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My boyfriend of 6 years just gave me an angel figurine for my desk at work...

Here I am at work and as I stared at the item... this plot popped out of nowhere...


The story was then born.

There are a lot of loop-holes on this story

since I haven't taken time to create it's own universe and rules...

I am just after the love story... mushy... fluffy... hahahaha...

I hope you'll like it... I enjoyed writing it... :D

Flying Without Wings

Chapter 10 : A New Beginning

Naruto blinked a couple of times... he looked around... Yes, he was back on earth... he looked by the door and Sasuke appeared wearing a smile. Naruto got up and made his way to meet Sasuke by the door. "Naruto..." Sasuke called out as the blonde skipped to his side. Sasuke was casually dressed and was motioning the blonde to go near him. "Where are you going?" Naruto asked as Sasuke took his car's remote and placed it in his pocket. "We... are going to town to get you some new stuff..." the raven grinned. Naruto's ears rang... they were going sight-seeing again...

He was excited... then he remembered "Sasuke..." he said. Sasuke looked at Naruto and realized that the blonde was frowning. It was the first time that he saw sadness refelect from those speaking blue orbs. He looked at Naruto and asked "Naruto... what's wrong?" the raven asked. Naruto looked up and was met by Sasuke's dark eyes. "Can we go some other time?" he asked. The raven was surprised "Why? Are you not feeling well?" he asked as he felt Naruto's forehead. He felt normal... Sasuke looked at Naruto "Is something bothering you?" he asked.

The memory of Sasuke dying came to him all over... the cries... the screams... the blood... none of those will ever happen. Naruto took a deep breath and assured himself that his raven will live... they would live together. His tears continued to fall. He could still feel the raven gently shaking him and calling unto him. Naruto was lost in a short trance... he knew he was awake... he needed to be awake... This was the moment that their destiny together is decided. Naruto already made a decision... he was going to live his human life with Sasuke Uchiha.

Naruto wordlessly wrapped his arms around Sasuke "Let's just stay... please..." he begged as he nuzzled his face on Sasuke's chest. Sasuke sighed, his blonde angel was having problems... wait, that sounded nice... Naruto was really his blonde angel... With all the positive changes that he brought to his life... only an angel or a divinity can have such achievement. Sasuke started believing again... He hugged Naruto "Okay... maybe tomorrow then..." he agreed as he smoothed the blonde's back. Sasuke finally admitted to himself that some unexplainable things are just evidences of a higher existence.

Sasuke wondered 'Was Naruto crying?' he asked himself as he felt his shirt moisten... he broke their embrace and looked down. Naruto was crying indeed, his blue eyes were filled with tears. "Naru... hey... hey... what's wrong?" he asked as he held the blonde by the shoulders and shook him gently. The blonde shook his head "Nothing..." he sniffled. Sasuke frowned "Come on Naruto... don't lie to me..." he said. Naruto shook his head again "I am not lying... I never lie... nothing is wrong... I am just happy..." the blonde said as he wiped his tears on his sleeve.

"Naruto... I am confused..." Sasuke said. Naruto looked up and truthfully, despite the tear-stained eyes... the blonde was smiling. Sasuke pulled Naruto and both of them sat on the couch. He looked at the blonde and waited for him to explain. Naruto seemed to understand. He wiped his eyes again and after a sniffle or two, he cleared his throat. "Sasuke... I am happy... I don't know if I should tell this to you... I don't know if you'd believe me..." he said. Sasuke nodded "You can tell me anything you want... I will listen... I will believe..." he assured the blonde.

Naruto nodded "Sasuke... don't think about it... I'm not sad anymore..." he grinned. He had no intention telling Sasuke of his knowledge... they were given a new life... a new chance... they needed to make their new fate along. Sasuke shrugged "Okay, if you say so... just don't cry... I don't want to see you cry ever again..." Sasuke said as he pulled Naruto close to his heart. Naruto loved the sound of Sasuke's steady heartbeat... it was the most beautiful song he has ever heard. He closed his eyes and rested his head on Sasuke's chest.

