Ponyboy woke up early that Friday morning for some strange reason. He wasn't usually the first one up, his brothers almost had to drag him out of bed in the morning, but for some unknown reason he was up. Ponyboy sat up shaking his head a little. He had had a weird dream that he swallowed a bug in the middle of the night, which seemed possible it was the middle of September and still warm so the all the window were wide open. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Pony brushed his teeth and gargled trying to get rid of the feeling in the back of his throat, didn't work. Ignoring the discomfort in his throat, he headed down stairs to make breakfast for Darry and Soda. The front door opened and slammed shut quickly.

"Don't slam the door," he voice came out kind of hoarse.

Two-Bit ignored him and turned the TV on to watch Mickey Mouse. At this point, Darry and Soda were wake and coming down for breakfast. Darry stood in the doorway, watching Ponyboy. When Pony looked up he saw Darry giving him a confused look.

"What," he asked his voice sounding a bit better.

"What are you doing up before me?"

Pony just shrugged, he didn't have the answer. He turned to the food and finished what he was doing. Soda came running down, late as always. He grabbed some toast, put the eggs on it and ketchup and another piece of toast and ran out the door without saying a word. Darry just shook his head. Looking down at this watch, Darry noticed his was going to be late.

"Hurry up and finish eating Pony, or you're going to be late. I gotta go now. See ya tonight. Bye Two-Bit."

(Really weird switching to Pony's POV later will get back to normal Pov)

I headed up to the bedroom that me and Soda shared and grabbed my things for school, hoping that Two-Bit was done with Mickey so that he could take me to school because if I had to walk I was definitely going to be late. I stopped in the bathroom to get another drink and felt a slight burning sensation going down with it. I was just thinking that maybe I breathed too much through my mouth in the middle of the night. I just ignored it and headed downstairs.

"Two-Bit, come on, lets get going," I scream immediately regretting it. Damn, did my throat hurt.

On our way out I grabbed a bottle of water. I just need water. Two-Bit started up his car and started driving away but we were missing one person. I looked behind us and saw Johnny running toward the car.

"Two-Bit, Johnny's coming."

He stopped the car and waiting. Johnny jumped in the backseat and tried to catch his breath.

"Sheez Two-Bit, couldn't you wait."

"Not me, Johnny. Ponyboy here was in a hurry."

"I don't like being late. Sorry, man."

Johnny looked down at his watch.

"Shit, my fault, didn't realize I was so late, sorry."

I nodded my head and took a very short nap hoping that the discomfort in my throat would go away soon. Never did, though I don't think it got worse. Lunch was no fun, I tried to eat my food but it was worse then trying to eat breakfast this morning. I had to eat my eggs and toast together just to get it down. I was able to ignore the discomfort by focusing on my studies. After school I had track. I didn't feel like it too much but the coach would kill me if I missed practice for just a little sore throat. I was fine at first but it become more pain for breathe toward the end of practice. I tried to say goodbye to everyone but my voice was too hoarse to make out anything. I just headed home and went straight to working on my homework. Darry called for dinner. I went down and was happy to find out that we were running low on food so we ate the one thing that none of us wanted to eat but at the time, I was thankful for it: soup. I eat a bowl and a half since no one else wanted any. I felt a little better but I didn't know that that feeling was going to be going away so soon.


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