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It was midnight and the room was pitch black except for the sliver of moonlight shinning across her face. A small cry sounded though the room and as Ziva began to sit up Tony pulled her back down mumbling something like "Sleep, I got her."

"No you got her the last two times."

"I don't care you sleep."

Before Ziva could argue this Tony was up and out of the room, but she still wanted to see her baby, so she did.

Ziva Dinozzo stood at the door frame watching Tony hold their baby girl. He was so good to her and Jenny. She constantly wondered if she deserved these two wonderful human beings given to her. Then Tony smiles, and everything makes sense again.

When Jenny stopped crying Tony kissed the top of her head one last time then set her gently back into the hand crafted crib Gibbs had made them among other things. He felt arms snake around his waist so he turned around slowly and placed a light kiss on the persons lips. "Ti amo bella." Tony whispered to his amazing wife. "Ti amo bello." Ziva responded with her thick accent that showed up when she was very tired, the one that made Tonys spine tingle. At this very moment...life was perfect.

Um lets see I don't really speak Italian so I mean no offense to anyone if I got this wrong. That's pretty much all I got to say reviews are appreciated especially for a probie like me :)

"Ti amo bella"="I love you beautiful"

"Ti amo bello"="I love you handsome"