Why do you care?" He yelled, his eyes furious. I glared right back at him.

"Is it wrong to?"

"YES! We lived this way for so long, and yet you…a kid-" I was about to interrupt him, but he corrected himself, "A teenager, goes and befriends my sister. So why are you saying it's not her fault, even in your last moments?"

"Why wouldn't I?" I countered calmly. His angered expression turned into a calculating gaze. "Wha-"

"You're keeping something from us." Len stated. I shook my head.

"No I'm-"

"Something in your past, right? A secret that probably traumatized you…" My eyes widened. How did he…? "So what was it?"

"I…..I….I can't say." I lamely replied. Rin gently touched my shoulder.

"You can tell us! We, well at least I'm your friend." She encouraged, wiping her tears away. When did this become a therapy session?

"I saw it."

"Saw what?" She asked gently.

"Saw her parents die, right? Probably right in front of you… at a young age too, probably six or seven, too young to care for yourself by yourself, and yet old enough to understand what was happening." He mused. My eyes widened and I felt tears cascading down my face.

"How did you-"

"I'm not a 'detective' for nothing." He chuckled slightly. I smiled sadly, but then frowned as he frowned. "You poor soul…" He whispered, mostly to himself. He stood suddenly, with Rin joining him. "Let's go Rin." He simply stated. I started to get up and except my death, but instead, I was greeted with Rin tackling me into a hug.

"I'll miss you Hikari." She cried, and then backed off. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Len walked up to me and whispered something in my ear sadly.

"So, who's the culprit now?" He whispered in his sweet, light melody. Then they were gone, leaving without another word. I blinked a couple of times, and then fell to my knees. This had to be the strangest night of my life. Lights suddenly invaded the alley. Guess who?

The authorities.

Ironic, huh? They ran up to me, and asked me many things, before helping me up. But I wasn't thinking about them.

"Miss, are you okay?" The light melody was stuck in my head, playing over and over again like a broken record.

"Miss, what's your name?" The light melody.

"Your name Miss?" His light melody.

I looked up at the man with dull eyes.

"Hikari Kaichou."

Hahahaha, oh the Irony. Here the clue, Hikari = Light ; Kaichou = Melody. Get it? Oh, I hoped that was good! Wait this is a two shot? Yes. So that means they're coming back? Who knows. Cause I don't! Jk, I do, but I'm not aloud to tell you! :P Hope you enjoyed it! Bye!