FULL SUMMARY: Four boys from Minnesota had actually been four guys plus one girl. When 'Big Time Rush' left to go find their dream, they left someone behind. James's twin sister, Molly. She was part of the team, part of their group. Now, a few years after Big Time Rush made it Big Time, they decide that visiting Minnesota would be a good thing for them. It was a rush of feelings, of excitement, and a rush of belonging


"Come on, just a little one-on-one basketball," suggested Kendall, cocking his eyebrow as he held up the orange ball. It was round and firm with air but the black lines were nearly faded. Molly shook her head and Kendall's smile dropped, "Why not?" he whined, bouncing the ball up and down on the paved basketball court of the park.

"Because, it wouldn't be fair! You are so much taller!" Molly grumbled, waving her hand in the air with a deep frown on her face. Kendall chuckled, grabbing the ball mid-way in the air. He tucked it under his arm, looking at her.

He glanced over at the bleachers, seeing James laying on one of the seats and Reese near him, "How about if we add Reese in?" he recommended.

"Not gonna happen," Reese commented, not looking up from her phone. James rolled his eyes, getting up from his spot.

"I'll help ya, sis," he offered, stepping up next to her. She looked up at him, having to crane her neck to see.

"That wouldn't be fair then," she leaned in closer and James bent down as if she were going to tell a secret. Her voice dropped to a low whisper, "We would beat him." James laughed out loud, nodding his head in agreement.

"Hey! I heard that! I would so beat you!" Kendall defended, pointing his index finger accusingly at Molly.

She shook her head vigorously, almost teasing him, "I bet not!" she said, her voice childish as she clasped her hands behind her back. James scooted out of the way.

"Oh yeah?" Kendall retorted, not liking his 'game' being questioned. He dropped the ball, letting it bounce away. He quirked both of his eyebrows now as they disappeared under his fringe.

Molly's eyes widened slightly, knowing exactly what was coming, "Hey, why don't we play basketball?" she muttered, gesturing toward the rolling away ball.

Kendall snickered, shaking his head, "Nope." He stepped toward her. Reese had taken interest in this, looking from through her bangs and watched. James was just shaking his head as he sat back down on the bench.

Molly took one look at the boy in front of her before turning and running off of the court. He let out a full on laugh, chasing after her.

The first few weeks at Palmwoods seemed to fly by past. The boys were the boys, causing mayhem wherever they went. They ended up manipulating people so they got a new crib, fought over a new girl, ruined their manager's mansion, threw a party, and many other things. Guitar Man was a new good friend, along with Jo and Logan ended up getting a new admirer. It seemed at peace and home in Palmwoods.

"Mom, no, I'm okay, really," urged James, leaning back in a lounge chair in Palmwoods pool. He was dressed down in jeans and black tank top; it was perfect for LA weather. He cringed at the loud chatting the came from behind him. He chuckled, "No, I haven't gotten hurt, or shot at. We aren't in the murder district," he reassured, trying to get his mother to calm down. He pressed his lips together, "Put Shrimp on the phone, please?" he requested, closing his eyes for a split second.

"I told you never to call me names again," Molly's voice was bright against the phone speaker. James smiled. He called his family every week, just to clear that he was still alive with his mother and talk to his twin.

"Deal with it," James muttered, shifting his body onto the chair. The afternoon sun beat down on him, making him warm but it didn't seem to matter. He frowned, trying to hear his sister through the loud noise. He knew he should move but it felt too comfortable.

"Are you famous yet?" Molly asked. He heard rustling before hearing a chewing sound. She was probably eating; she usually did when she was on the phone.

"No, it hasn't even been long," James answered, crinkling his nose at his sister's question.

There was a long pause before she answered, "Then why are we talking?" He knew that she was only joking, though it was hard to tell sometimes with her. He glanced up, seeing Kendall stroll over to him. He sat on the other chair that sat beside James, gesturing to the phone.

'Molly,' he mouthed and leaned away when Kendall's outstretched hand tried to take the phone.

"Did you hear me?" Molly's impatient tone entered James's ear. He cleared his throat, focusing on her now.

"What did you say, Shrimp?" he asked, slapping Kendall's hand away. Kendall frowned, holding his hand toward his chest in mock hurt.

"I will hang up on you and never talk to you again," Molly warned and that made James smile before he chuckled.

"That'll happen," he said, rolling his eyes at her comment. She was always threatening to not talk to him when he called her that nickname. It wasn't ever real.

Kendall made a sort of grumbling sound as he tapped James on the shoulder. James waved his hand away.

"I have to go. Reese is dragging me to a tattoo parlor," Molly said, sighing quietly. James's eyes widened.

"WHAT?" The sudden burst out of James made Kendall, and several others, look at him. A small section of dead air came over the phone line, "Molly!"

"I'm totally kidding, Idiot," She said, erupting into uncontrollable laughter. James sat there, almost fuming from her 'information.' She calmed herself down, exhaling lightly, "Anyway, I have to go for real. I love you."

James sighed heavily, shaking his head as he ran a hand down his face, "Alright, good bye. I love you too, Shrimp." She hung up the phone with a comment of killing him. He smiled, placing his phone back in his pocket. He looked back at Kendall, who was staring at him, "What?"

"I wanted to talk to her," he said, folding his arms. James shrugged his shoulders before jumping up.

"Too bad, wait next week." He turned before calling back, "Now, if you excuse me. I have business with two girls in the front lobby," he made a thumbs up and a grin before walking away.

Kendall rolled his eyes, getting up, "James, Gustavo wants us at the Rocque Records," he said, seeing the frown on his face. James sighed, hanging his head and following after Kendall.

Molly hung up the phone, placing it down in its holder, turning away from it. She sighed, frowning. Reese looked up from the couch, where she was laying.

"What's the matter?" she asked, placing down her Seventeen magazine. Obviously, she had picked it up from the coffee table from boredom. She brushed her bangs out of her eyes that threatened to blind her.

Molly shook her head, smiling softly, "Just missing the boys," she said, blowing out a small puff of air.

"Ever thought about visiting them?" Reese suggested, standing up from the couch. Everyone knew how close the twins were and Reese knew how much, personally, it hurt Molly to be away from him.

Molly scrunched her nose, "Okay, I don't miss them that much," she muttered, brushing past her best friend and grabbing her purse, "Mom wants us to stop by the store for milk," she said, grabbing a random coat off of the hanger. Reese bit her lip for a moment before grabbing down a black hoodie.

"Here, just wear this," she said, pushing it toward her best friend. Molly took it, holding it up. It was the jacket that she and James had painted when they were ten. Their names were on it, spelled wrong of course, and various other things like their hand prints. She smiled, slipping it on instead. It was bigger on her, because it had been James's but she made her smile bigger, grinning now.

"Let's go," she proposed, tucking her arm through Reese's and pulling her out the door.

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