Ok, I decided to show you my 2nd story of Megaman StarForce. I really couldn't hold it anymore! I don't own them except the transformation, new Battle Card, new allies, new characters, and the song for each characters.

Chapter 1: Old Friends / New Megaman

Several months after the defeat of Sigma and the Repliforce, the StarForce entered Echo Ridge High School as a freshmen except for Kalin, he's a junior. Taiga becomes a gym teacher of Echo Ridge High School. The StarForce were having a good break during their first year of high school.

Somewhere in outer space

A portal opened then tons of FM-ians comes out of the portal.

"Finally, we're out of the prison." a centaur FM-ian said.

"How many years have we been in prison?" a lobster FM-ian asked.

"Who knows." a skull head FM-ian replied.

"Perhaps I should help you guys." a person appeared out of nowhere.

"Who are you?" a skull head FM-ian asked.

"You may call me Epsilon. You want to accomplish your goal to be the best FM-ians than the other FM-ians?" Epsilon asked.

"You know Taurus and the others?" a gorilla FM-ian noticed.

"Those FM-ians friends of yours are in planet Earth. But first, you all need some power boost." Epsilon fired an energy light at the FM-ians.

"What is this power?" a skull head FM-ian asked, feeling weird because of Epsilon's energy light.

"Master Skull, I feel like our energy has been increase to a new level." a prehistoric FM-ian with sharp claws said.

"Alright, Dark Galaxy! The time has come for our revenge!" Skull said.

"I will be watching you guys. You should be thanking me." Epsilon said.

"Dark Galaxy... prepare for battle, but first, I need a human host." Skull realized.

"I know the perfect human for your new form." Epsilon said.

"Who could that human be?" Skull asked as Epsilon smiled.

Outside of Echo Ridge High Scool

"Finally, we're free from all the hard work of our first high school!" Jack stretched out his arms as he sat on the grass.

"Who knew high school is tougher than our old school?" Pat said.

"I really don't understand all this school stuff you humans work." Omega-Xis said with a sigh.

"Mutt, this is their work. Even we FM-ians need to know more about human stuff including you." Lyra pointed.

"Shut up. I ain't doing this stuff."

"Say, where's Geo?" Sonia asked.

"Geo went home working on his project." Zero answered.

"Alright, as Class President of Echo Ridge High School... we should check out what's new in WAZA." Luna suggested.

"How about we should get going?" Solo spoke all of a sudden.

"That was rude of you!" Luna yelled.


On the way after they all brought some sodas and water bottles.

The FM-ians materialized out of their Hunter-VG, having a good time together then Taurus smacked Omega-Xis's head.

"WHY YOU PIECE OF STEAK! !" Omega-Xis angered.

"Wow~ Omega-Xis is really an idiot!" Kaito laughed.

"Say Sonia." Lyra called.


"Let's get Geo a nice present." Lyra suggested.

"A present?"

"Good idea, Lyra! Sonia, out with the money!" Omega-Xis demanded.

"Mutt, what do you mean by, "Out with the money"? You mean, "Please let me borrow some"." Lyra corrected him.

"Shut up, out-of-a-tune! Sonia quick, out with the money!"

"Please let me borrow some money." Sonia said with a death glare.

"You heard her, mutt. Heehee~"

"*sigh* Sonia and Out-of-a-tune Lyra, please... OUT WITH THE MONEY IF YOU PLE-" Omega-Xis was cut off by Sonia and Lyra, punched him in the face. "OOF! !"

"That's what you get for not listening to us." Sonia said sweetly then she drink her water.

"YOU GIRLS INVITED THAT INSTEAD! !" Omega-Xis was about to fight Lyra, but Ursa and Taurus stopped him.

"Easy there, Omega-Xis." Ursa hold him.

"Hothead as ever." Taurus added.

All of a sudden, an ominious wind just blew as the StarForce felt it wasn't a normal wind. Also, Omega-Xis suddenly stopped fighting as he also felt the wind.

"Did you guys felt the wind?" Kalin asked if he wasn't the only one.

"W-What was that just now?" Omega-Xis asked.

"N-No idea, Omega-Xis." Gemini replied.

"This feeling isn't right." Corvus find it suspicious.

"Same here, Guys." Virgo added.

The StarForce looked what's up ahead of them as they saw a portal opened then four beings walked out of the portal. One of them is a gorilla with a bulky armor. Second one is a lobster with sharp pincers and big red armor (the shell armor part). Third one is a kabuto (beetle type) with thick armor. Finally, the fourth one is a lion type with a yellow EM Wave mane.