"Naruto... there's something that I wanted to tell you..." Sasuke said. Naruto didn't move "Yes, what is it?" he responded. Sasuke seemed okay that Naruto was still lying on his chest. He hoped Naruto wouldn't notice his sudden pulse increase. "Naruto... I have never had the chance to thank you..." he started. Naruto looked up and stared into the endless depths of those dark onyx eyes. "Thank you for what?" he asked. The raven smiled "Thank you for bringing me back..." he said. Naruto frowned 'Did Sasuke know that he died and became alive again?'. He looked at Sasuke again "I don't understand..." he said.

"Thank you for bringing me back... for making me who I am today... I lost everything... I had no reason to live... until you came... you brought me back to reality again..." he smiled. Naruto smiled "I didn't know how I did it... but I am happy that I made you happy... You should not be sad... you were born to smile..." Naruto said as he placed his finger on the edge of Sasuke lip, pushed it upwards and forned a half-smile in the process. Sasuke smiled... that action never failed to make him smile... only Naruto had the permission to do that to him.

"I was born to smile for you..." Sasuke corrected the blonde's line. Naruto shook his head "I was sent here to make you smile..." he grinned. Sasuke laughed softly... Naruto was stubborn... as stubborn as he was... he finally met his match... and he was thankful for that... Finally, he felt complete... the world started to have colors and he can finally dream again. He was sure that he loved this wonderful man before him... everything about him... all his imperfections... he will not rush things... they have their whole lifetime to share with.

"Thank you Sasuke... for accepting me just the way I am... and for not asking me to explain things... sometimes I really don't know how to describe things..." Naruto said as he reached up and planted a kiss on Sasuke's forehead. The raven blushed. It was the first time that Naruto showed him affection other than the normal hug that he always rains him with. Naruto noticed the pink cheeks the raven was sporting "Why are you all red?" Naruto asked as he touched the raven's cheek with his finger. Sasuke nervously laughed. He was definitely sure this time that he was in love with his blonde miracle.

"You see Naruto... this is what you call a blush... this normally happens when someone you love compliments you..." he explained. Naruto looked at Sasuke "Love?" he asked. Naruto knew the word but no one dared to explain this to him. Sasuke nodded "Love is a certain feeling you feel towards someone..." Sasuke again tried to describe the word. Naruto frowned "What kind of feelings?" he asked. Sasuke took a deep breath "Feelings where in you are willing to sacrifice something you treasure the most for someone else's well being..." he said as he looked at the blonde.

Naruto searched his heart and mind... so the feelings he was feeling when Sasuke died... the prayer he fervently asked for were all results of the love he had for the raven... angels were informed about love... but not the romantic kind. Naruto looked up and smiled "I think I understand..." he nodded his head. Sasuke smiled as he ran his fingers through the blonde's hair. "Maybe soon Naruto you will get used to your life with me... I never could understand why you still won't tel me where you've come from... you always say I won't believe you... you always say you are from up there..." Sasuke sighed.

"Sasuke, if you really want to... I can tell you... You are smart... I think you will discover the rest..." Naruto grinned at him, his blue eyes sparkling. Sasuke nodded "I am all ears... tell me..." he coaxed Naruto. "Sasuke... I was sent for you..." he started. "I was supposed to change you..." Naruto said. Sasuke gathered Naruto's soft hands and enclosed them with his own "You did... more than you'll ever know... that's why I am so thankful that you came into my life..." Sasuke said as he gently raised Naruto's hands and kissed them.

Naruto felt his face go warm. Sasuke chuckled as he took a mirror and placed it before Naruto... for the fist time he saw his face turn red "I am blushing..." he whispered. Sasuke nodded "Yes you are..." he mumbled. He cupped Naruto's face and looked directly into the innocent blue depths and told to his blushing blonde angel "Naruto I don't care who you are... where you are from... and who sent you to me... all I know is this..." he whispered as he moved closer to Naruto and kissed him tenderly on the lips. "I love you Naruto... and I will spend my entire existence showing that to you..." he said as he looked lovingly at the blonde.

Naruto smiled. He liked what he heard and liked what he felt. Everything was new to him and he was willing to learn. Life was full of wonderful things... may it be pain or joy, those things moulds you to the person fate wanted you to be. Naruto now knew why he never could find contentment when he was up there, why he always felt the he didn't belong. He now realized that he belonged here... on earth... with Sasuke... his soul mate... his true love. Naruto threw his arms around Sasuke "I love you too... and I will love you forever..." he whispered back with all the love he had in his heart. He felt like flying. Yes he was flying... this time without wings.


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