Sora's eyes widened when he saw the building ahead of them, "What the-?" he looked up at the sign that read HOUSE OF MOUSE in bold letters. Donald and Goofy both smiled when they saw it, "Hey now this looks familiar!" Goofy said excited .

"You mean, you recognize this place?" Sora asked. Donald nodded, "Oh boy, oh boy!" and with that they raced off with Sora following close behind them. There was a younger more shaggy haired version of Goofy guarding the door, and when he saw Goofy he lit up.

"Hey dad, where have you been? Mickey's really worried about you two!" Sora lit up at the mention of the king and grinned, "Can we see him?" he asked. The look-a-like Goofy stared at him in shock, "Oh sorry, my name is Sora what's your name?"

"It's Max, and Mickey will be happy to see you guys." And with that Max opened the door for them. Sora, Donald, and Goofy walked inside, Sora's eyes bulged when he saw a giant mirror further along the right-hand side of the wall.

Next to the mirror was a reception desk where Daisy was sitting at, and past the reception desk was a set of large double doors. Donald's eyes bulged out, "DAISY!" he bellowed and dashed forward, Sora watched in amusement as Daisy looked up from her computer in shock, and shouted back, "Donald!"

The two hugged, and it was only then that Sora was starting to notice some differences between this Daisy and the lady in waiting Daisy. For one thing, this Daisy had longer hair that she had pulled back into a ponytail.

For another she had a headset on, and was wearing a nice shirt and vest she also had heels on. "Where have you been?" she demanded, pulling back from Donald and frowning at him. "Uh..well, um" Donald scrambled around, fishing for the right words.

Sora noticed the problem and spoke up, "Hey my name is Sora, and I'm afraid Donald's absence is kind of my fault." Daisy looked up from Donald in confusion and raised her eyebrow's at Sora. "Did you say Sora? Mickey mentioned you earlier, he didn't tell me much though. He told me that if a Sora came here that he would like to speak with you."

Her eyes darkened, "Donald, I expect you to tell me what you've been up too after you've talked to Mickey." She gestured to the double doors, "Just go past the double doors and past the stage, you'll find Mickey rehearsing for the show."

She paused then added, "If you'd like, you could stay for the show, there's a table still open next to the Beast's." she looked expectantly at Sora who looked surprised momentarily, "Sure that would be great!" he said excitedly.

She smiled, "Great, and don't worry about paying the club will take care of it." She went over to the computer and filled him in as a guest. "C'mon Sora!" Donald shouted and pelted for the doors with Goofy right behind him.

"It was nice talking to you." Sora told Daisy who nodded in his general direction. Then following Donald's example he headed for the doors, his eyes widened when he saw the interior of it. There had to be over one hundred tables, the balcony (which was where Sora, Donald and Goofy now stood) curled down to the main floor.

His eyes landed on a lone figure on stage, which he immediately recognized as being the king's. He traded excited looks with Donald and Goofy and they all ran down to the stage, as soon as he saw them the king waved and raced to meet them.

They all got in a group hug and just stayed in that position until they heard a soft cough behind them. They all sprang apart and looked at the newcomer, "Hiya Minnie!" Goofy said, Sora smiled too

"Goofy and Donald! Where have you been? Max and Daisy have been worried sick! Not to mention Clarabelle!" this last was directed at Goofy who blushed and hyuked loudly. Sora grinned and nudged Goofy, "So who's Clarabelle?"

Donald snickered, "Clarabelle is Goofy's sweetheart." At this Goofy ducked his head and shoved his hands deeper into his pockets. Sora smiled and turned his attention to Minnie who was wearing the same kind of shirt that Daisy wore.

She was also wearing a small blue bow that was off to the side by one of her ears. Her eyes twinkled when she saw them and then she looked over at Mickey and smiled. "I was just about to tell you that the club will be opening soon."

Mickey grinned, "Gosh, I can't believe the time has flown, thanks Minnie I'll take these guys to my room and tell them what's going on." Minnie nodded and consulted a clipboard she was carrying, while Mickey directed Sora, Donald and Goofy off the stage and through a small set of doors that led to a hallway lined with doors that had star shaped plaques on them.

He led them to one that had his name engraved on it and opened it to reveal a big room that had a big mirror with lights around it. On the counter in front of the mirror was a can that read EAR STARCH in big letters, Mickey blushed when he saw what Sora was looking at.

He sat down on a folding chair that was pulled up to the mirror and looked at Sora, Donald, and Goofy equally in turn. "I'm afraid I have some bad news, the House of Mouse is being attacked by the heartless. However we can't find out who the culprit is due to the fact that we have villains almost every night."

Sora scratched his chin, "When you say villains, exactly who are you talking about?" Mickey sighed, "Well heroes and villains come here from every world, of course they do have to abide by our rules. Otherwise they can get kicked out and it's not very pleasant."

Sora's eyes widened in realization, "You mean that when Daisy said the Beast she meant like Belle and the Beast?" Mickey nodded allowing it to sink in, Sora grinned in excitement, but then his eyes darkened in understanding "So you want us to keep a close eye on the villains for ya?" Mickey nodded while Sora, Donald and Goofy looked at each other and nodded as one.

"No problem." Sora said while putting his hands behind his head in a relaxed manner and giving his trademark grin.

So what do you think?