Little Mistakes, Big Consequences

Manhattan Island: Oct. 30

"This is Charles Chatmen coming to you live from town square. Where once again the citizens of Manhattan are getting ready for its annual Halloween Fair." The news reporter announced towards the cameraman as all around them volunteers have been putting the finishing touches for the fair. "This year will feature a real special treat for the children of the city. This year the Xanatos have opened their exotic home as a haunted fun house and will be welcoming all those participating."

As the residence of the city went about decorating for the up coming holiday, none have nothing a group of six teenagers stand on the sidewalk. They seem to be observing the largest building in the city. "There it is." Ron, a dark haired teenager with jeans and a red shirt, had stated as he stood across the street and stared up at the tallest building in Manhattan Island, New York. "Xanatos Enterprises."

His best friend Patrick had stood next to him, a blonde wearing a blue shirt and jean shorts and an equally confident smirk as he admired the structure in front of them. "And somewhere up there is our prized winning picture."

"If those things really exist." They turned at the sound of their resident Goth girl, Heather, sarcastic comment.

"Of course they exist, you heard the rumors." Justin, a red head with a green shirt and black jeans, had stated in response to the girl's skepticism. "We've all seen the news."

"This is like the tallest building in all of New York." Jennifer, a young blonde in white shorts and a pink top, reminded the group as she studied over the brochure of the city. "We're else would they hide?"

"I don't know you guys…" Another teenage girl with red head with a white t-shirt and black jeans, stated nervously as she rubbed her hands together. Unlike her friends she wasn't at all looking forward to the plan they were planning on pulling. "I've got a bad feeling about this…"

"Ah, come on, Hope!" Ron exclaimed in some annoyance at his friend's hesitation. "Live up to your namesake for once and get with the program."

What had brought these fortune seekers to this part of the city was a radio contest that had been announced at the beginning of the month. The radio DJ had declared that their company would reward exactly six-thousand dollars to anyone whom can bring in a photograph of a real life gargoyle. Believing that working in numbers would better help their chances of winning, the six friends had agreed to take up the challenge together and split the winnings evenly between them.

It hadn't been long at all when the group crossed the street and entered the office building. "You guys, are you sure about this?" Hope had whispered as they all made their way over to the security desk.

"Sure, we're sure. Just stay cool and let me do all the talking." Ron had stated softly as the officer on duty soon noticed them. "Hey there. We're volunteering to help set up the haunted house for tomorrow night."

The guard glanced down at his pad to check for anything scheduled. "Hmm, you're early. I don't have you down until later in the afternoon."

"Oh, that's when the rest of the group brings in the stuff we're going to use. We're here to take measurements and layout what goes where in what room for the tour." The teenager explained smoothly while the others nodded in agreement.

"Huh, alight then." Satisfied with the explanation the guard began handing out visitor tags to the group. "Go down the hallway to the elevators and go to the top floor."

After thanking the guard, the group made their way to the elevators. Inside they exchanged a few quick high fives then went over the plan one more time. They were to search the castle both inside and out for any signs of their winged targets. If they run into anyone whom works in the castle itself, they will pretend to have gotten lost looking for the room where the haunted house was suppose to be set up. Then if they were taken the place, they would send a pair out to search while the others worked. They would rotate pairs every hour or so, that way no one will be able to suspect a thing. A perfect plan, all they needed to do was stick together and stay focused on the goal.

When the elevator doors opened, the teens had found an empty stone ballroom. Pleased, they decided to walk towards the first set of doors they found. They found themselves outside in the courtyard, which gave them the perfect opportunity to figure out where the gargoyles would most likely be.

"Alright, perfect!" Jennifer practically cheered at the surroundings. "This is so a natural playground for those things."

"Okay lets think, where would you be if you were a gargoyle in a castle in the sky?" Heather asked out loud to no one in particular.

"My money is on one of those tall towers." Patrick pointed to the nearest one as he spoke.

The idea was highly plausible and so the young team began looking for a way to get up to the wall and closer to the towers. They had managed to spend at least two hours searching but so far nothing. It wasn't before long that someone had suggested to try and search the taller towers in the inner walls. However, that brought just as little results. Then there came the idea that maybe the gargoyles might be in the tallest tower in the middle. Yet the only way to get to that particular tower was somewhere inside the castle itself. So once again, the group of teens made their way inside the ancient dwelling in search for their photo subject.

