OK. So this is the first BTR fanfic I've ever written. It's also the first fanfic I've written with sex in it. Therefore, it may be awkward and not good. I apologize for that.

And, Lara, if you're reading this, HI! Please go easy on me when judging this.

The boys of Big Time Rush were into the second month of their tour. They were currently i New York City, one of their favorite places. James and Carlos had just gone out and Logan and Kendall were just relaxing in the hotel room.

"I'm bored," Kendall said.

Logan nodded even though Kendall wasn't looking at him. The other boy was currently laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

"You could've always gone out with Carlos and James," Logan told Kendall.

Kendall snorted. "Yeah. Because I really feel like watching James model clothes and get kicked out of every store because of Carlos.

Logan laughed. Though he was kind of upset Kendall didn't leave with their two other friends. He wanted to be alone so he could relieve some "frustration" he had. It would be awkward if he just went in the bathroom to do so with Kendall still in the other room.

Kendall let out yet another sigh of boredom. He had been hoping Logan would keep him entertained while James and Carlos went galavanting around the city. After all, Logan was the one of his three friends that he got along with the best. He'd never tell the other two that Logan was indeed his favorite of them all.

"Hand me the remote," he said to Logan. A few seconds later, he felt the remote hit his stomach. He sat up and turned on the TV. He flipped through each channel about a million times. "Jesus. There's nothing on."

"We could always order a movie or something," Logan suggested.

"Yeah. But Gustavo would be pissed because he'd have to pay for it." He looked at Logan and smiled. "Let's do it."

"That's a good movie," Logan said as Kendall browsed through the movies.

"True. But I've seen it a million times. I wanna watch something I've never seen before."

Kendall went through the comedy, romance, drama, action, and horror movies. The only thing left was adult.

"Kendall, I am not watching porn with you," Logan said. The last thing he needed was to get hard in front of his friend. Then he saw the title of one of them. "Wait. What's that one called?"

"Um... Fred-Exxx."

Logan laughed. "How creative. What's the brilliant plot?"

Kendall hit the info button. "Apparently, this classic film chronicles the adventures of a young delivery girl named Kandi."

"Why is her name spelled all weird?"

"Because it's a porn, Logan. They can't have normally spelled names. So we gonna watched this?"

Logan shrugged. "Sure. Why not?"

Kendall hit play. Kandi, the large boobed blonde was a Fed-Ex delivery woman. She also had a bad habit of fucking all the men she came into contact with.

Kendall found himself getting hard quickly. It really turned him on watching these people do things he had no chance of doing with Jo. Hell, he and Jo hadn't even had sex yet. She refused to move past second base. Kendall had a lot of pent up sexual frustration because of that. But he didn't want to push her to go further. He was a decent guy after all.

Logan tried to distract himself so he wouldn't get aroused, but he failed. Two months of not getting any was taking a toll on him. He really needed that sweet release. He wanted the feel of a body beneath him, hearing the glorious moans of pleasure coming from the other person's mouth. Unfortunately, the only person around was Kendall.

Logan looked at his friend, who was staring intently at the television, biting his bottom lip. Seeing him like that turned the moment into one of the few times that Logan had been attracted to another guy. Before dating Camille, Logan would silently curse himself for his occasional attraction to men. But his eccentric girlfriend helped him realize that it happens. Everyone's a little bisexual. Logan knew Kendall would never go for what he was currently thinking, though.

The movie ended and Kendall turned off the TV. He knew he should go into the bathroom and take care of his problem. Then Logan could have fun times with himself in the room.

Kendall stood up to leave, but stopped when Logan said, "Wait a second."

Kendall looked into Logan's eyes. They were filled with hunger, desire, and lust. Kendall's heart started to beat faster. He thought he knew what was going through Logan's mind.

"What is it?" Kendall asked Logan. Kendall knew after uttering those words he would do whatever Logan wanted. He couldn't explain why, but he just knew.

"I have an idea," Logan said. "But I don't want you to think any differently of me, or hate me after I make this suggestion."

"Whatever it is, I'm sure I won't hate you for it."

Logan got off his bed and walked over to Kendall. The anticipation of what Logan may say was exciting Kendall in every way possible.

Logan took a deep breath when he stopped in front of Kendall. While he sometimes wanted to do other guys, he never actually had. This would be a new and interesting adventure if Kendall agreed to it. Logan's slight fear of this previously unknown situation was turning him on like crazy.

"James and Carlos won't be back for awhile," he finally said to Kendall.

Kendall nodded. "I'm aware."

Logan smirked. Kendall was trying to sound light-hearted, but Logan knew better. Kendall was nervous. Their group's leader was rarely nervous. It was adorable. And Logan had to have him immediately. He reached up, grabbed Kendall's face, pulled his friend's face to his, and violently kissed him.

