Bowser Jr. returned to the westernmost point of Seaside Hill towards the caverns, this time with Toadette instead of Waluigi. Bowser Jr. dropped the three bright emerald jewels in front of the caverns, folding his arm as he tapped his right foot impatiently.

"Well, we got the jewels. Now what?" Bowser Jr. asked, demanding an answer.

The voice from before who told Bowser Jr. to do the errand simply chuckled, replying in a voice that sounded like an elderly woman, "Why, thanks for the jewels... they're just what I need for... to do this!"

Suddenly, Bowser Jr. and Toadette were trapped in a cage, red bars surrounding them. Bowser Jr. tried to bite them, but was unsuccessful as Toadette started crying again. Out of the cavern was Petey Piranha, who laughed triumphally.

"Petey! I should have figured it would be you..." Bowser Jr. stated as he growled, trying to break his way through the bars, "Why did you send us to get those jewels?"

Petey laughed, putting his right leaf over his mouth as he replied while snatching up the jewels, "Because I needed some extra cash on me to get some jelly filled donuts, and I figured that you and Waluigi would not be doing anything." He then looked around, scratching his head in confusion. "Speaking of which, where is Waluigi?"

Back in the fog dense area, Waluigi screamed as he continued to bump into trees, unable to find the exit, forever alone.

"When I get out of here, I'm going to give that voice one jewel it'll regret," Waluigi grumbled to himself as he continued falling on the ground after every collision, his legs going into the air every time. "Curse you, voice!"