"EM Wave Viruses?" Omega-Xis looked confused.

"Um~ Omega-Xis, they don't look like viruses." Lyra corrected him.

"No way... those EM Wave frequency... " Phoenix noticed the EM Wave frequency.

"FM-ians?" Pat bet.

"Virgo, aren't they... ?" Corvus asked like he kinda recognized them.

"They couldn't be... "

"Heeheehee~ " the gorilla laughed.

"Oi (Hey), who are you guys?" Omega-Xis asked.

The enemies moved away into two groups, showing a person behind them is walking in the shadow towards the StarForce as they can hear his footsteps, making an echo.

"Is that a kid?" Jack asked, couldn't see the person's face because of the shadow except his white hair.

The boy took out his Hunter-VG from his pocket, but the StarForce didn't see what he took out.

"Henshin." he said as his Hunter-VG glow gold.


"That armor? Isn't it similar to Megaman's?" Bud noticed.

"Who is this guy?" Luna asked, backing up.

The mystery person transformed into Skull Form

-His armors are black and it's similar to Megaman's. His body is silver. His streamlines are yellow. He has a skull logo on the center of his front armor. His helmet is silver and yellow. His lens are black. He has silver mask below his lens (the part to covers his mouth). He has a skull head on both his shoulders, instead of armors.-

"Heeheehee~ " he laughed as he summoned a sword similar to Laplace Blade form then he swung his blade, making a black shockwave at them.

"Watch out!" Zero shouted as the StarForce dodged his shockwave.

"Nee-san! Get Ace!" Jack said.

"Got it!" Tia sent a message to Ace's Hunter-VG.

"Damn you!" Omega-Xis grunted as the mystery dark warrior along with his comrades followed.

"Who are you guys?" Zero asked.

"Who indeed~ ?" the dark warrior replied.

"There's no need for us to tell you." an EM Wave lion said as he growled.

"You will die here... all of you!" the EM Wave gorilla added.

"Wanna try us! ?" Omega-Xis shouted. "Sonia, call Geo!"

"Got it!" Sonia called his Hunter-VG with hers, but there's no reply. "Geo's not responding?"

"Huh?" Omega-Xis was shocked.

"Looks like we're gonna fight without Geo." Kalin siad.

"There's eleven of us and there's only five of you." Pat pointed.

"Oh really?" the dark warrior summoned six Noise Jammers as they growled (which makes them even).

"-_- Pat, you were saying?" Kaito asked.

"Uhh... sorry."

"Noise Jammers? How'd he get those guys?" Bud noticed.

"They belong to Sigma's." Taurus said.

"Ready, guys?" Sonia asked as they all held out their Hunter-VG.


"HarpNote! Zero! Gemini Sparks! JackCorvus! QueenVirgo! VenomScorpius! StarPhoenix! TaurusFire! Rogue! QueenOphiucus!" they all transformed as Zack ran behind the pillar, watching the scene then they all begin fighting.

Rogue slashed the Noise Jammer with Laplace in his Blade Form, but the Noise Jammer blocked his attack then he kicked him, sending him at the wall.

"UGH... !" he cried as he crashed.

"FireBreath!" TaurusFire breathed fire at the EM Wave lion, but he dodged it.

"Savage Claw!" he dashed towards TaurusFire then he slashed him.


"Grave Claw!" JackCorvus send purple flames at Noise Jammer, but he slashed the flames with his sword (Battle Card). "What the hell! ?" he was shocked.

"GRRRRAAAAWWWW! !" Noise Jammer head straight towards him as he punched JackCorvus rapidly.


"Battle Card! Iron Blade!" StarPhoenix transformed his right arm into a steel blade as he clashed his blade with the mystery dark warrior.


"Shock Note!" HarpNote fired her attack at the EM Wave gorilla, but it did nothing to him.

"Heeheehee~ " he laughed.

"No way!" HarpNote was shocked like he didn't feel a thing.

"Sonia, this guy's armor is too strong!" Lyra said.

"Gorgon Eye!" QueenOphiucus fired lasers from her eyes at the EM Wave kabuto, but he quickly dodged her attack.

"RAMMING HORN!" he dashed towards QueenOphiucus as he hit her with his horn then he send her flying.

"GAAAAAAHHHH! ! !" she crashed at the wall, next to Rogue.

"Looks like they got tougher." Rogue said.

"But those guys were created by Sigma." she got back up.

"Aqua Wave!" QueenVirgo send out aqua shockwave at the Noise Jammer, but he defend himself with his right hand.

