A/N: Same universe as "Ever Just the Same".

Boo! I hate yaoi pairings! Here's a drabble.

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Mahad knew Priest Set had the ka of the white dragon. He had known the day Set became a priest. Not even Shada knew, and the Key was supposed to see directly into souls. Set could switch the dragon for his old ka, holding them both in his soul at once. Set loved the peasant girl. That was plain to all who saw him that day. Mahad had watched secretely, from the palace, as they tried to stone the woman to death.

He imagined he knew Set's pain. Always protecting the one he cared for, but never able to get close, to be anything more than a protector. He resorted to dirty, underhanded traps to kill this thief just to protect the pharaoh. He used the evil magic of the Ring, he used up all of his ba, and he sealed himself in the tomb. Yet this thief would get away from him, that much was clear as the blade swung towards him. Mahad had fought with everything, and now he was going to die.

But he remembered Set and his white dragon. That peasant girl loved Set, and now lived forever in his soul. Mahad found his ka, Magus, still alive by some fluke. As the blade hit Mahad, he put all the ba left into his Magus, far beyond any magician before him had gone, for no magician before him had such devotion to its master. The body of the priest fell into the chasm, but the soul of the protector wielded a magic staff and attacked the thief that threatened his pharaoh.

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