Kendall gasped at the sudden assault on his lips. That gasp gave Logan's tongue an opening to Kendall's mouth. For a brief moment, Kendall didn't know what to do. Then he thought, Fuck it. This feels pretty good. and kissed his friend back. The moan that Logan let out when Kendall did this caused Kendall to place his hands on Logan's waist and force the other boy's body closer to his.

Logan couldn't help but smile when Kendall made their bodies press together. It was awesome that Kendall was going with it. What was even more awesome was the fact that Kendall seemed to be enjoying it. At least, Logan assumed he was enjoying it since the taller boy was rock hard. Logan decided to test his theory by grinding against Kendall slightly. Kendall groaned in response and tried to pull Logan closer even though it wasn't possible. Logan took that as a sign that it was time to take things farther.

Logan removed his lips from Kendall's. Kendall looked at him with sad eyes and pouted. He thought Logan wanted to stop, and Kendall so didn't want it to stop.

"Is something wrong?" he asked Logan.

Logan shook his head. He grabbed the hem of Kendall's shirt and removed it with lightning speed. He turned Kendall so that his back was facing the bed then pushed him onto said bed. Kendall watched Logan take off his own shirt. This was the first time Kendall had found Logan-or any guy-both sexy and fucking gorgeous. He had never taken time to admire Logan's toned and perfectly amazing body before. That, and the look in Logan's eyes was making him extremely hot. He wanted Logan's hands and lips all over him immediately.

Logan saw the need plastered all over Kendall's face. He silently thanked the God that may or may not exist for Kendall's desire. He slowly crawled on top of Kendall.

Kendall wondered what Logan would do next. He closed his eyes when Logan leaned forward. He expected Logan to go for his lips, but instead, Logan placed a light kiss on his ear. After that, he nibbled on Kendall's earlobe. That was something Kendall never thought he'd enjoy.

He must've made a noise of pleasure, because Logan whispered, "You like that?"

He sounded so cocky. The son of a bitch knew he liked it, but he answered anyway, "Yeah. I do."

He opened his eyes and saw Logan looking down at him with a confident grin. "Would you like to be bitten some more?"

"God yes."

As Logan kissed and bit either side of his neck, Kendall felt a little bad. Logan was doing all the work. But Kendall didn't really know what to do. Plus, everything Logan was doing felt so great he didn't want his friend to stop.

Logan decided he had spent enough time on Kendall's neck. The poor boy was going to have bruises all over. He moved on to Kendall's nipples. He started by teasing them with his tongue, alternating between them every few seconds. Then he started to bite them lightly.

Kendall slightly moved his hips forward. A signal that he wanted more. Logan took the hint and undid Kendall's jeans with his right hand. He slipped his hand into Kendall's pants and grabbed his hard cock. Logan began to stroke it painfully slow.

Kendall's breath quickened and he said, "Holy fucking Jesus."

"You want me to stop?" Logan asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"Don't you dare," Kendall told him.

Logan chucked as he removed his hand from Kendall.

"Logan," Kendall said, "I just told you not to stop."

"I'm gonna do something even better." He got off Kendall then took off his pants.

Kendall had never been so exposed. So vulnerable.

Logan could tell Kendall was a little afraid, so he asked, "Are you sure you want me to do this?"

"Well, it's not going to suck itself."

Logan rolled his eyes. "Charming."

Kendall laughed, but gasped when he felt Logan's mouth go around his dick.

"Oh God," Kendall moaned. Where did Logan learn how to use his tongue with such skill? It was as if Logan was trying to memorize every inch of Kendall with that glorious mouth of his. He had to resist the urge to thrust forward since he didn't want to choke Logan or anything. Instead, he gripped the covers of the bed, his knuckles turning white. Kendall could feel himself getting closer and closer to going over the edge. "Shit! Oh, God! I'm close!"

When Kendall came, Logan swallowed every last bit.

"Wow," Kendall whispered.

Logan sat on the bed and looked down at Kendall. The guy looked like he just got back from a trip to heaven. That intensified Logan's arousal. He wanted to be inside Kendall, but he was hesitant to ask for permission. Luckily, Kendall said, "I feel kind of selfish."

"Why?" Logan was once again on top of Kendall, kissing his neck lightly.

"Well, you've been doing all the work. I feel like I should do something for you."

"I am so glad you said that."


"Yeah. Because there is something you can do or, more accurately, something you can let me do to you."

Kendall took a deep, nervous breath. "Do it."

Logan stopped the neck kissing, and lifted his head to look at Kendall. "You didn't even know what I was going to say."

"Logan, I'm not stupid. I want you to."

Thank the Lord, Logan thought. He got off the bed and commanded, "Take off my pants."