"Radar Missile!" Noise Jammer send out six missiles at QueenVirgo then she was hit.

"AAAAAHHHHHH! ! !" she cried as the explosion occured around her.

"BEAST SLAP!" Omega-Xis claw swiped at the EM Wave lobster, but he defend himself with his left pincer.

"Who knew your strength is that strong?" he said.

"What's with these guys? They're not the same like last time!" Zero realized as he clashed his blade with Noise Jammer's Sword.

"Elec Blade! !" Both Geminis double slashed Noise Jammer, but he jumped before he was hit. "So fast?" Gemini White was surprised.

"HurricaneDanceX!" Noise Jammer spun as he created tornado around both Geminis.

"AAAAAHHHH! !" both Gemini were caught in the tornado.

"Pincer Cannon!" VenomScorpius fired his attack from his pincers at Noise Jammer.

"ImpactCannon!" Noise Jammer transformed his right arm into a cannon as he fired at VenomScorpius, which destroyed his attack then it hit VenomScorpius.

"AAAARRGGGHHHH! !" he cried.


"What's with your strength?" StarPhoenix asked as he raised his blade at the dark warrior.

"HAAA!" he swung his blade as he grabbed StarPhoenix's blade (upper part), then he de-transformed revealing his true idenity which made StarPhoenix shocked.

"No way... " StarPhoenix couldn't believe what he say with his own two eyes... it was Geo with an evil smile.

"Nani (What)! ?" JackCorvus turned with shocked face.

"Geo?" Zero was shocked seeing Geo.

"*gasp* It can't be... " HarpNote was shocked, wishing it can't be Geo.

"GEOO! ?" QueenOphiucus yelled with shock.

"How dare that bastard!" Rogue gripped his left fist.

"How could Geo do this... " VenomScorpius was shocked as he continue fighting Noise Jammer.

"Holy cheese... Geo turned evil again?" TaurusFire couldn't believe what he saw their new enemy is.

"Ugh... Geo?" Gemini White was shocked seeing him as he got back up.

"No way... !" Zack pushed up his glasses, making sure it can't be Geo.

"Wait... that's not Geo! His eyes and hair has changed!" StarPhoenix said to the others.

-Geo's eyes are yellow. His hair has become white and it's down instead of up.-

"Huh? So~ you all know whose body I'm using?" he said.

"Sorry, but your friend's body is what we need for our master's transformation!" the lion said as he knocked down TaurusFire.

All the Noise Jammers and his comrades knocked down the StarForce as well.

"Master Skull will get our revenge against you traitors!" the EM Wave kabuto shouted.

"Skull?" Corvus noticed what he said.

"Skull?" Jack repeated what Corvus said.

"Our master possesed his body, which changed this kid's appearance! Also, his mind is shut off!" the EM Wave gorilla said.

"They said this kid can transformed into Megaman. In this form, you may call me, Skull Megaman!" he transformed back into Skull Megaman as he swung his blade, creating a black shockwave at them.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! ! ! !" they all cried as the explosion occured, sending them a bit further away.

"We're doom!" Zack panicked.

"You guys are finished." Skull Megaman walked towards them, but an explosion occured in front of them, making them stopped in their tracks.

It was Acid Ace firing his Acid Calibur, in its gun form, from the sky as Skull Megaman along with his comrades defending themselves from his attack then he landed in front of his team.

"Hey, why aren't you guys fighting back? Counter attack them!" he ordered.

"Well Ace, about that... " JackCorvus couldn't found the word to explain.

"This is perfect. I'll kill you all traitors in one hit." Skull Megaman's armor started to lit up blue flames.

"OH CRAP!" Omega-Xis shouted.

"Ace!" Acid called as he turned.

Skull Megaman's flames moved to his blade, creating a blue flaming sword.

"DEATH SLASH! !" he slashed his blade on the ground, making the ground crack as he sending out his flames towards at the StarForce.

"ACID LASER! !" Acid Ace fired his laser at the flames, which makes the flames lose a tiny bit of it then the flames head towards them.

"THEY'RE ALL GONNA DIE! !" Zack yelled.

Acid Ace jumped in defending the StarForce.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! ! !" he cried as the explosion occured around the StarForce then their EM Wave Change was cancelled.

"Ughh... Ace!" Tia ran towards him while his clothes are torn up and some parts are ripped.

"Y-you ok, Tia?" he asked as Tia helped him up. "AAHH! !" he fell back down in pain.

"ACE!" Tia worried.

