Chapter 27: Home

"Good bye!" the turtle hermit waved as his friends were carried away by Saiyans "You two come back for your training."

Everyone waved and the final leg of the journey began in earnest. The South of Oz scrolled below them like a beautiful carpet decorated with lush fields and red roofed houses. It was only minutes before they spotted an elegant yet secluded palace. The travellers were set down and Gohan thanked them.

"Your wish is granted. Farewell." Gohan burst out laughing and simply told the others never mind when he was questioned.

They approached the main gates where two guards were stationed. "Halt! State your business."

Dorothy said "We've come to see Chi Chi."

"And what names should I give the Princess?"

They told them and the guards were taken aback. "Come along; we'll announce you at once."


The group was led through a beautiful garden and into the palace itself. They were asked to wait in a side chamber.

"Oh Gohan do you think she'll really be able to help us?"

"I hope so; we've exhausted our other options."

A servant entered and said "The Ox King and Princess Chi Chi will receive you in the throne room. Come along."

Everyone but Gohan was surprised at the King's size. "Welcome travellers! My name is Gyūmaō and this is my daughter Chi Chi."

"How do you do?"

"We are honored to be visited by such esteemed travellers. You've freed two provinces and one of you is king of Oz. Goku let me officially pledge my loyalty. What about you Chi Chi?"

Chi Chi studied him with an appraising look before saying "I do"

Gohan smiled and rolled his eyes. This king was certainly going to have a lot on his plate.

Goku said "Uh, thanks for that but we're really here for Gohan and Dorothy."

The Ox King said "Yes what can we do for you?"

Gohan said "We heard that Chi Chi is a powerful witch and could hopefully send us back to our home world."

The Princess surveyed them thoughtfully before saying "I believe there is a very simple way but you may not like it."

"Oh please tell us" Dorothy said "Our families must be worried frantic and we need to get back to them."

"What will you give me in return?"

"Umm" Gohan held out the Golden helmet "this is the Saiyan control helmet. Will it do?"

"It will do very nicely. Goku I suppose you want to return to the Emerald City once the children have departed?"

"Well actually I need to stop at the Turtle Guy's island and so does Yamcha. He's going to train us see?"

"Alright I'll have the Saiyans take you there. 16?"

"I wish to go to West City and begin the necessary work."

"Very well. I will then command Vegeta to lead his subjects in search of a new, hopefully peaceful, home beyond the desert outside of Oz. I will give him the helmet so that they can no longer be made to bother the people of this country and so that they might enjoy freedom."

"Wow" Gohan uttered. Just like his mother, she had a surprisingly kind and thoughtful side. "And now about us going home your majesty?"

"Dorothy has the key. Her shoes are indeed very powerful and their main power is transporting the wearer wherever they wish."

"Gohan and Toto as well?"

"I see no reason why not. All you have to do is click the heels together three times and wish."

Yamcaha said "That means you could have gone home from day one and you never would have met us."

"In that case I'm glad we didn't know" Gohan answered "You guys are wonderful and I'm grateful that I got to play a small part in your current happiness."

"It was not small" 16 said and he looked on the verge of crying (if he were capable of tears that is).

Dorothy said "Well I'm also glad I met each one of you."

There were hugs all around and a fair amount of tears (the Ox King howled the loudest). Finally Gohan and Dorothy stood in the middle of the room and linked arms.

"Are you ready?"



They announced simultaneously "Take us home to our families."

The children were flying through a blur of changing colors and sounds. It was impossible to distinguish up from down and was a thrilling but scary sensation. Without warning Gohan, Dorothy, and Toto were tumbling along a dusty road.

Dorothy sat up and gasped; ahead of them was her farm where a new house was under construction. "Gohan it worked, it worked!"

"Yes it…hey your shoes."

"What about them?" She looked down and discovered that she was sock footed. The silver shoes were gone.

"I wonder…" but she was cut off by a woman's scream.

"Dorothy!" The speaker was a plain but pretty woman running towards them with her husband close behind.

"Auntie Em! Uncle Henry!"

Gohan smiled as they embraced but his smile became a grin when he saw two more people; Mr. Zoroaster and his own mother!

"My children you made it after all! I'm so glad."

Chi Chi embraced Gohan so hard his breath was knocked out of him. "Oh I was so worried. This was where you called from and so I kept coming to visit Mr. and Mrs. Gale in case you'd come back. Oscar turned up this morning and told us some very strange things. Where on Earth have you been?"

"I haven't. I've been…it's a very long story and I'll tell it to you later. Right now I'm just happy to be with you again. You know what Mom?"

"What sweetheart?"

"There's no place like home!"

The End! I hope it was as much fun for you to read as it was for me to write. Once again I apoligize for the huge gaps in chapters but I stuck with it and now you have the complete story. Thank you very much for reading!