Orochimaru stared at his girlfriend's attire: a mesh tank top, white skirt, and the usual trench coat that she was to wear over the skimpy outfit for their Friday night outing for Anko's birthday. He smiled, though he was slight worry.

"It's nice, but…" The idea off those drunken assholes coming on to her caused his blood pressure to spike dangerously. Every time they went to their favorite bar, someone made some idiot to make an attempt to pick her up. Anko always tried to reassure him that she wasn't going anywhere, and joked on how naturally jealous he was, but this calmed his rage to little avail.

Anko rolled her eyes playfully, well humored at her boyfriend's possessiveness. He never liked the idea at other people looking at her. At first it annoyed her to no end, but later she found his angry, sweaty, form as he almost broke the unlucky soul hitting on her quite sexy. "Relax, babe. Besides, this is all for you."

He laughed softly out of humor and helped her put on her coat. "Let's be off then."

"Promise me you'll keep your cool tonight." She requested a little desperately, clenching his hand.

He sighed. "Anko…"

She eyed him stubbornly. "Last time we went out, you sent that Hatake guy to the hospital."

"…He grabbed at you." He growled with venom.

"He wasn't going to try anything with you standing right beside me. But you still went crazy and broke the guy's nose."

"And two ribs." Orochimaru added with a little pride.

Anko sighed agitatedly, and then gave him a soft look. "I don't want to see you get hurt or behind a jail cell. Just promise…Please?"

He closed his eyes and let some of his fury melt away. "Okay."

She kissed his lips gently and went to the door. "Very good." She added as he followed. "And if you don't, I'll just punish you later."

He laughed. "I'll be sure to kill the next person I see, then."

She looked back at him. "You might want to rethink that if you ever want to have sex again."

At "The Spooky Angel" cafe and bar, Orochimaru pulled a chair out for Anko to sit down in and made a few glances around the small gathering place. Only a few people were piling in for dinner and such, which gave Orochimaru a sense of peace of mind…Until Deidara showed up.