As Kendall moved to do so, he could feel himself getting hard again. Logan's voice changed when he was in sex mode. Kendall fucking loved it.

Kendall slowly unbuttoned and unzipped Logan's jeans. He then pulled them down, making sure the tips of his fingers came into contact with Logan's skin as he did so. He needed to come into contact with Logan's flesh. Logan stepped out of his jeans and waited for Kendall to continue. Kendall took the waistband of Logan's underwear and paused.

"You OK?" Logan asked. "We can stop if you want." Logan really wanted to keep going, but he would for the sake of his friend.

"I'm fine," Kendall said. He refused to admit how scared he was. Especially since Logan wasn't even close to being afraid. Before he could think about it any longer, Kendall finally unclothed Logan. Then there Logan was, in all his naked glory. Kendall felt a surge of pride, knowing that he was the reason for Logan's raging hard on.

Logan smiled down at Kendall, who was blushing furiously. He lifted Kendall's chin. He leaned down and kissed his friend lightly. He had only planned on one tiny kiss, but it was obvious Kendall had other ideas. Kendall ran his hands through Logan's hair, kept them on the back of Logan's head, and deepened the kiss. Kendall then pulled Logan on top of him as he laid back down on the bed. Logan nibbled on Kendall's bottom lip, causing Kendall to let out an erotic moan.

Logan pulled away. Kendall watched with curiosity as Logan stuck two of his fingers into his own mouth.

"What are you doing?" Kendall asked.

Logan removed his fingers and said, "Um... I was going to prepare you."

Kendall suddenly felt stupid. "Right. Continue."

"You sure?"


Logan kissed Kendall as he inserted a finger inside his friend. Kendall hissed in pain.

"Shh. Just relax. It'll get better," Logan said in an almost loving way. Once Kendall seemed relaxed enough, Logan put in another finger. He slowly moved his fingers around to loosen his friend's hole. Then , after several moments, Logan used his superior knowledge of the human anatomy to find Kendall's prostate.

"Oh God!" Kendall moaned.

Logan smiled as he removed his fingers. As he positioned himself in front of Kendall's entrance, he asked, "Are you sure about this?"

"Logan," Kendall said, "please just fuck me already."

Logan spit in his hand to use his own saliva as lubricant. He placed Kendall's legs on his shoulders then slowly put himself inside Kendall. Kendall was so fucking tight it was amazing. Logan wanted to screw Kendall hard and fast, but resisted the urge. He didn't want to hurt his friend too much, so he started slow. When Kendall began to move as well, Logan picked up his pace. Logan was extremely pleased to hear kendall shout out his name as he did this.

While Logan was living in the pure bliss of the moment, Kendall felt like a million things were going on. He was getting used to the feeling of someone else inside him. Logan. Logan being the one taking complete control of the situation, something Kendall wasn't used to. Then there was the moment Logan hit that spot that made him feel unbelievable good. Kendall was surprised very time he screamed Logan's name or groaned. He didn't think he'd be one of those people who were loud during sex. He had no idea what he should do with his hands. Should he wrap his arms around Logan and pull their bodies closer together like he wanted to? Should he kiss him? And why did he want Logan-who looked amazing, dripping with sweat and his face showing how much he was enjoying the sex-to look him deep in the eyes? Finally, he decided to just close his eyes and clear his mind.

Logan opened his eyes and looked at Kendall. When he saw that Kendall was obviously loving all of it, he almost came. It was just too much. All of the moan and groans and Kendall shouting his name was driving him crazy. Logan always got off on the fact that he was able to please whoever he was fucking.

"Jesus Christ," Logan cried. "So close." He grabbed Kendall's cock and began to stroke it. Slowly at first, then quickening the pace to match his own thrusts.

Logan watched Kendall intensely as he did this. Soon, Kendall yelled, "Oh God! Logan!" and came all over them both. Seeing Kendall's orgasm was just what Logan needed. He held back a scream as he filled Kendall.

Logan almost collapsed onto Kendall. He rested his forehead on Kendall's as they both breathed heavily, saying nothing.

Once he could breathe normally again, Logan rolled off his friend and stared at the ceiling. That was the best sex he had ever had.

"Well," Kendall finally said, not being able to take the silence any longer.

"Yeah," Logan said.

"Are things gonna get awkward?"

"I refuse to let it get awkward." Logan got off the bed. "I'm gonna shower. You can use it after me."

Once Kendall heard the bathroom door shut, he sat up and place his head in his hands. He used to think losing one's virginity was only a big deal for girls. What a lie. Logan would forever have a special place in his heart. It kind of hurt when he realized, that to Logan, it was just a random fuck.

Kendall let himself fall onto the bed and mumbled, "Shit."

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