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Airies paced the dark weapon room, excited and nervous thoughts running through her mind.

She could not believe she was doing this. She hadn't had an adventure like this in 1300 years, and tonight was a big one. The Telmarines had taken over Narnia, but not for long. Things were about to change.

Her heart was racing with anticipation. Saving someone's life is a big job, but by doing this, she was getting something for herself in return; she would be able to see him again. That's more than anything she ever wanted.

She gripped the horn that hung on her hip next to her sword in reassurance.

"I have brought you someone who knows this land better than anyone I have ever met," she heard an old male voice say.

Seconds later, Professor Cornelius came running down the stairs to the artillery room with a boy who looked to be about 18 years old following close on his heels.

She watched him closely as he grabbed a sword and put his mail on.

He had dark hair that hung over his eyes, and a handsome face: Prince Caspian.

Professor Cornelius led the two teenagers into the barn while saying, "Prince Caspian, this is Airies."

She bowed to him.

"Women are not supposed to bow," Caspian said, confused and slightly enraged that a young girl would be disrespecting a prince in this way.

"Curtsying has never been my thing, and bowing is quicker. So why I should curtsy?" she said back smugly.

Caspian opened his mouth to give back a snotty remark, but Professor Cornelius interrupted him.

"Caspian, this girl is going to save your life. She is the daughter of Aslan, respect her."

Caspian's eyes widened. Of course, the Professor had taught him all about Aslan, and how truly remarkable he was, and he mentioned that Aslan had a daughter, and it was unbelievable to him that the daughter of Aslan was standing in front of him right now.

"I apologize, your Highness," he said.

Airies waved her hand in response.

"Airies, the horn, if you will," The Professor said.

Airies handed him the horn and he passed it on to Caspian.

"Only use this if you are in grave danger. If you blow it, help is always sure to come. Now go!" he told him.

"Follow me. I'll lead the way," Airies said before jumping on her black horse.

Caspian followed her lead and asked, "Professor, will I see you again?"

"I do hope so my dear Prince. Now, please, go! Stay close to Airies, she will keep you safe. And be careful," the Professor said.

Their horses started galloping out of the castle grounds and Caspian shouted, "Where are we going?"

"Into the woods!"

Peter Pevensie walked down the steps of the Strand Train Station.

It had been a year since he and his three siblings had tumbled out of the wardrobe and became normal children again, and still nothing felt right. He had been waiting for the day when being back in England would be normal again, but so far that day had not come.

And to make matters even worse, he now had to return to school after the Christmas holiday.

He had spent most of his break trying to get back into Narnia. But no matter what he tried, it was of no use. He doubted that he would ever return back to Narnia, and he doubted that he would ever see her again.

He put his suitcase down on the ground and closed his eyes. As if on cue, a beautiful girl with long wavy brown hair invaded his eyelids.

"Come back to me," she was saying.

He had been hearing those exact words for a year since they got sent home, and they always made him feel worse.

At night, he would talk to her in his dreams, and ask her on how to get back to her, but there was never any reply. It was like a nightmare. The more he tried to get to her, the farther away she became.

His eyes were still closed when someone bumped into him, hard.

He opened his eyes and turned around.

Martin McCray, the school's richest and snobbiest boy, was glaring at him.

"Don't you have something to say?" Martin said to Peter.

"What did you have in mind?" Peter exclaimed.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe I'm sorry?"

"Are you kidding? You bumped me!" Peter shouted, outraged.

Martin snapped his fingers and his two cronies grabbed Peter's arms and held him back.

Martin stepped up close to him and got in his face.

"You were in my way, and I believe it's time you learned to respect those who are superior to you," he said.

'Hit him. No one is holding you back anymore,' a female voice said in his head. 'You are High King Peter,' the voice added.

Peter did as he was told and kneed Martin in the stomach and slipped out of his jacket, which was now hanging limply in the cronies' hands.

Peter took advantage of the doubled over Martin and punched him. The two cronies grabbed him as a crowd formed around the fighters.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" they chanted, but Peter wasn't paying attention to any of them. He was too blinded by fury to think sensibly.

He and Martin started fighting, throwing punches everywhere.

Martin knocked him to the ground, and then pulled him back up.

As he was getting pulled up, he looked into the faces of Susan and Lucy, Susan looking very disappointed.

The next thing he saw was Edmund, pushing his way through the crowd, stripping off his coat and hat and charging at Martin, knocking him to the ground and freeing his brother.

Peter took his chance and ran at the two cronies. Before any of them knew it, a whistle was being blown and the crowd was running away in every direction.

Train station guards grabbed at all of the boys. Peter pulled out of his grasp angrily as one of them said, "Act your age!"

Peter glared, and he and Edmund stalked off.

The four Pevensie children sat down on a bench, waiting for the train that would take them back to school.

"You're welcome," Edmund said sarcastically as he sat down next to Peter.

"I had it sorted," Peter said angrily while standing up.

"What was it this time?" Susan questioned, fed up with the way that Peter had been acting lately. This wasn't the first time that he had gotten into a fight.

"He bumped me," Peter shrugged.

"So you hit him?" Lucy cried.

"No, after he bumped me, they tried to make me apologize. That's when I hit him."

"Honestly, is it that hard just to walk away?" Susan exclaimed.

"I shouldn't have to!" Peter shouted. "Aren't you sick of being treated like children?"

"Hello, we are children," Edmund pointed out.

"Well, I wasn't always!" Peter exclaimed, starting to get angry again.

He got angry a lot lately, but he couldn't help himself.

A soft breeze that only he could feel stroked his arm. She was always with him, calming him down. He just wished he could see her, feel her, kiss her.

"It's been a year. How long does he expect us to wait?" he asked while sitting back down next to Susan.

"I know this is going to be hard, but I think we all need to accept the fact that we live here, in England. We're not going back," Susan said.

"We have to go back! I can't live here!" Peter exclaimed. 'Not without Airies,' he thought.

"Listen, Peter. I know you miss Airies. I know you're angry about not being able to be with her, but I think you need to move on. There are loads of girls that would give anything to be with you Peter. Give them a chance. Find another girl, and get over Airies," Susan said bravely.

Peter jumped up again.

"I can't get over her! I've tried, Su. You just don't understand that it's not possible for me to just forget about her," he said.

"Peter, please sit down," Susan said.

Once he sat down, she took his hand and said, "It'll be hard, Peter, but you can do it. You'll find someone else, someone who lives here, not in a magical land. Someone who will be able to love you forever."

'I already have that someone who will love me forever. But she's far away, and I don't if I'll ever see her again,' Peter thought sadly, while squeezing his sisters hand gently.

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