A day in the Life of me 6


Hi and welcome back to a day in the life of me. I will be taking you people on a trip today with my life.

In first period today, I played volley tennis. The game did not go good because on e person was missing from our team and he was one of the best players. He was absent today.

In second period today, I played music and learned that a piano key has three strings. Someone came in and fixed Mr. Munoz's piano.

In third period today, I started reading about Mrs. Flowers. She just wanted to help a girl out by not making her talk but helping her to face her fear.

In fourth period today, I took a test. It was pretty easy considering that it was an opened-note test. So I think I did pretty well.

In fifth period today, I took another test and I did study but I think I failed the test like every other test I take in that class.

In sixth period today, I did math and took a little math quiz and I got my test back from Friday and I got 110% because there was a bonus and I got the bonus.

I hope all you people read this and like it and please review it and especially you Amelia.