"Your clothes are all over the floor."

Cesare grunted, rolling over to the side, as he grabbed two pillows and stuffed them on either side of his head, shifting when an accusatory jab landed on his ribs. "My servant will take care of that." A frown. "Leave me be: It is too early to nitpick on such trivial matters."

"Aye, aye, enough of your procrastination," Ezio replied in alacrity, cocking an eyebrow at the Spaniard, who proceeded to curl closer to the last remainders of the assassin's warmth on the bed. "Your chambers resemble a pigsty."

"Not in my eyes."

Incredulity. "Do you jest?" Expectantly, the older male swept his hand before the setting, taking his time in the corners of the suite to emphasize the growing pile of attires and weapons—by God, he would not be surprised if merchants set up shop and had limitless inventory from just the items on the floor. "Do you truly not see the disorganization?"

"It is of no concern to me." Cesare lazily rose his torso and stretched out an anticipating hand. "Come back to where you belong, not fretting over an attribute of man."

Dio, the nerve. "My last visit did not consist of a permanently windstorm-stricken environment, Borgia."

"Lo so."

A sigh. "This is the sixth time I had to tell you."

"Then, dismiss the bother," slurred the younger being, burrowing his body deeper into the covers, as he gave Ezio a languid expression: his hooded eyes as inviting as his compromising pose. "Lest you wished to replace my madre."

"Let me inform you, messere, that I will not so much of an inch be near you if you do not clean this mess."

" … is that so?"

"Would I lie?"

Shakes of his head, plopping haphazardly onto his back, the stern aura of his companion, and the duke simply allowed the blankets to swallow him whole, no sign of hesitance traced in his motions. He tangled himself up in the coverlets and maneuvered over the other, not before snagging a thigh and resting his head upon the skin. "I guess I am not worried, so to speak."

Would anything be credible? "Why is that?"

"For you would not be able to resist that single inch of my flesh."