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A/N: For my friend Lisa, who was hungry and/or gun happy when I asked her for a prompt. Also, mini nano is coming up and I needed to know that I could write an under 500 word fic in one sitting, lol.

"Come on, Magnus," Kate teased, taking a bite out of the drive-thru garbage she'd insisted on stopping for along the way, "live a little. It's just a burger."

Helen scoffed, scanning the docks for Walter as she put the van into park and turned off the ignition. He was late. Again. Looks like they'd be waiting a while.

"I live just fine, thank you. How can you eat such filth?"

"Filth? Are you crazy?" she bit into the sandwich again, moaning around her mouthful, "This is pure heaven."

Glancing in the girl's direction, she cringed when she saw a blob of ketchup drip onto Kate's chin, "Yes well, you might think that now, but once you've learned just how poorly those establishments clean and sanitize their equipment, and not to mention how many of their employees disregard hairnet and glove rules, I think you might change your mind. It's absolutely appalling."

Kate's penetrating gaze settled first on Helen, then down to the hamburger, like she was actually taking what she'd said to heart. She should've known better.

"Nope, didn't work," she tore off another chunk and shot her a playful grin, "Still heavenly."

Shaking her head, a small smile quirked one corner of her mouth. Of course she'd continue eating that dreadful thing. Why wouldn't she?

Blessed silence hung between them. Nothing but crinkling wrappers and seagulls cawing over the harbor.

"You sure you don't want one?"

Helen sighed.