"Guys we really shouldn't be doing this." Hope declared as went from door to door looking for some stairway or private elevator that lead up. "It's trespassing and we'd-"

"Would you quit being such a chicken and just keep looking?" Heather snapped with some irritation at her friend. "This is six-thousand dollars we're talking about!"

"Be cool, Hope." Ron called over from yet another door. "We'll be out of here soon enough." As he opened his most resent door, Ron found a large room with an exellent view of the tower they were all trying to get to. "Hey guys look!" Soon enough they all came into the room and went straight for the window.

"Looks like we're getting closer." Justin guessed as he looked out through the glass for a way to get to the tower itself. "Looks like there's a garden down there, and there a door right where the tower is!"

"SSsshhh!" Jennifer shushed her friend quickly.

They had been so eager to find out how to get to the tower that they had failed to noticed the room itself. It was filled with small toys and pictures. There was a small shelf with books steed next to a rocking chair and reading lamp. Just off to the right of that was a crib with a hanging mobile that sported stars, clouds, and a moon, and just underneath of the twirling toy was a small, semi-sleepy, red headed baby boy. He stood in his cage-like bed pouting and blinking sleepily at the strangers in his room.

"Okay…" Patrick whispered carefully as he watched the baby watched them. "No body make any loud noises. Just quietly walk to the door and…" The baby had began to whimper from being woken up to soon from his nap. "No, no, don't cry!"

"Oh man…" Ron looked around for something to distract the infant. "Ah, um, Hope! You're good with kids, aren't?" He didn't even wait for an answer. "Do something to keep him quiet."

Having plenty of babysitting experience, Hope made her way over to the crib and carefully picked up the baby boy. She cradled the infant over her shoulder and tried to lure him back to sleep by rocking him and singing a lullaby. While their friend distracted the would be intruder alarm, the rest of the group quietly tried to figure out a new plan. They couldn't very well leave Hope there with the baby, they couldn't risk slitting up for fear of getting lost, and they couldn't stay in the nursery for long otherwise they might get caught. Meanwhile, the baby wasn't feeling tiered anymore. He wanted to know who was holding him and wither or not they wanted to play. The boy knew it wasn't Mommy because it was too small and because of that he knew for sure it wasn't Daddy. Yet whomever this person was she sang very nicely and he liked the way she smelled.

"Oh come on little guy." Hope cooed at the little baby that was staring up at her like an owl. "Don't you want to finish your nap?" A tiny little mouth spread into an open grin. He even giggled at her voice when it rose to that higher tone his caretakers tend to use around him. "Aren't you sleepy?"

"Yeah, Hope? I don't think that's working." Heather declared after getting sick of the boarder line baby talk that had started to form between the redhead and infant.

All at once Jennifer has gasped in alarm at the door of the nursery. "I hear someone coming!" She exclaimed just loud enough for those in the room to hear.

"Oh man!" Justin nearly yelled as he looked around franticly. "We need to hide!"

"No kidding, genius." Patrick stated as he tried to keep calm. "But where?"

A voice was soon heard coming from the hallway. It was getting closer along with the footsteps heading in their direction. In a near panic the teens tried their best to hide behind the curtains, the toy pile, the crib and the door hoping that who ever would either pass by the room or not notice them as they walked in. Baby Alex had been sat back in his crib and had been watching the big kids curiously. What were they doing? Are they playing a game? Were they all hiding so that they could play 'Surprise' with him? It had been his mother's voice that he heard coming down from the hallway. Are they playing 'Hide from Mommy'? He loved playing that game with his mother! He wanted to play too!

"Somebody get that kid to be quiet!" Ron whispered harshly to anyone close to the excitedly squealing infant. If he continued on like that, they were all sure to be discovered.

Hope had moved from her spot behind the crib and did her best to keep the baby quiet. Then she noticed the glowing around the infant. The pulsing light had grown the more the baby got excited and before anyone could react a huge flash erupted and blinded everyone. When it died down, the room was empty save for the happy little baby clapping in all his joy.