Zivas POV. I had a dream like this a few nights ago but it was me and my best guy friend it kinda freaked me out when I woke up, but anywho I hope you enjoy this I certaintly enjoyed writing it, not so much the dreaming it but thats not important...

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or anything having to do with the show, or the agency for that matter. Even though that would be amazingly cool if I did either :)

Last night I dreamed of you.

We were runnin' through the yard.

You grabbed my arm and pulled me close.

Sayin' that you loved me so,

but I said I loved you more.

We had twin boys.

Cute as can be.

Lookin' just like their daddy.

One yelled for me,

and one for you.

They started runnin' towards are arms.

I didn't get to hold them,

because I soon woke up.

How I wish that dream had lasted long enough.

It was 2 am when I woke up.

Tears clouding up my eyes.

I dream of you all the time,

but there was something about last night.

And I know your gone forever,

but every where I look.

Your standing in the sun.

Waiting for the ending

to our fairy tale story book.

I hope you guys enjoyed this it was kinda written in a way that it could be any ones life, but after I had written it and read it over it just seemed so Tivaish anywho review or don't your choice. I prefer the review button though :)