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FM-ian Encyclopedia part 2

A black screen lights up, revealing Tendou with a pleasant, welcoming face. Behind him, was a large and wide plasma TV on the wall.

"Hi, there! Today's chosen FM-ian will be Golem."

The TV screen turned on automatically, revealing Golem in his EM Wave body as Tedou turned to look at the screen.

"His EM Wave form is a legless rock being. On to the next step!" he snapped his fingers as the screen changed.

The screen changed again, showing Golem transforming into his battle form with a giant steel hammer. GolemHammer smashed the heavy hammer on Megaman (Tendou), but missed.

"His battle form, GolemHammer, is very similar to one of the other games called "Soul Calibur". Except GolemHammer's armors has more black linings on the rocks. He wields a giant heavy hammer to smash his enemies. Mostly like Wack-A-Mole games. How silly is that?"

The screen shut off as GolemHammer walked up to the host, watching the screen before it was turn off.

"With his giant hammer blocking his front view, there's no possible way he can see my stealth move. More than that~ " Tendou pressed the remote button with a sly smile. The wall turned, revealing tons of tools in a clockwise motion: a screwdriver, a wench, a pair of scissors, a corkscrew, a butcher knife, a hedge clippers, a nail clippers, a can opener, and a saw.

"HUH! ?" GolemHammer gaped.

"Since he's a hammer user, I can tell he can use other tools as well. He can use stuff like a can opener or nail clippers for Skull Geo's nails. Isn't that convenient~ ?" Tendou smiled at the sight.

GolemHammer gripped his fists before shooting his head at him. "YOU THINK I'LL DO SUCH CRAPPY THINGS! ! WHAT AM I, A NAIL TECHNICIAN! ?" he barked at the host.

Omega-Xis flew to GolemHammer with a Chef Boyardee Ravioli can in his right palm. "Hey Golem, would you get a can opener and help me open this? My claws aren't working." he handed the ravioli can to the rock FM-ian.

"Oh, sure." GolemHammer got the can opener in his right hand and opened it. "Here." he gave the opened ravioli can to Omega-Xis.

"Wow. He fell for it." Tendou said to himself.

GolemHammer froze, only realizing Tendou's intentions. He crushed the can opener from his right hand before summoning his giant steel hammer. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU FOR THIS! !" He barked before raising his hammer in the air.

"I'm outtie." Tendou held his dark blue Hunter-VG, pressing a Battle Card he selected to activate.



GolemHammer smashed his hammer at the host, but Tendou instantly vanished. The hammer smashed the ground with a big BOOM! The TV screen automatically turned on, revealing Tendou's face.

"His hammer is really related to Wack-A-Mole!" he said before turning the screen off.

"JUST DIE! !" GolemHammer smashed the steel hammer at the TV screen, shattering it.

Sonia appeared in front of the audience. "Don't worry, people. We've got a substitute for a new plasma TV!"

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