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Sora watched Genie lead a flustered Jasmine and a stunned Aladdin through the double doors, Sora turned back around to watch Hercules walk in. With him were Pegasus, Megera, and Phil they smiled at Sora as they saw him by the reception desk.

"Sora! How's life as a hero?" called Hercules as he strode confidently towards Sora, Sora grinned, "Oh you know the usual, beating up bad guys, saving damsels in distress, and saving the world." Sora said as he shook hands with Hercules.

"Saving the universe, one world at a time." Hercules added with a grin that flashed bright white. "Just remember this kid, two words never attack without backup." this came from Phil who always gave him rules that never added up.

"Sure thing Phil." Sora said, knowing it was always better to agree with him, rather than suffer the alternative. A chill swept the room as Hades arrived, with him were his two lackeys Pain and Panic. Hades bared his pointed teeth at the group before addressing Sora, "So you've been demoted to a junior hero huh? That's the pits, but I guess that's what junior hero's are for." He snarked.

Sora glared, "I don't think you got the memo, but I've been promoted to an actual hero." Hades raised his eyebrow disbelievingly, "Whatever, oh and Wonder-breath try not to get too comfortable." And with these parting words Hades left with his lackeys following him.
"One of these days, I'll show him" Sora growled, Hercules placed a hand on his shoulder "Maybe one day, but not today. Just remember a true hero is measured by the strength of his heart." Meg placed a hand on Hercules's shoulder tenderly at his words.

"We should get seated." Meg whispered , Hercules nodded before heading out with a last grin at Sora. Sora watched them go, seeing Daisy's awed expression "You know Hercules too?" she asked in a breathy tone of voice.

Sora just shrugged lamely, "Oh yeah, we met a few times during our travels." Daisy still looked awestruck so Sora hurridley decided to slip back towards the double doors before more old acquaintances showed up.

When he reached the inside, Ariel and King Triton had been removed from their containers of water and were more or less seated in front of their table. Ariel had a grumpy look on her face and was refusing to look at her dad and King Triton was looking upset.

A few tables over Jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie along with Abu and the magic carpet were gathered around their table. Jasmine and Aladdin looked like they were lost in their own little world, due to this development Genie was talking with Abu and the carpet.

Sora's eyes swiveled around until they landed on a table with Ursala, Jafar with Iago, and Hades with Pain and Panic. Sora's eyes narrowed as he saw this trio muttering amongst one another, he kept his eyes on them until he took his seat.

Sora went back to scanning the tables and saw Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother sitting down, the Fairy Godmother had her wand out and was tapping a pair of glass slippers. Upon sensing Sora's eyes on her, Cinderella met his eyes with a warm smile and a wave, which Sora returned.

The double doors opened again and two people walked in, they were people Sora hadn't met yet. The woman was blue-skinned and had large blue eyes, but her most striking feature was her hair which was a bright orange with a gold streak running through it. The man was wearing a space-suit that had some sort of rubber looking head cap that was a dark purple. His eyes were wandering around the room anxiously and it was then that Sora noticed something else, he had a rather large chin with a single hair springing from it.

As they passed his table, Sora overheard some of their conversation, "I can't believe you managed to get tickets here Buzz! They must have cost a fortune!" The woman said, her large blue eyes scanning the room reverently. "Aaah, don't worry Mira, Space Command is always willing to help pay for undercover missions." This must have been news for Mira because she reared back with a glare on her face. "Uh-Wa-Wait! What about our date night to get away from XR and Booster? And what do you mean underco-" but whatever she was about to say next was cut off as Buzz gave her a dangerous look. Instead of looking affronted however, Mira raised an eyebrow and put her hands on her hips. Buzz rolled his eyes and grabbed Mira by her elbow, causing her to protest but weakly.

Sora watched them go with interest and saw them sit not too far away from where he was at. After they were seated, they leaned in closer together and had a hurried conversation. Sora's attention moved away from them when he saw two more people enter, one of them was a tall man with red eyes, neon gritting teeth and silver horns. He wore a purple tunic and a black cloak, next to him was a blue-skinned man with black hair in a crew cut and a goatee. He wore a space suit that was purple and red and his right arm had a robotic claw. The man's eyes wandered over the tables, until they landed on the one where Buzz and Mira were sitting at.

Sora's eyes narrowed as he saw an all too familiar smirk on the man's face as he nudged the man in the black cloak. The man in the cloak sneered at Buzz and Mira before heading towards a table near Sora. "Well, well well if it isn't Lightyear and the Princess." The man in the black cloak fairly cackled.

Buzz looked up and narrowed his eyes, "I knew that the evil taint of Zurg was involved somehow." He said as he stood up glaring. Zurg let out another fiendish cackle, "You flatter me Lightyear, what was it Agent Z told me once 'you think I'm involved in putting kittens up trees.'" Zurg said laughing while Buzz reached to touch his right arm with his left, but Mira beat him too it. "Do you want us to get kicked out?" she demanded of Buzz in a harsh whisper. Buzz looked sorely tempted to attack Zurg but settled for sinking into his chair, "Now that's that, just like a good dog." Agent Z said with a smirk.

Buzz tensed and opened his mouth to retort when Mickey arrived, "Gosh, is everything all right?" he asked as he studied their reactions, Agent Z just smiled even wider "Of course, we were just having a chat weren't we Lightyear?" Buzz glared and grunted, "It seems we were Darkmatter." He growled.

Agent Z and Zurg turned and headed for the table that was near Sora, he glanced around the filling room and was surprised to see others he recognized. He spotted Mulan with Shang and an older man , on the table was Mushu who was talking to a cricket. Sora grinned and kept looking around, he spotted Simba with Nahla next to them were Timon and Pumbaa.

A few tables over, Peter Pan, Wendy and two younger boys were sitting down with Tinkerbell hovering in the air. Near them, Captain Hook and his pirate lackeys were singing a shanty. A few tables over, Winnie the Pooh and the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood occupants were talking together with Tigger bouncing on his tail.

"Hey Sora!" Sora turned around to see Belle smiling at him, next to her was the Beast. Sora stood up smiling, "Hey, long time no see how are things?" he asked. Belle and the Beast smiled at each other, "They're going great!" Belle gushed, her eyes sparkled as she smiled at the Beast. There was a soft Hmm and Sora looked down to see Mrs. Potts and her son Chip, next to them were Cogsworth the pendulum clock who had a stern expression on his/it's face and Lumeriere the candlestick. "Oh, hey guys, I hope you're keeping Belle and the Beast in line." Sora said in a teasing voice, he looked up to see Belle duck her head with a faint blush on her face. "I'm just kidding." He added seeing the Beast give him a raised eyebrow.

"It's nice to see you again." This came from Mrs. Potts who hopped over towards a table that was next to Sora's. "We'll catch up later Sora." Belle said with another smile though it looked strained and she was looking past Sora. Sora looked behind him to see a man who looked like he did body lifting as a hobby, he was only a little shorter than the Beast. The man wore a red shirt with a yellow collar , he wore dark pants held up by a belt and he wore thick leather boots. Slung over his shoulder was a rifle, next to him was a tiny man who looked dumpy and was wearing a suit that pulled tightly over his girth. The taller man leered at Belle, to which Belle ignored him and followed the Beast to their table. Sora glared at the all too pompous man who followed Belle's form with a watchful gaze, Sora had half a mind to whack him a few times with the Keyblade. The taller man strode purposefully towards a table near the Belle and the Beast, smirking in their direction as soon as he sat down. Sora decided to keep an eye on him for the rest of the night, for Belle's sake.

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