A/N: No idea why this story manifested itself into my head. All I know is that it is preventing me from working on other things and therefore must be released. Ive only ever done one other one shot type story so this is rare indeed. But it looks like this is the start of a number of drabbles focusing on my favorite couple as they start their own family.


He wasn't sure what was worse, the sight or the smell. Terrible, unforgivable and decidedly the most disgusting thing he had ever come across. And that was saying something; he had grown up in a place that held a sheep festival every spring. Wipes…where the hell were those wipes? It looked like a world war in there and he wasn't about to go in without back up.

Making a face he grabbed the tiny ankles together and lifted up the baby's butt so that he could pull off the offending item and clear away the evidence. This was of course the end of his relationship with chocolate or anything that resembled the color brown.

Baby did not appreciate the cold air or his slow movements. Picking up the baby powder he assumed a few pats would do the job. Realistically, a tap would have sufficed, but how the hell was he supposed to know that? The air misted with white powder and he would be damned if any of it actually went where it was originally planned. The wails which had initially provoked him to check for problems began to escalate. Shit, no pun intended.

Winry rushed in and he was sure mothers had a locating device for crying children and fumbling fathers. "Ed? What are you doing to poor little Eddy?" She stared at the white out area and glared at him. "Why would you use the whole bottle?"

In one, two swipes top,she had him clean and wrapped back up again in his diaper. The tiny infant instantly settled, his little fingers grasped around his mother's finger as she rocked him gently. Stupid, no good, Hohenheim. He had no idea what the hell he was doing and it felt good to pin it on his own father rather than to take on any blame himself.

"Hold out your arms." His wife asked, her voice soft and sweet. Yes, motherhood did bring out a whole new side to her.

He looked up, the scowl leaving his face as he stared into her calmed expression. Reluctantly, he held his arms out as she gently passed the baby to his grasp. Eddy's grip on his mother's finger didn't release. He wasn't crying but the fussing noise didn't sound happy either. "See? He doesn't want me, he wants you Win." He attempted to hand the kid back over.

Winry smirked at him, before flicking him on the forehead with her free hand.

"What was that for?"

"Don't be an idiot Ed, he's your son, of course he wants you too." She gently detached her finger, replacing it with Eds. Almost immediately the infant grabbed on tight, holding onto Ed's finger as if his life depended on it.

"Whoa." He marveled at his son, wondering if he would ever tire of being amazed by it all.

Winry smiled at them and he felt his earlier discomfort fade away. Motherhood suited her in ways he knew even surprised her.

"He's only a couple days old Ed, you're not going to be perfect from day one, it takes time." She leaned in and gave them each a kiss. "Next time he messes his diaper, I'll be sure to let you know." She sang happily before heading into their room for bed.

"Hey! I just changed a natural disaster!"

She walked back in with her hands on her hips and he couldn't help but appreciate the way her chest stuck out a little bit more lately. "Trust me Ed; you're not the first or last person to ever deal with that. Just remember, when you're old and you need your diaper changed who do you think is going to do it?"

Ed shook his head in amusement. "Mommy is a cruel, cruel woman."

Eddy blinked up at him before his eyelids drooped close again. Things might be changing around the place, but changing diapers seemed to be the worst of it.

As he laid his son down to sleep he chuckled. "How about that, equivalent exchange huh?"