"GIVE GEO BACK! !" Sonia demanded as she got back up.

Skull Megaman ignored her words as he walked towards them while dragging his blade on the ground.

"Time for me to finish you. Huh?" Skull Megaman noticed something at the sky.

Lightning struck between Skull Megaman's team and the StarForce as it revealed two beings. There's another Megaman (like Geo's in Megaman form) in dark blue armor. He has wings of Cygnus Noise Form. His lens are red. He has silver mask below his lens. His outlines are green. Another being is a dragon type in its EM Wave Change Form (without wings). His armors are red.

"Who's that?" Pat asked.

"What do we have here?" Skull Megaman was surprised.

The new Megaman snapped his finger.

"Draco." he called.

"Got it!" Draco split his armors as he combined his armors with the new Megaman's armor then his body transformed into a sword as the new Megaman held it.

-His legs becomes a blade. His body transformed into a shield. His left arm becomes an attachment with his legs. His right arm transformed into a hilt. His head is in the front of the shield.-

"What's the target?" he asked as the new Megaman looked at his enemies.

"HE CAN TALK IN HIS SWORD FORM! ?" Bud was surprised.

"First, those Noise Jammers." he replied.

"Master Skull. Let our Noise Jammers test him." the EM Wave lion suggested.

"Alright, let's test out this new guy. Noise Jammers, attack!" Skull Megaman ordered.

"GRRRRRRAAAAHHHHH! ! ! !" all the six Noise Jammers charged towards the new Megaman.

The new Megaman jumped up then he raise his blade.

"Cresent Slash!" he send out a cresent energy slash at the Noise Jammers except one dodged it.

"GAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ! ! !" five Noise Jammers cried then they all exploded.


"One escape our attack." Draco said.

"I know." the new Megaman replied as he landed.


"How about a little power-up, Draco?" he took out a Battle Card as he entered it inside Draco's mouth.

"Battle Card! Invisible!" he disappeared all of a sudden.

"Huh? Where'd he go! ?" Skull Megaman looked around.

"GRRAWW! ?" the Noise Jammer looked around, searching for his enemy then he looked up.

"STARFORCE SLASH! !" the new Megaman slashed Noise Jammer then he backed up.

"GRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ! !" Noise Jammer cried as he fell backward then he exploded.



"Whoa~ He's good." Kaito was impressed.

"Th... This is unacceptable! This is Megaman StarForce! Which means me and Geo... ME! !" Omega-Xis shouted in anger.

"Mutt, who are you talking to?" Lyra asked.

"Uhhh... I don't know!"

"Hey! Are you Megaman's comrade! ?" the EM Wave gorilla asked.

"Well, to be precise, from now on... you may call me... Megaman!" the new Megaman replied.

"Hey! Wait a minute! How can you just say that! ?" Omega-Xis flew towards him, but Taurus and Ursa stopped him.

"Omega-Xis, calm down!" Taurus hold him back.

"The only Megaman we have is me and Geo!" Omega-Xis proved.

"Omega-Xis, don't start!" Ursa warned him.

"Ha! Whatever... You can all just die together." Skull Megaman said.

"Oh really? The real battle has just started... for you." Megaman replied.

(Okay, since Geo is kidnapped, let's just say Geo is replaced for a while, okay?)

Skull Megaman and Megaman made their stance, but someone's voice interrupted them.

"Well well well, what do we have here?"

The StarForce and Skull Megaman's team looked above them. At the roof, the StarForce was shocked seeing their enemy they already defeated.

"No way... " Ace was shocked.

"That's... impossible." Jack said slowly.

"How is he still alive?" Kaito questioned, seeing it isn't real.

What the StarForce saw their enemy they defeated several months ago... is Sigma.

(He's in his same form from my first fanfiction, the beginning part.)

"Hahaha! Aren't you glad to see me... Zero! ?" he said as Zero smiled.

"Wait a minute... something's odd here." Luna realized.

"What is it, Luna?" Bud asked.

"His voice sounds different." Luna replied as Sigma landed with a thud.

"So you're Sigma?" Skull Megaman pointed his blade at him instead of using his finger.

"You got it!" Sigma stood in front of the StarForce.

"How is he still alive! ?" Omega-Xis yelled in anger.

"We really did defeated him with our final attack!" Sonia said.

"StarForce, watch Sigma's move." Ace warned them.

"Now Sigma, since you're still alive... destroy these kids!" Skull Megaman ordered.

"Heh... No way."

"HUH! ! ? ?" The StarForce was shocked hearing his refusal.

