Esme Pov

Carlisle was telling about his past in the living room when I notice pig tails sticking out from around the corner. Suddenly a little head popped out.

" Who's that?" I asked Carlisle.

He turned his head and a smile appeared on his face. " Thats my daughter Nickie." I looked at him in surprise. Why would he change a little girl at such a young age?

" Come here baby." He said.

First word that came to my mind was adorable. She had a blue jeans jumper suit with a purple under shirt on wit white sneakers and high pig tails. She walk cautiously over to Carlisle not taking her eyes off me. As so as she was in his arms she smothered her face into his chest.

"Nicole this is Esme." He said as he introduced us.

I smiled at her and all it did was make her bury her face further into his chest. She was to cute, she was like the kind of baby that had trouble writen across her face but would never be in touble because of her adorable pout she would give but I don't think she's a trouble maker type.

" So if you don't mind me asking, why did you change her at such a young age?" I asked.

When he told me the story I knew he had a heart. Carlisle had to be the most compassionate guy you could meet.

" Nickie why don't you say hi to Esme." Carlisle said.

Obeying Daddy's request she lifted her head and looked in my direction.

" H-Hhi I'mNickie." She said with he thumb in her mouth.

Carlisle chuckled and toke her thumb out. She looked up at Carlisle.

" Daddy when is Edward coming back? " She asked in the cutiest baby voice I ever heard.

" He went out for a hunt but he'll be back in about an hour." He said.

She laided her head back on Carlisle chest and just looked out the window.

" She very fluent when she speaks." I said.

Carlisle smiled. " Yea she only has trouble with her R's, welll except for Edward, she got's that down but beside that she pretty

smart." He said while Nickie put her thumb back in her mouth.

" How old is she?"

" Two." He said.

" Wow she really smart." I said. He smiled.

" Daddy I want to go in the fowest." She said.

" Baby it's starting to get dark. " Carlisle said.

" Pleassse." She begged.

" Come on Carlisle just a little walk." I said. He looked at us both.

" Oh fine lets go." He said.

" Yea!" Nickie cheered throughing her hands up.

We both laughed. He picked Nickie up and threw her across his shoulders. She started to kick her legs and laugh.

" Lets go." He said as we walked out of the small house and into the big forest. We were just about in the forest when Nickie said " Daddy. Put me down." She said the most adorable demand I ever heard, lets just face it this little girl is adorable.

Carlisle put her at arm lengthand held her by her sides

" What's the magic word." Carlisle asked. She put her finger on her chin and tapped it looking up.

" Please." She said. He smiled and put her down.

" Stay in front of me. Where I can see you." Carlisle said sternly.

She skipped along the trail. Carlise and I began to talk about numerouse things but mostly on the Topic of Nickie and wht he thinks she is. Nickie was walking in front of us when she tripped and fell. We ran to her. Her knees where ok thanks

to the jumper but her hands we all scratched up and little drops of blood were coming out.I tensed but woundered why I wasnt attacking her or having such a erge to kill her as I had with the humans. After examining the damage he picked her up and she laid her head on his shoulder. She wasn't even crying.

" She tough little girl" I said. Carlisle looked at me with a smile

" It's really nothing new she falls a lot so she's used to it as are we. She really only cries when there a lot of blood." He said.

I looked at him warily and kept my distance because there was still alittle blood.

" Don't worry her blood isn't that bad. Edwards use to it and I'm sure you will be may not be that strong to you because you haven't been on the natural diet that long." He said.

We walked out of the forest. Nickie looked at the house. There was a boy that looked like her in a way, at the door way. She wiggled singling for Carlisle to put her down. He put her down and she ran towards the young man. He ran as well, he got to her first and swooped her off the ground and threw her into the air. She laugh. He held her and gave her a hug while she did the same. We walked at our own pace up to them.

" Edward Me daddy and Esme went for a walk, but I got hurt." She said showing him her hands he kissed them lightly.

I smiled at the mention of my name. It seemed to me that I was important enough to be considered in her story. I know it sounds silly but it was nice to be around childeren, even though it was hard because of the lost of my son. But I was suprised that she could say my name, today even Adults had trouble saying my name.

" Edward why don't you talk to Esme while I go get Nickie ready for bed." Carlisle said while sticking his arms out. Nickie went to Carlisle without protest.

I could tell Edward didn't like this but something told him not to protest either. Edward and I talked but it was short talk. About half an hour passed when Carlisle came down.

" Looks like you have a fan. Nickie wants you to tuck her in." I was surprised but I went up without hesitation.

Nickie was laying down when I walked in.

"Good night sweetie." I said putting the blanket over her.

She smiled. " Will you be my mommy?"