Nickie POV

I watched as daddy and Esme tickled each other. Then they fell off the couch and then daddy kissed her! Eww kisses are gross! I turned around and quietly ran up the stairs and ran straight into my big brothers room.

"Nickie? What are you doing out of bed?" He said as he got up and picked me up.

"I saw daddy and Esme kiss and it was really gross!" I exclaimed. I knew my Edward would understand me, he always does.

"That's not all they'll be doing." He whispered not wanting me to here but I did.

"What does that mean?" I asked putting a finger on my chin.

" Nothing, nothing. Do you want to listen music with me?" I shook my head no.

"Well you got to go to bed sometime missy." He said throwing my up in the air as I giggled.

"Can we go for a walk?" Edward looked like he was going to say no so I gave him my...oh what does daddy call Oh my puppy dog look.

Edward smiled and laughed. "Ok you little munchkin, but you have to stay quiet. I don't want Carlisle to hear us leave." I nodded my head and zipped my lips which caused Edward to laugh again.

Edward opened his window and held me tight. I closed my eyes knowing what he was going to do. I felt myself leave the warm house and enter the cool outside. I opened my eyes a little and saw we were in a tree. I gasped and held on to Edward, closing my eyes again.

"Relax, I've got you...Nickie look. Open your eyes." My big brother said as he whispered into my ear.

I opened my eyes and smiled at the sky. Edward had taken me to the very top of a tree again! I loved it because no one could come up here. It was me and Edwards hidding place. Edward always took me up here when I was upset or couldn't sleep. I looked up at the pretty stars as Edwards told me a story about a princess who wished upon a star. I suddenly felt very sleepy but safe because I knew no matter what, my big brother would always have my back.

...A year later...

Edwards POV

I smiled as I watch Nickie play in the dirt with Esme. Well Esme was trying to plant flowers and Nickie was just throwing dirt up in the air. I winced knowing it take forever to get the dirt out of her hair. I chuckled as Esme attempted to lecture Nickie but was failing miserably as Nickie giggled more and more. Eventually Esme gave up and just started to tickle her.

I sighed, so much had happened in the last year, so much lost. Esme and Carlisle got married two months after Esme transformation. While working on the wedding Esme also worked on the relationship she shared with Nicole and me.

She managed to get me a hobby, one I never thought I have a talent in. She bought me a piano, and well thats all it took. I started to write my own music and soon it became an addiction. Nicole loved to sit on the ground and watch me play, sometimes she try to play herself, with my help of course.

Esme and Nickie have built a strong relationship over the past year. Esme truly look like Nickie's mother, as she looked like Esme's daughter. We had just moved and are now starting to settle in a new town as That was the story at least. Esme was Nickie's and my birth mother and she just recently married Carlisle, was was also Nickie's father.

It didn't make much sense to me because Nickie looked exactly like me, so why would she look like Carlisle and Esme, if I only look somewhat like Esme? I shook my head. But yes indeed, we have all become a family. Carlisle was much more happier now that he had a mate and Nickie was blooming with the attention she got from Esme and Carlisle. Nickie seem to heal the hole in Esme's heart from her lost son, although he could never be replace, Nickie seemed to be Esme's therapy.

So the big question was where do I fit in? Two weeks after Esme and Carlisle returned from their honeymoon, I lost it. I felt replaced by Carlisle and felt more like a bother than a son. So I got up and took Nickie with me, or I tried to take her with me. By then Nickie developed an attachment to Esme and Carlisle, as did they with her. When I tried to leave with her she cried as Esme and Carlisle pleaded for us not to go. I wasn't going to leave my baby sister so I ended up fighting with Carlisle.

I remember hearing Nickie screaming and clawing as she tried to get away from Esme. Carlisle wouldn't fight me but he tried to restrain me. After about ten minutes of us fighting, I found myself face first in the pile of mud outside. Carlisle had finally pinned me down. he told me that he would hate for me to go but seeing as my mind was made up he would let me, but I could not take Nickie with me. I was too reckless and didn't have enough experience to take her with me. I didn't understand at first, I had taken care of Nicole since she was born but then it hit me.

Nicole and me weren't humans anymore. I hadn't lived in the vampire world without Carlisle, I didn't know what it would take to keep Nickie away from everything, to keep her secret, of what she was. My mind was made up when I took one last look at her. The rain had soaked her, but you could definitely see she was crying. Her pajamas where all muddy and she looked at me and Carlisle with terror in her eyes. I left, without Nickie.

It was about four months later when I returned. I had killed and tasted human blood. But the blood of murders, I had turned into a monster. I seeked help and I knew the only place I could get it was with Esme and Carlisle. I remember that day as well. I walked into the house to see Esme cleaning the living room. She gasped and ran to me, giving me a bone breaking hug and if she could cry, she would have. Carlisle rushed into the living with Nickie laughing on his shoulders. They froze, he put her down and then I found myself in another breaking hug. Carlisle had missed me. But what hurt was Nickie wouldn't come near me.

She had grown a few inches and looked almost three years old. She was losing all the baby fat and was becoming much more skinnier. That's when I remember her birthday was two weeks after I left and if she was a few inches taller that meant she had aged a year. It took a week to earn her trust back. She cried when she told me she thought she had done something wrong. That I was mad at her like Elizabeth was.

I bit back a growl. I love my mother dearly but the way she treated Nickie changed my perspective on her. Nickie wasn't stupid she knew Elizabeth didn't like her and she knew Esme and Carlisle loved her, she also knew that I loved her very much as well. It was then that I realized I couldn't make her choose between me and them. It was impossible, the only people to love her and she had to choose. I pinky promised Nickie that I'd never leave her again. That was the day the pink promise meant business.

So now here we are five months later. I felt like I was part of the family. The eldest child, only son and the big brother. I looked to Carlisle and Esme as my parents, now calling them mom and dad. It didn't take long for Nickie to start calling Esme mommy either. In a way I knew each one of us needed this. I knew Carlisle need to a family after being on his own all those years, Esme need help to recover from the lost of her son, I needed help from the lost of my mother and needed to experience what it was like to be a teen and Nickie...well Nickie just needed parents that would love her.

"NICOLE CARLIE CULLEN!" I was brought out of thought. I looked around. There was mud stains all over, hand and foot prints. I looked to the middle of the living room. Esme had her hands on her hips and Nickie had mud all over her body looking as guilty as she did when she took a cookie from the cookie jar.

Apparently Nickie had skipped terrible two's and made it terrible threes.