"What the hell! ? Are you insane! ?" the EM Wave lobster shouted.

"I'm not insane. I'm... on their side now."

"That's it! Bubble Bomb!" he fired bubbles at them.

"I don't think so." Sigma transformed his scythe into a blaster (with a Battle Card slot) as he shot his bubbles then they exploded.

"Hmm? Since when did Sigma become on their side?" Megaman asked.

"No clue." Draco in his Sword Form replied.

"Skull! Ocean! Gorilla! Leo! Kabuto! Stop this pointless games. You FM-ians aren't ready to avenge your goal." a voice spoke out of nowhere.

"Ocean, we're leaving." Skull Megaman opened the portal.

"Alright." Ocean entered the portal along with the others.

"Hey! Give Geo back!" Sonia demanded.

"No way! This kid is my hostage for my transformation!" Skull Megaman replied as he entered the portal.

"MATE (Wait)!" Sonia shouted, but she was too late, the portal closed. "GEOOOO! ! !" she screamed.

"Sonia..." Lyra worried.

"Those guys are FM-ians?" Kaito confused.

"There are more FM-ians?" Pat added.

"They got away." Jack grunted.

"Damn it! They even took Geo with them!" Omega-Xis frustrated.

"What do you mean by them having Geo! ?" Ace stood up in pain while Tia help him.

"The FM-ian with black armor just now was Geo." Bud replied.

"Oh man... He got caught WAY too easily." Megaman said in a borish tone.

All the StarForce turned towards him.

"He really was weak from the start." Megaman added.

"Hey you, whatever you are! Just who the hell are you! ?" Omega-Xis asked in anger.

"I told you. I'm the new Megaman." he answered.

"Don't bullshit me! How the hell are you Megaman! ?"

"I can't tell you that. I'm here to save this era." he said.

"Save this era? Acid, what does he mean?" Omega-Xis asked as Acid materialized out.

"How would I know, Omega-Xis." Acid replied.

"This kid isn't the real Megaman." Sigma said.

"WHAT! ?" all the StarForce shouted except Ace and Solo.

Megaman threw his sword in the air as it transform back to Draco in his EM Wave form as Megaman trans-out into his human form then he smiled at them.

-His height is like a high school student, like them. He wear blue T-shirt with a StarForce symbol. His pants are black. He has black jacket which is similar to Ace's. His hair is brown. His eyes are green. His shoes are white shoes with skechers logo.-

"His eyes... they're like Sonia's." Tia noticed.

"Huh?" Sonia confused.

"Sonia, is he your... relative?" Lyra asked.

"No way! I don't know any of my relative!" she answered.

"Who are you anyway?" Pat asked.

"The name's Tendou." he answered.

(Tendou = ruler of heaven)

"Don't you have a last name?" Tia questioned.

"I... I don't have a last name... Tia or should I say Tia who used to be part of the Dealer along with Ace and Jack."

"HUH! ?" they were shocked.

"How'd you know who we are! ?" Jack asked.

"I can't tell you that. But first, that's not Sigma." Tendou pointed at him.

"Not... Sigma?" Omega-Xis confused as they all looked at him.

"Oh well, guess I can't hide it." his armor glow as he shrunk his height revealing his true form.

"Who are you?" Kalin asked.

-His front armor, arms, legs, and his shoulder armors are black with red outlines. He has blue orb on his front armor. His upper arms and his thighs are gray. His hands are white. He has two white lines on his back in upside down V-shape. He has orange spiky hair. His helmet is red with blue orb on his forehead. He has an additional white armor on the side of his helmet. His eyes are green. He had a upside down V-shape scar on his face. He also has a blaster with a Battle Card slot which is different than StarPhoenix's Hunter-VG.-

"Hey! Zero!" he noticed him.

"Oh man! Long time no see, buddy!" Zero gave him a handshake.

"Hey you! Just answer the question, will ya! ?" Luna yelled.

"The name's... Axl. Say Zero, can I join the team?" he asked.

To be continue...

"That Geo is pathetic as always." Tendou said.

"I'm still not buying it! He's not Megaman!" Omega-Xis shouted with anger.

"I can shapeshift into anyone!" Axl showed his shapeshifting ability.

"I'm Draco. Master Tendou's partner." Draco greeted them.

Okay, what do you all think of my 2nd story? Guess you all didn't know why I didn't put Axl in "The Return of Sigma" story. Just who is this Tendou, taking Geo's place? I'll upload the next chapter after I finish "The Return of Sigma" story. Please review or comment.