IT has been 12 years since those lines where spoken but Kyubi knew maybe it was all hopeless but then something happen

She didn't know what happen but when she look outside the gate she saw something that made her smile

There was an boy with blue/white hair kicking the shit out of new master and then started talking about fate. She hated that word more then gay, Teme, Poop, but what she heard next awaken something deep inside of her, but she was not the only one awake naked next to her was Mito Uzumaki.

They both look at what was happen and the it was said "Fate, Fate, Fate, Fate, Fate,Fate, THERE IS NO FATE! I WORK TO MAKE MYSELF BETTER AND I WILL BRAKE THAT FATE STICK OUT YOUR ASS AND SHOVE DOWN THORT!

THE ONLY FATE IN THIS WORLD IS WE LIVE AND DIE! Now get your fate bitch ass ready. I will not lost to you..."

Kyubi and Mito Smile and then they saw it an lost memory given an chose to Kushina and her picking 4.

Now all they to do was wait and they where good at that, but what they did notice may them both smile in the room with them was an blue crystal.

It was an Empirical Crystal, it seem No Fate was an Fate in one and itself.

Second End.

AN I hope you like this History of Uzumaki Clan, Also i would bet some of the stuff I said might happen in the manga, just different name but same shit

ALso I do not own Naruto But I do own My Cross chars and yes OC were all my.