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Summary: Bella's a vampire and she isn't happy. Will a chance encounter with a mysterious figure and a magical talisman help her get the man she truly loves back? Will she get the chance to right her wrongs and not only that, is there a chance she can go back to being a human thanks to said talisman?

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Prologue; Romeo and Juliet

By Dreamingwhileawake

Things went wrong. I've always thought Romeo and Juliet were meant to be, but what if they weren't, what if both of their deaths only meant they weren't meant to be? Well, I know my story and it went something like that, I left Paris for Romeo and paid the price. I loved him, Romeo, but sometimes love isn't enough, I had never thought about that before. Haven't you ever questioned if maybe Paris was the better choice? I question it now, now that I lived through an impossible love like Romeo's and Juliet's. There was a reason why they both died, they weren't meant to be.

I was foolish; I left life, Paris, for death, Romeo. It will haunt me for the rest of my immortal existence. It was the price to pay for such mistake, live forever knowing what I could have had; what my daughter now has. I would give anything to go back in time and be Jacob's Soul mate. I would give anything for a beating heart, warmth and tears; anything, it didn't matter.

It was my own fault that I was suffering; I had after all made the decision that ruined my life forever.

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